ElecTRONica Starts Tonight

Heather Hust Rivera

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ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park

Tonight is the first night of ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure park, and to get you ready to “rez in,” we’re sharing some photos and video from last night’s preview for cast members.

ElecTRONica Event at Disney California Adventure Park

We’ve received a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter about this weekend’s line-up, so hopefully these details help.

  • The fun starts in Sunshine Plaza at 6 p.m. when music, video, projections and a dance party welcome guests (a.k.a. Programs) and prepare them to enter the world of “TRON: Legacy.”
  • The second performance in Sunshine Plaza starts at 6:45 p.m., and following that, the portal will officially open and all aspects of ElecTRONica will be available, including Flynn’s Arcade, TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek, End of Line club, face painting and the TRON: Evolution video game area.
  • There’s a great line-up of DJs this weekend. DJ GiangStar will be spinning tonight; DJ Michael Paul will change things up Saturday night, and DJ Derek Dunbar will be heating things up on Sunday evening.
  • This weekend you can see Laserman at 7:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For future dates, check the show guide for the schedule.

Curious to know what ElecTRONica looks like in action? Take a look at this video shot last night and hear what our cast members had to say.

Still want more details? Robin Trowbridge has been sharing a lot of information here on the Blog. Did you read these posts: First Look, Laserman, TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek and Flynn’s Arcade?


What are you most looking forward to at ElecTRONica? Let us know if you’re entering the Grid tonight!


  • I was at ElecTRONica last night and loved it! My only issue – I wish the DJs played more Top 40 music. It would also be cool if there was a way to request songs, perhaps via text message. Was this considered?

  • So, is there a way we can win the Tron Information Discs? Or are they only available at the Disney Stores?

  • “Yep, ElecTRONica will be here in November. It’s scheduled through early Spring.”

    I checked the schedule for the entire month of November and it seems that either the schedule hasn’t been updated on the site or that ElecTRONica does NOT in fact run in November. My wife and I will be visiting in early November and as a long time Tron fan I was very much looking forward to this.

    I’m crossing my fingers that the calendar on the website is wrong.

  • I was there with my husband on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th. It is amazing!. I was so bummed when I never got to Glowfest each time we came this summer, but this is the best thing you have done foe DCA! Please keep Flynn’s after elecTRONica closed in April! IT’S AWESOME!
    Thanks so much!

  • Electronica was AMAZING! You guys did a GREAT job! Ten times better then glowfest! From the projection on the main street of Hollywood Pictures Backlot, to the Dancing! From the cool preview of Tron Legacy to the 80s Arcade games! Great Job Disney! ElecTRONica was a hit!

    I Don’t know if it was due to the Halloween Party at Disneyland or that Paradise Pier was closed for World of Color but I’ve never seen DCA more crowded!

  • Can we request specific songs for the DJs to play? I have a song, with samples from the original TRON movie, I would like to played at the End of Line Club when I go to ElecTRONica on the 17th.

  • Too bad they couldn’t have ElecTRONica here too in Florida at Downtown Disney. It not like the Pleasure Island side really being used anyway.

  • Who does the DJ booking Or how does a dj about getting booked ?

  • Looking forward to Flynn’s Arcade. I saw the original in theatres 33 times when I was about 8, so this is the culmination of a lifelong dream!

  • ElecTRONica was a blast last night! Saw the Sneak Preview in 3D, AWESOME! Flynn’s Arcade was very cool! Laserman was Amazing. The music was pumping. The estimate was that this was the largest crowd California Adventure has had since it opened! It was packed! Glowfest was cool, ElecTRONica blows it away!

    I understand it will be there until the movie releases on December 17th. ElecTRONIica is free, with your DCA ticket.

  • I was just there opening night. It was awesome. I was part of the first group to see the sneek peek at the new Tron. I can’t wait till it comes out. They had great drinks there too. I got the Digitini.

  • How long will elecTRONica be at DCA? I won’t be there until Nov 10-14. Will it still be going on then? I hope so!

    • Yep, ElecTRONica will be here in November. It’s scheduled through early Spring.

  • I would like to go…

    How much is it??

    Do you have to purchase tix for the theme park?

    • Access to ElecTRONica is included with your tickets to Disney California Adventure park.

  • You guys are making it really easy to regret not having a pass anymore.

  • Hi there!

    As a lifelong Tron fan (I still remember the theater I saw this in back in 1982) I’m thrilled at the great job Disney is doing for it’s sequel. I won’t be out there again until November, will this still be going on? If not is there a place I can find the schedule and hours to see if we can make a quick trip from Vegas to DCA? Thanks!

  • Ooh, Heather, this looks totally awesome (trying to get into the 80’s groove)!

    Any word on what cocktails and food will be served? I was fond of the Glowjitos at Glow Fest this past summer, and I REALLY MISS the amazing Louks catering truck with the gyros and the fabulous Nutella pastries. What kind of food and drinks are on offer at elecTRONica?

  • How late is it open tonight? I don’t get out of work till almost 9PM tonight.

    • For future reference, ElecTRONica will run until Disney California Adventure park closes. You can check disneyland.com for park hours.

  • How late is it open tonight?

  • i wanted to be a dancer for this show. but no one ever told how. wooooo im going to this soon.

  • Chris–i’ve had the same issues. i’m in a section of my house where my wireless connection is “very good” and yet i still have issues. even when i downloaded the video, i still had the same issue.

    if it makes a difference, the video i downloaded to see if it would make a difference was the one with the jack skellington pumpkin decorations.

  • It is your computer it’s been fine for me. Very smooth and good speed(in sync etc). What browser are you using? IE is better than FF these days (latest version). Use ccleaner to clean up caches.

  • Dear Heather,
    I do not know where to post this question, so I’ll do it right here. As an avid Disney fan, i have been following this blog since it practically started! Up until May-ish, I could watch the videos on this blog just fine with no trouble. Nowadays, since then, the video is never in sync with the audio, and skips a lot of the footage. I also noticed that you guys posted a video from YouTube the other day (which sparked my thought of this entry). Is there any way you could post the videos on YouTube so that it is easier to view? Just curious, and it might be just my computer :/

    • Thanks, Chris. I’ll look into it.

  • WOW! this looks awesome! i’m wondering, however, about halloween weekend. i’d like to go in an outfit that i would wear to a club, but i wouldn’t want anyone to think that i was “in costume” and therefore not allowed into the park. will there be some leniency when it comes to the clothes that are allowed? the clothes that i would wear would be in good taste, of course, nothing revealing or too short, but i’d like to enjoy myself while i’m there.

    OH and how long is this going to be happening? is there an end date?

  • Awesome.
    I’ll be going on Saturday.

  • We’ll be there tomorrow. Hoping it lives up to GlowFest!

  • Is this a family event?

    • Yes, this is a family event. Some of the family activities include face painting, dancing, and a whole gaming element in the TRON: Evolution game area that features a Wii Tournament.

  • Glow Fest was amazing, and ElecTRONica looks to be just wonderful! Disney California Adventure needs a yearly dance party event!

  • Looks awesome. We’ll be entering the grid next weekend. Love the live DJs, love all the video and lighting effects. Can’t wait to play some games at Flynn’s!

    Flynn Lives!

  • Definitely will be there! – GeekFilter

  • I cant wait to check this out on Sunday!

  • Is there a full list of arcade games that will be at Flynn’s Arcade?

    • I don’t have a full list of games. Is there a game in particular you’re looking for?

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