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Grim Grinning Guests Come Out to Socialize

Jeff Nickel

by , Disney Photography Imaging Manger, Walt Disney World Resort

My first visit to the Magic Kingdom for this year’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was so much fun, I couldn’t wait to go out again. This time I was searching for Guests who were really getting into the “spirit” of the event with some very creative costumes. A great assortment of costumes were represented, from a large family of swashbuckling pirates, to soldiers from a galaxy far, far away… With each event we shoot, it’s all smiles and celebrations as we move closer and closer to Halloween.

Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park
Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park Guests in Halloween Costumes at Magic Kingdom Park

After the spectacular fireworks show, I made sure to stop in Liberty Square for a special “Magic Shot” just outside of the Haunted Mansion. It’s true what they say about the ghosts following you home! I have proof!

Hitchhiking with Ghosts Outside the Haunted Mansion

Be sure to see our Disney’s PhotoPass photographers in Liberty Square and at the Haunted Mansion to have a little “magic” added to your photos. I hope to see you out there for our next Spooktacular Guest costume search!


  • Oh, I’m super bummed we missed the hitchhiking ghost photo. In fact, we were specifically told my a Photopass photographer that they don’t do *any* magical photos at night. We tried to get the Tink magic pic while our youngest was dressed as Tink for the Halloween party. Ugh.

  • Seriously, Jeff! Check out the pictures from October 7th! My fiancee is the one dressed as the Haunted Mansion stretching room girl. She got tons of people, especially Disney CMs, running up to her and raving over the costume. You should post it. It’s basically awesome!

  • I ‘met’ the Mary Poppins & Bert shown along with her daughter who told me that ‘Mary’ had sewn her own carpetbag. She was also very much in character in complimenting folks on their comportment. BTW there was another Bert & Mary that night in costume as the carousel/picnic live action and animation sequence from the film. MNSSHP Guests can be very creative and bring lots of fun to the party!

  • what about some pics from disneyland instead of wdw?

  • How much fun they all must of had! I love the Hitch Hiking Ghost phote. Too cute!

  • Hi, this is awesome we are going to Disneyland and wondered if they do anything like this at their halloween party?
    Great Costumes!!!!

  • My friend and I came from a galaxy far, far away…. And it was a BLAST! I’ve been going as a different Star Wars character for the past 5 years, and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary gets better every year!

    You have to be there to experience it all, as words are just not enough! The guests and Disney cast members are always great to be around and share stories with, and the park truly has that magical “spooky” touch throughout the whole park! I’m already looking forward to 2011….

    Thanks Jeff for briefly hanging out with us. May the force be with you and the entire Disney staff….

  • we were there for the Sept 14th party… at WDW, no one offered us photopass photos with the ghosts… and we were using the photopass service. That would have been sooooo much fun!! Where was this available at?

  • All these pictures are awesome. Hopefully I can be a part of it next year

  • We were there Sept. 10-17, and chose not to participate in the MNSSHP. Now I really wish we had. I think an October 2011 trip to WDW is in order!

  • Is the Hitchhiking Ghost photo new? Never seen that before!

    • We’ve had the Hitchhiking Ghosts Magic Shot for all of the parties, however we’ve recently changed the look of the overlay to a photograph instead of a cartoon of them. They wouldn’t stay visible long enough for us to photograph them before!

  • We were there for the Sept 14th and Sept 18th parties and this wasnt an option, just the ghost in the carriage. Why are there more things available for the Oct parties, then the Sept ones?

  • Great costume choices! but has Disney rescinded their “no weapons” rule for MNSSHP? I see a sword and 2 guns.

  • I love seeing how creative guests can be with their Halloween costumes – so cool! I remember at my last MNSSHP, I saw a family of Fastpasses…they looked unbelieveable!

  • How do I send in a picture, cos we were just there and there are some fantastic photopass pics of my fiancee in front of the Haunted Mansion.

  • WHAT!!!!!!!! We were there for the first Halloween Party on Sept 14th and I had NO IDEA that you could get a picture of the Hitch- Hiking Ghosts…Drat, I am gonna have to go back next year and make sure that I find them!

  • Great pictures!! Soooo wish I could be there…but I’d miss my own Halloween party… 🙂

  • Love the Star Wars family and the Bert and Mary Poppins couple, so great!

  • This is terrific!!!! People going to Disney in costumes!!!

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