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ElecTRONica Meet-Up: Recap of our Biggest Meet-Up Yet

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Wow, that was definitely the biggest party I’ve ever thrown! It was great seeing many of you dressed in costumes and seeing so many Disney Parks Blog and TRON fans in one place at last night’s ElecTRONica Meet-Up.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Meet-Up guests were treated to complimentary admission to Disney California Adventure park and the full ElecTRONica experience just for this group. The full ElecTRONica experience included several performances, like Laserman and our Power Surge show, a DJ emceeing the event and providing some great dance music, access to all the ‘80s games at Flynn’s Arcade and the 3-D preview of “TRON: Legacy.”

Attendees of the ElecTRONica Meet-Up also had several extra-special opportunities, including a signing with “TRON: Legacy” screenwriters, viewing of select props from the upcoming movie, a unique privilege to dress up in TRON costumes at the event and an exclusive, limited edition Flynn’s Arcade Token.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Some of the props on display from “TRON: Legacy” included one costume that had never been displayed before last night. The all-white costume, worn by Jeff Bridges, who plays Kevin Flynn in both the original and latest film, was also accompanied by actual Black Guard and Rinzler helmets worn by characters in the movie.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Many hard-core TRON fans made sure to check-in early to reserve spots for the signing opportunity with Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the screenwriters for “TRON: Legacy.” Eddy and Adam posed for photos with guests and even answered a few questions for our Twitter followers.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Some Twitter followers were interested in knowing if it was necessary to remember, or be familiar with, the original film in order to understand and enjoy the new one. Eddy said that he and Adam tried to ensure that “TRON: Legacy” honored the first film and preserved some of the original’s DNA, but not so much that newer fans would be unable to enjoy it. “TRON: Legacy” will appear in theaters Dec. 17.

We also saw that many Twitter followers gave us a shout-out on Twitter last night. We’re glad you enjoyed the experience and we appreciate the great feedback.

If you attended the meet-up last night, tell us about your experience. Did you meet someone new? Are there any cool stories from last night that you’d like to share? If you were unable to attend, we really hope to see you next time.


  • Just wanted to say we had a great time at the Meet Up and Thank You!

  • We had a great time at the meet-up! Thanks for putting it together — the entire Disney Parks Blog team did an awesome job.

    And a big thank you to you, Heather!

  • had an amazing time! Will be get to see all those photos from the photographer that was there and the film crew?

  • We had such an awesome time. We met the couple shown in the first pic. Met a lot of friendly fans.
    Thanks again. Looking forward to the next meet up!

  • It was really an awesome experience. Thanks to Heather and everyone involved in putting this Meet-Up together and especially the Cast members. The transformation of the park into ElecTRONica is amazing. Thanks again for a great time!!!

  • I met Heather and she is absolutely beautiful, thanks for the pin! Was curious as to why the guy with the Daft Punk Helmet was not able to wear his helmet while there is a kid pictured above with a helmet?

  • Thanks for putting the Meet Up together, Heather. We had a blast!

  • What a fantastic and awesome event! The game token was over-the-top cool! A big “THANK YOU” to Heather, the DPB team and the CM’s last night for making it such a memorable time.

  • I also wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for having the event! It was SO much fun, and that was with only a beginner’s knowledge of TRON. I loved the music so much — the dance area was really energetic. I think the highlight of the evening was the two guys in blue bodysuits with silver foil tape starting the conga line… (But seriously. Hahah. It was awesome!)

    I liked the added touches of the frisbee golf and the dancers on the small platforms. The emcee of the night was also very entertaining. I absolutely love the way Disney puts on an event — the projections onto the buildings really added to the immersive feeling of being inside the movie, the music wasn’t overpowering, and everyone was just there to have a good time. The theme was pervasive without being cheesy, it really made the whole night just really exciting.

    The prop costume was super cool, I wish I had gotten better pictures. The arcade was a little crowded, but it was fun to merely browse the vintage games available. There were wii’s and xboxes available to play the new TRON games, but I wasn’t that interested.

    The preview of the new movie was even better than normal — the effects in the theater (such as bright lights and large fans circulating air) enhanced the experience. (Also, not gonna lie — I’m excited for the merchandise!!) A very energetic night. 😀

    The I’m still wearing my TRON-blue bracelet! Thanks Disney for such a great night. 😀 You succeeded in your mission of getting the a fringe fan to have a lot of fun and be excited for the movie! I can’t wait to upload my pictures. ;D

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing night. I had those chicken and cheese nachos with the jalapeno chips and it was out of this world! I also had a fun time with my brother.

  • What a great time last night. We had lots of fun. Thanks again Heather!

