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First Haircut at the Magic Kingdom Park Harmony Barber Shop

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Remember when we first dropped by the Harmony Barber Shop? “Clipper connoisseur” Michal was there and shared some amazing stories. He also told us that many guests feel it’s a rite of passage to have a first haircut inside this Main Street U.S.A. mainstay. And that grabbed the attention of our “mane” on the street reporter, Gary, who went to learn more – with a “special” haircut on his mind:

First haircuts are a specialty, and kids (and kids-at-heart) can have their hair decorated with colored gel (and perhaps even some pixie dust!). The Dapper Dans barber shop quartet even makes surprise appearances from time to time. In fact, the shop is so popular that they just began accepting reservations. Guests can call 407-WDW-DINE to book an appointment.


  • Penny cut both my son’s and daughter’s hair last week. They watched a parade go by as they sat there getting their hair cut. What a wonderful addition to their first Disney World trip!

  • I was lucky enough to be present when this video was being taped since my son was receiving his first haircut that day (we had a 9 am reservation). Gary (and all the cast members) went above and beyond to make my little guy comfortable. We even got some up close and personal attention with Mickey after his filming session was over. Thanks for the magic, we won’t take our little guy anywhere else for a haircut!

  • Can you get a shave with a straight razor at the Barber Shop?

  • I just took my son Hayden in for his 1st haircut September 24th. I loved that it came with a 1st haircut Mickey ears and a certificate.

  • Great Place, I have had a few guest take my picture there they think its a show going on on main street

  • How awesome! I hadn’t known about the Barber Shop before- just checked out the other video too…will definitely have to check it out next time I’m there. Maybe not have it styled quite like Gary’s. 😉

  • Gary,

    Nice ‘do!

  • The Harmony Barber Shop is one of those little places that make Disney World special. Thank you for such a great video about it!

  • Does Harmony Barber Shop participate in any program like “Locks for Love”, where the long hair is donated to make wigs for children or adults having radiation treatments?

  • I love this video! It makes me want to go get my hair cut there.

  • Michael gave my son (Sawyer) his first haircut on his 1st birthday in November 2008. He was amazing with him and it’s something we will remember forever. The pictures and video we have are incredible. Everything about that day was so MAGICAL!!! Can’t wait to go back and get one of these “Mickey” haircuts!

  • My son, Jared, 11, and my husband, Steve both look forward to haircuts at the barber shop. Jared lets his hair grow just for the trips. Last year, Steve was the center of attention as several people waiting snapped pictures of him at the moment of the big reveal. Both father and son walk out every time with wonderful haircuts, complete with colorful gel, glitter and Mickey confetti. They draw a lot of attention as they walk around with the matching hair. Great bonding moments!

  • Its wonderful to see that Michael is still cutting hair at the barbershop. My wife and I learned about this wonderful experience from the nolonger published Disney Magazine and had our first haircuts there about 10 years ago.
    We have gone back a few more times since. Its fun watching the littleones get their first haircuts. Its also fun as an adult to get you haircut by someone is so warm and friendly.
    Not to mention having it finished off with blue color and pixie dust.
    We look forward to our next visit

  • We love the Harmony Barber Shop! Both my daughters had their first hair cuts at the Magic Kingdom. At the end of May my oldest daughter was able to have her hair cut short so we could dontate the length to make wigs for others.

  • Love this! We are getting my little nephews first hair cut at the Magic Kingdom Park Harmony Barber Shop in January. I can’t wait!!

  • Michal cut my son’s hair for the first time this past March. He is great if you can get him but I’m sure the other just as good. My advice is to go right before the afternoon parade starts. My son got to watch the entire parade from the barber chair and there was no wait!!!

  • My sons and I always get the color and pixie dust when we go. Where else but Disney World could you get away with it and not feel out of place. If you can’t let go and enjoy in the Happiest Place on Earth I don’t know where you could.

  • Just booked my son’s first haircut on our trip in November. Can’t wait. Hope we can get Michal but I am sure they are all great. Hubby is still trying to decide if he should get his cut at the same time.

  • How fun-looking! I am definitely making an appt. for my next Disney World visit.

  • Wow… he must’ve gotten something nice in compensation to do that, lol. I wish they’d do that at Disneyland.

  • Mickey (the barber, not the mouse!) – Hello from Tampa (again!) We’ll see you next week for Liam’s birthday!

  • I still get my haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop, and always opt for the glitter, and mickey head encrusted colored gel 🙂 Ohh and the previous posters are correct, Michael is the best! I would like to have a moment of silence for the famed cash register that used to be there. Michael said it went on to greener pastures…..

  • I guess this barber shop is for kids of ALL ages!!!
    Great video, keep ’em coming!

  • So, um… Thomas, well, er… Ok, I guess I won’t go there! 😉

  • When I met and picked up my stepson for the first time at 3 years old, I took him to Disney. His hair was so long he couldn’t see so we stopped in the Harmony Barber shop for a haircut…that was almost 20 years ago…wow how time flies!

  • Michael has cut my hair a few times. The last time, I was luck enough to enjoy a surprise visit from the Dapper Dans. What a great way to get a hair cut! Mixed emotions about making reservations though. While I like being able to make reservations, it seems as though making a last minute decision and walking up would be impossible.

  • Last year my oldest got her 1st hair cut done by Ms. Penny and it was great. She wanted to get her haircut this year while we were there, but we just didn’t have the time. Hopefully next year my 2nd will have enough hair to get her’s done and I let them both do it! I’m hoping to always get my kids 1st haircuts done here, truly magical!!!

  • Love it!! We have a daughter and I will have to take her here for her first haircut as well!

  • Ryan’s second haircut. Michal did the first, but couldn’t find the images online.

  • I’d do that in a heartbeat! I’m planning a park visit in December – perhaps I should make an appointment.

  • Michal has cut all of my boy’s hair. 🙂 He’s given 2 of my boys their first haircuts and when my youngest boy has enough hair for a haircut (he’s over a year old and still has peach fuzz at this point haha) then he will be going to see Michal. In fact, my oldest was terrified of haircuts and would have to be held down and screamed the entire time he got a haircut before Michal. After going to Harmony, he only wants his hair cut at Disney. 😉 He’s a kid after my own heart. lol. So we make the trip down every few months strictly for haircuts and then of course it turns into a day of rides and fun. He was doing a modeling class and they requested he have his hair cut at a place here in our city that they use for their event. It didn’t go over too well. lol.

  • We LOVE Michal! He gave my son his first hair cut a few weeks ago and we had such a wonderful experience. I wish I could attach a picture to share with all of you. I’ll never forget that moment and we already have our appointment set up for our next trip (my son’s hair grows fast!).

  • Michal gave my son his first haircut 2 and a half years ago!!!! He’s the best!

  • Michael gave my oldest son his first haircut during his first visit to the Magic Kingdom 8 years ago. It was absolutely wonderful. Now we’re taking our fifth and last son to Disney to visit the Harmony Barber shop for his first haircut. What a wonderful way to make magical memories.

  • I was thinking how nice it would be to have one’s hair cut and styled at the Harmony Barber Shop until I saw this video!

  • Gary, once again, you’ve gone above and beyond to share the magic of our Parks to our Guests despite the ramifications of your antics! I’m glad to see that your hair has grown back.

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