Disneyland Décor Expert Shares Halloween Tips

Take a look around the Disneyland Resort right now and you’ll see that Halloween has taken over. That “spooky” touch comes from our resort enhancement team. One of those creative experts is David Caranci. He succeeds every year in amazing our team with his easy decorating ideas.

Take a look at his fun decorating tips for creating your own Jack Skellington Halloween Tree and Shrunken Apple Heads.

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  • Does it require any specific type of apples? I’m in the UK and tried Pink Lady apples, I’ve done the water and lemon part, now I have 2 drying… but they’re not changing or anything, they just look the same :/

  • AMAZING……..Keep on the great work!

  • That looks so fun! I wish I had enough $$ to visit Disneyland during Halloween!

  • I have a question…. I was wondering if there will be a halloween version of world of color. I thought that would be pretty cool. If not, christmas world of color?

  • I love Halloween time at Disneyland. I’m very disappointed about the fireworks being reserved for the Trick or Treat Party nights. Do you know if there are plans for Passholders to enjoy the show without having to pay a separate admission?

  • Oh my! The ideas… I need to rethink my budget…

  • I love these ideas! I have a Halloween promotions event coming up and these ideas would work for decorations. 😀

  • I am definitely going to make that Jack Skellington tree!!!

  • love the ideas! I have a bit of a trouble to find new and simple ideas to do for Halloween because I dont live in America, I’m from The Netherlands and Halloween isn’t such a big holiday here yet. but what better to introduce Halloween to the masses then to get tips from the professionals!

  • Those are some very cool ideas!

  • I really love the Jack Skellington pumkin! I may try that.
    I’ll be at Disneyland in 3 weeks! Halloween at Disney is the best. 🙂

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