  • Hi Heather! Thanks SO MUCH for such a wonderful opportunity to attend the ElecTRONica meet up! I had tickets for the TRON Night preview in IMAX, but came to the meet up instead. The Laserman performance was jaw-dropping AWESOME! The original props and concept art gallery was AMAZING! And getting to meet the screenwriters was a real treat. Thank you for the collectable coin, and gifting me the extra Disney Parks Blog pin for my girlfriend who arrived later (she thanks you too!) We love the entire ElecTRONica nighttime experience and last night was very special. Thanks again so very much!

  • Thank you, Heather for arranging this for us. I had a blast. met lots of fun people!!! Let’s do this again!!

  • My roommate and I had a great time. It was great talking to you briefly in line waiting to get our tickets, too.

    An unexpected highlight for me was running into two of my ultimate Frisbee friends at the disc training part out on the main Hollywood street. And the footage made me ready to see this film. Can’t wait!

  • Thank you SO much or putting together the meet-up, Heather! My boyfriend and I had a great time, and it was an awesome way to celebrate my first visit to DCA! It was great to meet other folks attending as well!

  • It was a blast! Thank you Heather and everyone involved in setting this up. Can’t wait for the next meet-up!

  • It was so much fun. Thanks to all who put this on. The kids had a hard time getting up for school but they had so much fun last night, it was worth it.

  • It was super fun last night! My friend and I had an amazing time rockin out in our “grid” suits and dancing all night! Hope to see some more pictures and/or video that they were taking. Thanks for putting this all together!

  • My wife and I had an awesome time last night. The music, performers, and the crowd were great. Flynn’s should be a permanent part of DCA. 🙂 I’m definitely spreading the word to friends to go check out elecTRONica. Thanks for letting us be a part of this.

  • Thank you Disneyland for putting together another amazing meet-up. It was nice to see you once again Heather and I look forward to the future meet ups. 😀

  • Thanks to you, Heather and your team! My husband and I had so much fun last night and are tired from a long drive home afterward.
    It was nice to get to meet you also! You do a great job setting these up!
    Looking forward to many more meet-ups that we might hopefully get to attend!

  • Thanks so much for everything Heather. Its was an awesome party.

  • What a great time!! Thanks Heather and everyone else who helps make these meet ups possible!

  • More Meet-Ups please!!! Disney cast members, you guys are AMAZING!! Thank you for all your wonderful hard work in putting all this together and giving us the opportunity to experience this awesome night! Everything was very detailed and mastered perfectly!

  • Hi Heather!

    Super great fun amazing party last night!!! 🙂 Loved all the TRON dancers and the guy with the glass cane…

    I looked for you everywhere to try to get my hands on a Disney blog pin, but sadly, I never could track you down…

    Thanks for such a cool opportunity!!!

    Lisa 🙂

  • Had a great time Looking forward to the next one.

  • We had a GREAT time last night! Thanks so much for setting this up and making it happen. Saw some awesome costumes – in addition to the Classic Tron suits above, some very creative people in glowing bodysuits and biker jackets 🙂 Anyone else still doing the End of Line Club dance today? 😀

  • We had a blast at the event! Thanks to everyone who put this together. And a big thank you to Heather for the Disney Parks Blog pin 🙂

  • Thanks for the meet-up, Heather! My only regret is that I didn’t find you and get one of the those nifty Parks Blog pin!

  • Heather! Last night was amazing Thanks again, it was great meeting you and as expected Flynn’s arcade was amazing! I think I could have spent my entire night in there! The music and games took me back, I could have played Gauntlet all night but the DJ’s music called to me so we also had to go and dance 😉 All around we all have a great time and we are already planning on going back soon!

  • Thanks for hosting a great Meet-up. My guest and I had a fantastic time. The behind the scenes section was amazing. ElecTRONica is something I’ll be telling people about! Thanks again.

  • Thanks Heather…it was lovely to meet you last night. You were so cordial to me and my partner. Almost didn’t recognize you! Thanks so much for the blog pin and the wonderful evening!!!

  • Had a great time. There sure are alot of Tron fans.Thanks for the special token and the pin..you were very busy last night with two events but it was great to meet you Heather.

  • Had a fantastic time last night !!!!! Thank you for putting it on…really look forward to attending another meet up. And Electronica was a blast ~ Sorry we missed finding Heather & the pin too…maybe next time ~

  • Had an awesome time! Thank you!

    The music was much better than the other times I’ve scene it. The props were pretty cool. I wish there would’ve been a light cycle (motorcycle) like there was at the Tron Nigh at the Irvine Spectrum. 🙁

    There were a lot of people dressed up in Tron outfits. But there were two that went over the top. One is that couple that’s on Disney Blogs, and the other is the guy who made the Daft Punk Tron outfit from the Alive Tour… He was way over the top. His suit glowed just like DP’s. Too bad Disney made him take off his helmet. Why?

