Disneyland Resort Parking Tips

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Toy Story Lot Guest Shuttle at Disneyland Resort

We asked fans of the Disneyland Facebook page and our followers on Twitter to share their top parking tips last week. Here are some of the most frequently mentioned tips for Disneyland Resort:

  • More than 30 percent of tips stated that it was best to either stay at a Disneyland Resort Hotel or a hotel nearby and walk or take the hotel shuttle to the Parks.
  • Nearly 16 percent of responses recommended that guests get to the Parks early to get the best parking spots.
  • About 5 percent suggested purchasing a premium annual pass with parking included and to remember where you parked.

To sort through all 2,300 tips on Facebook and Twitter and suss out which ones were the best, I also spoke with our Operations and Parking teams to see what tips they might have.

One big tip they shared was about the accessibility of the recently-opened Toy Story Lot, which includes sections called Buzz, Woody and Jessie. The Operations and Parking teams said they thought a lot of people would benefit from parking in this area:

  • Guests traveling from the South or East will find there is less traffic traveling to the Toy Story Lot than the Mickey & Friends Structure.
  • Guests with small children and strollers might appreciate the short walk to the bus at the Toy Story Lot.
  • Guests with strollers, or guests who prefer more room on their transport to the Parks, might appreciate the buses that service the Toy Story Lot because of their easy access for strollers, their wide seats and the air conditioning.
  • Guests who have not purchased tickets online or prior to their visit might prefer this lot because of the opportunity to purchase tickets here, with a very minimal wait.

Guests who are coming from the North or West will likely find Mickey & Friends more convenient because there is a special ramp that leads from the freeway to the parking structure. Visitors who plan to include a stop at Downtown Disney District might also prefer to park at Mickey & Friends because of the proximity to the trams that go back and forth.

Curious about how to get to these lots? Check Disneyland.com. If you’re coming from the North or West, directions will lead you to Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, and if you’re coming from the South or East, the directions will take you to the Toy Story Lot.

What other parking tips do you have to share?


  • I prefer using the Toy Story lot even when I’m coming from the North. It works with annual passports, and you don’t have to wait in long lines for a tram at the end of the day – you just hop on a bus and go. That being said, I do find it funny when the bus drivers don’t get the names of the lots right. I’ve heard Buzz Lightyears name stated as if it were a beer: “Buzz Light!” and I’ve also heard him called “Captain Buzz” haha!

  • I have had no experience with parking at Disneyland. I am from out of state. We did fly/shuttle twice and parked at neighbor hotel the third visit. But my question would simply be when is Orange County going to join LA County’s Metro Rail. It’s the environmentally correct thing to do.

  • After I park I take I use my phone to take a picture of the nearest section sign.

    It has saved me a great deal of grief. I know that when I get to the park I’m often to excited (especially if you are there to meet people) to note where you parked. Taking a photo forces you to note where you’ve parked.

  • Directions to this lot would be helpful!

  • I don’t know why it’s calling me “Richard”. My name’s Melanie. It’s never been Richard.

    Anyway – if I know I’m going to be in the parks less than 3 hours, or 5 if I eat at Uva bar (which is most of the time!), I park at Downtown Disney instead of fight for a space in the Mickey structure on a Friday night.

  • I parked at the Toy Story lot for the first time this past weekend. LOVED IT! It was such a pleasnt experience. Easy to access rather than trying to get through the parking garage maze. But the best part is at the end of the hot day, the shuttles with AC were there waiting to go instead of waiting for a tram to come puttering down the road. So nice.

  • I find getting there early gives you a great parking space. Mickey and Friends opens at 8am, you usually get to park on ground or in Daisy. If you don’t want to wait for the trams you can walk through Downtown Disney and you can jump on the Monorail to get into Disneyland.
    I have also park in Toy Story. It’s easier to get out of and into. The buses are great, though it can get really pack in the morning while driving everyone to the main gate. Toy Story parking lot opens at 9am.
    The best parking is the hotel parking at Disneyland Resort. However that only works if you are a hotel guest.

  • I havent been since they opened the toy story lot… when did it open and am I assuming correctly that it drops off at the “roundabout” off Katella?

  • First of all we are talking about parking lots. Parking lots at an amusement park are not the best conditions. I have parked in all of them. There are pros and cons to all of them. For a regular at the park I prefer the BIG ol regular parking lot. The reason is, you know what you get. I have a 2 young kids and I have to use a stroller. I get on the tram, fold up the stroller and then I am rady to go. Getting strollers on a bus, not very easy. On the tram easy. On the way home we walk to the car so that the kids cans settle down in the stroller and then they get to sleep on the way home (I live 65 miles away).

    When you pay for parking or use your pass to get into the parking lot they give you a receipt that you can mark where you are parked. Smart idea and has been useful. Most phones have a memo feature and I have done that too. Overall all parking there is good. But for a parent with kids the tram is the best option.

  • I discovered the joys of the Toy Story Lot late this summer. It’s so easy to buzz in, hop on a bus, and 5 minutes later you are walking in to Disneyland. There’s never a line for anything at Toy Story, and at the end of the night they have a million buses waiting to take you back. Super easy and fast!

    But now that the secret is out Heather, a lot more people will probably be trying it out. Or, at least they should try it out if they were smart. Toy Story Parking Lot Rocks!

  • “Easy Access Made Simple – Save to Make each day wonderful”

    Why drive 5, 10, 15, or even 30 miles to have fun when you can stay on the property that gets you there faster. If you have to drive to have fun it needs to be in the City you live in or close by. When you are going some distance it is more cost effective to be close to all the events. Yes you still may drive from Anaheim to LA for fun but for the everyday events. Park and walk saves lives!

  • The special ramp to the Mickey and Friends parking structure from the North and West is only open some of the time. 9 times out of 10 it is closed off.

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