Are You Dressing Up As a Disney Character This Halloween?

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Did you know the top-selling Disney costumes at Disney Parks this year are Buzz Lightyear and Woody?

Take a peek at these costumes and other Disney Parks costumes featuring popular Disney characters.

If you’re interested in these costumes or others shown in the video, you can pick them up at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney or at stores in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks.

What’s your favorite Disney Parks costume? Are you dressing up as a Disney character this Halloween?


  • Went to Mickey’s ToT in Disneyland on the 5th. My DD and her family dressed as the Incredibles! Did anybody see them?

  • I went on October 1, dressed as Belle (in the blue dress, a costume I made). It was great except for the people who thought I was Dorothy or Alice!

  • My daughter wants to dress as Fawn the Animal Fairy but the costume is not available. I’m not real creative but we are going to try to put something together. She always goes for the supporting character not the lead.

  • My little girl is going to be the red queen of Alice in Wonderland, she’s 3 years old and she look so cute in her costume.

  • I’m going to be Tinkerbell at MNSSHP This year! I’m so excited 🙂

  • I am going to be the Prisoner Hitch Hiking Ghost from the Haunted Mansion!! I am so excited for my first time in WDW!!!!

  • I’m going to be Mulan in her warrior outfit this year! I made it entirely out of old t-shirts and hot glue. It’s pretty awesome.

  • My daughter Jessica has been the victim of teasing at school because of her facial difference. When we go out in public she is keenly aware of other children staring at her face. Jessica is adopted from China and this summer had her first trip to Disneyland. Recnetly she asked if we could send a picture into the Disney memories website – we did and it was published. Jess was thrilled beyond words that not only was her picture on the website but also that TWO whole people liked it – she thought that was the most amazing thing ever. Then one night she looked and 30 people liked it…”Mommy, THIRTY…thirty people like my picture” she was in happy tears.
    She asked yesterday if she could go to Disneyland on Christmas day…explaining that it could be her birthday AND her Christmas present…well that’s not possible…BUT seeing that so many people like her picture has brought her such joy. They only see the Princess not the broken lip. She will NOT miss the opportunity this Halloween to wear that dress again this Halloween.

  • I am making a Peter Pan costume for my son to match the Peter Pan who lives in Disneyland. 🙂 I cannot wait for the photo op!

  • I’m always Sorcerer Mickey! I bought my costume at WDW years ago, along with Mickey’s hat with blinking lights, and I wear it every year. People just expect it now!

  • Oh yeah, we were there last week as Pirates! It was great fun to see all the families dressed up together!

  • My 7 month-old baby girl will be Tinkerbell! I just received her costume in the mail yesterday from the Disney website! My 5yr-old son wants to be Spiderman….again. Since it is now a “Disney character”, I am more obliging.

  • If the costumes weren’t so expensive, I would love to dress up like a Disney character. I actually found my son’s Buzz Lightyear costume on eBay for half the price! I was pretty proud of myself..haha

  • Does anyone know if there is trick-or-treating in downtown disney this year? We’re coming in on the 31st and would love for the kids to get to trick-or-treat.. Haven’t seen anything about this yet so just was wondering if anyone has any insider info.. Thanks! PS: My son is dressing up as Jack Sparrow and my daughter is going to be Minnie. So excited!

  • My boyfriend and i were hercules and meg last year and this year im dressing up as minnie mouse for the preschool i work at and as jessica rabbit for our party!

  • Yep! I’m going to be Ariel! I am sure that my kindergarten students will love it! 🙂

  • Snow Whites wicked Queen!

  • My daughters Bday is Oct 19th and we are having a costume birthday party this weekend. She’s going to wear her favorite Cinderella dress. We are headed to our first MNSSHP next Oct and on a 4 day cruise on the Dream where they will be having trick or treat activities too. I can’t wait!

  • I attend the Halloween Party at DLR with my daughter. We both dress up and had a blast! She was a Amine character “Italy” and I dress as Maleficent.

  • My husband is dressing up as “Woody” and I’m red-headed so I’m “Jessie”
    I follow any Walt Disney since he is from Marceline. MO which i know the mail street of DisneyLand is fashioned from.
    the last time I was there in california was 1978-1979, i could still see the main st as Marceline, MO was when I was growing up.
    I can still remember Walt Disney and Mickey coming to town when I was a kid

  • I’m planning to be nemo and make a puppet similar to the musical in Animal Kingdom and in the Pixar play Parade

  • I’m hoping to see some of the photos other Disneyland Halloween guests took of my four-year-old niece and cousin’s son wearing my handmade yellow (Broadway) Belle and ballroom Beast costumes on October 8th! These pint-size costumes are largely the same as when my daughter and her second cousin first wore them 14 years ago, before the really gorgeous little girls gowns were available. Beast is one of my favorite characters, so a labor of love became 40+ hours of fashioning a fabulous, one-of-a-kind furry wrap-around headpiece with naugahyde horns and a ponytail, humpback blue jacket, gauntlet hands with soft claws, and zip-on furry feet with a dew-claw. My biggest problem is bribing my little male relatives to pose for pictures! Never an issue with the little girls… I’m so happy to have brought this costume out of mothballs once again! If you were there and took photos (and if you were there, and saw them,you would know), please post!

  • I’ll be going as a pirate wench and my daughter will be rapunzel from the movie Tangled. We’ll be at the Halloween Party on the 22nd!! I think I may be more excited than my daughter! Disneyland, here we come!!!

  • Just got back from attending the Halloween Party at Disneyland. Dressed as Jessie from Toy Story 3 with my nephew as Buzz Lightyear! Two weeks till WDW and the Halloween Party!

  • First of all, I want that orange Happy Halloween shirt with the ghost, bat and pumpkin Mickeys! I saw two on sale in 2007, but they were not size, and after searching high and low, I had to give up! But I am going to Florida again in two weeks, I will be on the hunt for it again – I hope I can find one!
    And I will be going to the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as Snow White and my friend is going to be Wendy! 🙂

  • I like Buzz

  • My 2 year old son will be an Imagination Mover this year! He is so excited to wear that costume!!

  • I’m going all out as Roz from Monsters, Inc. There will also be Belle, the Queen of Hearts and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas with me. We’re super excited!

  • I’m dressing up as Belle this year! I’m in the process of making my own costume, and I’m super excited to wear it when I get it finished! 😀

  • We will be attending MNSSHP on the 29th. I am Minnie and my TWO Mickeys will be accompanying – one as the more traditional Mickey (the costume was a hard sell for my husband) and one as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (but my son’s ALL IN on this!). Can’t wait!

  • my husband and I are attending MNSSHP as Hercules and Meg on the 24th! We are so excited!

  • Yzma & Kronk will make an appearance this year!!!!

  • yes i am i am dressing up like tinkerbell yeah for the first time in a couple of years…

    kim in missouri age 36

  • Ohh man… I want a Buzz Lightyear costume this year!

  • Not animated characters, but we are going to be ghosts from the Haunted Mansion!

  • We arrive in WDW tomorrow and have tickets for Thursday’s MNSSHP. My wife made Cinderella dresses for our 5 year old daughter and herself. She made me a Prince Charming outfit. We will be wearing them to have dinner with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare and then to the MNSSHP. We cannot wait to arrive!

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