    My highlight of the night was when they were filming, everyone was just going nuts dancing to the music, than all of the sudden the music stopped abruptly. Everyone boo’d and out of nowhere you hear a voice saying EVERYBODY TURN AROUND. We all turn around towards the stage where Laserman does his show. The stage was pitch black and Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic intro starts playing…. My heart started beating 100mph. Everyone just ran towards the stage! Everyone around us thought for sure Daft Punk was about to come on… Than the light go on and it was some dancers! hahahaha What a tease! hahahaha

    I only wish I could’ve find Heather. My girlfriend and I looked for her, but never found her. We saw way more cast members than normal.

    Thanks a million!

  • Thank you so much for giving us the chance to see Tron exclusives and attend elecTRONica! I met so many people who noticed the shirt I made that said, “My other ride is a light cycle” 🙂 I loved everyone’s costumes and I hope everyone had an amazing time! I know I did!

  • Thank you for the wonderful party last night! It was nice that my husband & I were able to have a weekday date in costumes! Much appreciation for all you and the cast members do to bring us such a fun time!

  • I had a BLAST!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Had a AWESOME TIME!! Funny story. We were talking about how we were going to look for Heather. As we were talking about her she was right behind us and says HI GUYS. AWESOME!! HA HA We came to the event with our TRON costumes (guy with the square helmet black face shield) and by doing so we got to meet some amazing people. By the way they also told me to take off my helmet. 🙁 Great job Heather and the rest of the blog team.

  • Had a lot of fun last night. A BIG THANK YOU to Heather, The Disney Parks Blog Team, and all the Cast Members that stayed after hours to work the event. Excited to see what you guys have planned for the next meet-up. Thanks again!

  • We had such a great time!! i’m also still doing the dance… rock it out, rock it out!

  • it was a fantastic night. my highlight was hula hooping the three hula hoops and dancing my heart away…..i think we should have another electronica meet up hahahaha. only down fall for me was that they didnt have the martini glasses for the digitini awww it was ok though.

  • i want to see more pictures and a video from this event 🙂

  • What a spactacular evening! Thank you to Heather and the Disney Team for putting on such a successful event – it was so much fun! It’s always a great time when enthusiasts (TRON and Disney alike) can get together!

    I noticed several people wearing “Executive Retreat” badges and that they had a private party hosted at the Animation Building. Was this a private company or actual Disney Executives?

  • Heather…You’re super cute in person!!! Okay, had to get that off my chest 😉 Thank you so VERY much for endowing us with such a magical experience! My wife and I had the best date night…EVER!

  • Thanks again Heather and everyone involved. This Meet-up was “over the top”…as usual…GREAT TIME…can’t wait for the next one !!!

  • The Party was AWESOME! We totally “GotOurTronOn” and were very impressed by the awesome things ElecTRONica had in store for us. I LOVED being one of the competitors of the Wii Gaming Competiton, even thought I only made it to round 2 and was totally taken down by the better “Program.” It was an awesome night to be had and we enjoyed the CM’s and their hospitality as well. The dancers and shows were a great spectacle as well. Thanks for a great meet-up!
    End Of Line.

  • Hello Heather! It was definitely a privilege to have been able to attend the ElecTRONica Meet-Up! First off.. I’m happy and honored to have met you while waiting in line. You’re awesome! 🙂

    Everything about the night was outstanding. Before the event, my friend and I were able to explore California Adventure, which was pretty cool. The fun really began when the grid powered up beginning with the Power surge! The first thing we did was watch the TRON: Legacy 3D preview. That was incredible!! Then we entered Flynn’s Arcade played a few of the nostalgic games. I was only afraid I made a lot of people wait while I was playing the original TRON machine. lol The time in here brought back a lot of memories.

    Afterwards we took a look at the artwork and costumes. The lighted TRON mannequin was realistic, a little creepy because it sometimes appeared to move!! Very interesting! We then checked out the new Wii game, Laserman show and hanged out at the DJ platform for awhile. The people were great! Everyone was having a super and fabulous time! I think the only thing I didn’t get to do was be part of the screenwriters signing.

    This was an experience that I won’t forget. Again, thank you very much Heather and all the cast members that made it all possible. I hope I will be fortunate to attend your future Meet-Ups. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!

  • This was an AWESOME event! I have to say that I was very pleased to have had the chance to experience this event. All the props and the arcade were fun. The sneak peek at the movie was great and Laserman was excellent. I even loved the DJ! He had me dancing even as I walked out of the park.

    I got to meet the couple that did the all white costumes with the reflective blue. They were so nice! Even the screenwriters said they looked great! I also got to meet Heather, who is as beautiful as she is articulate. Thanks to her for the awesome pin!

    I have my cousin to thank for allowing me to be her guest. I definitely owe her!

  • Yaaaaaay!! My fiance and I have our picture on Disney Park Blogs!! Hehehe! Thanks for making our night.. and our day! This was so much fun, and an amazing opportunity to run around having fun in our costumes! You guys are the best! Can’t wait for the next meet-up!

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