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Thomas Smith

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Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Around here, we look forward to hearing from our friends in Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo. And we thought you would too from time to time. So, we’re launching a new blog series featuring sights you won’t see at the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort. Today, it’s Disneyland Paris.

Halloween at Disneyland Paris

This year, they’ve created a “Halloweenmosphere” at Disneyland Paris during the New Generation Festival. The parks have been transformed and Frontierland in the Disneyland park has become Halloweenland with festive décor and a host of eerie events. Guests can meet Disney Villain, Dr. Facilier, and Pumpkin People storm the park to create unique Disney style orange mischief.

Halloween at Disneyland Paris Halloween at Disneyland Paris
Halloween at Disneyland Paris Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Several times throughout the day during the Halloween season, the central stage in the Disneyland park features a Halloween spectacular with Minnie Mouse. Let us know what you think. And stay tuned – our next post in this series will feature images from Tokyo Disneyland.


  • Thanks for including something from abroad. I’ve had the opportunity to visit both Paris and Tokyo and enjoy hearing updates since I can’t make it out there very often!

  • Nice pictures !
    I was there 2 weeks ago for the halloween festival opening and I loved the Disney Vilains Halloween Showtime ! Dr Facilier is amazing indeed. Can’t wait to go back for the Disney’s Halloween Party on oct 31st 🙂

  • That’s great news !! And yes Dr.Facilier extended fingers are really impressively well done, I didn’t noticed it directly when I watched the show last weekend !.

  • I was with my kids at Disneyland Paris 2005 Halloween….It was so cool and magic….missed

  • I usually travel to Disneyland Paris once a year since I live closer to that park than the US ones. Let me tell you that it is an amazing place to enjoy! The park is big and had a very deep storytelling background ( mostly Frontierland)
    The sights, architecture, vistas and layout of the park are not less than its brother and sister park at Disneyland CA and WDW.
    In Halloween the place looks wonderful and in Christmas , sometimes with snow, looks even more magical!!!
    Hope there will be features about Tokyo Disney Sea.. that one it’s a jewel on its own!!!

  • I’m so surprised that Disneyland Paris gets some attention on this blog!!! It has the biggest and most beautyful Magic Kingdom in the world (yes, it’s a little bit bigger than the Magic Kingdom in Florida). I think that European fans will be more than happy to get updates and news form our Paris Disney Parks.

  • Fantastic to see some news from the other parks. Paris looks fab for Halloween especially if the weather co-operates as it did when I was there several years ago.

  • Shannon,

    Guests attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom can see Dr. Facilier in the Villains Mix & Mingle show, and then meet with him afterwards.

  • What a great idea! I just love it. Please also fill us in on the differences between the parks. I think it’s interesting to see how cultures play a role in the development of the different parks and what they offer. Thanks so much for this glimpse of Disney around the globe. Can’t wait for more.

  • Any chance Dr. Facilier will be making it to the US? He looks amazing!!!

  • WOW, I was so excited when I saw this blog post. I am beyond thrilled that the Disney Parks Blog will be doing more posts about the international Disney Parks. Keep them coming.

    It is my dream to visit all the Disney Parks around the world. So far I’ve been to Walt Disney World and Hong Kong Disneyland, and I have a trip to Disneyland in CA planned for next summer. The photos of Disneyland Paris in all its Halloween decor. It looks so cool. I hope to visit there soon.

  • Please continue to post information from the parks outside of the US!!!!

  • We were at Disney World Orlando’s 2008 Halloween… Missed the experiences so much. Our visits at Magic Kingdom have been shared on our blog

  • I’m Glad that Disneyland Paris get more attention on this blog.
    I love this blog but I think that Disneyland paris is a little bit forgotton on this blog

  • Will you please update us about the FANTASMIC! construction in Tokyo?

  • Wow that castle is pretty impressive, and the Dr. Facilier looks very real. He’s even got overly long fingers. Kinda creepy.
    I wonder if Princess and the Frog resonated more in France then it did here, since New Orleans has its french background and the prince had a french accent.

  • totally cool….so much FUN !

  • Wow, that Dr. Facilier looks incredible. I need to get back to Disneyland Paris one of these days…

  • OMG how fun!

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