Halloween Decor Dazzles at Disneyland Resort!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Halloween Decor at Tower Hotel Gifts at Disneyland Resort

October is one of my favorite times of the year here at the Disneyland Resort, as our talented ghouls and goblins – otherwise known as our Visual Presentation teams and Resort Enhancement teams – go above and beyond in creating immersive experiences in some of our key store locations.

On my way through the Resort, I had a minute to catch up with Rebecca Arnspiger, Manager of Visual Presentation, who shared with me a little insight on what it takes to transform our stores and store windows.

Halloween Decor at Disney's Showcase at Disneyland Resort

Each year, we partner with our Resort Enhancement teams who seamlessly take overdressing the Resort to a whole new level. It’s fun for us to get creative and at the same time create spaces that will get people excited and into the spirit of the season. Between the two groups we’re able to continue telling the story of Halloween from our streets to our stores. I hope that the Guests visiting the Resort take a minute to look at the overdressed window displays and the stores.

Halloween Decor at Fortuosity Shop at Disneyland Resort

Here are just a few of the “hauntingly cool” locations and window displays to check out if you are visiting the Disneyland Resort this week.

  1. Disney Showcase
  2. Fortuosity Shop (This store will surely give you something to “crow” about)
  3. Treasures in Paradise
  4. Tower Hotel Gifts
  5. World of Disney

Do you have a favorite store at the Resort that you’ve seen decorated?


  • Love all the displays!! How does one go about becoming a member of the Visual Presentation team? That’s my dream job 🙂

  • Love it! We were in Disney World last year for Halloween and will be going to Disneyland next year for Halloween.

  • I will be there tomorrow, I can’t wait.

  • can,t wait to go in December

  • Quoth the Raven: I’m going to Disneyland. The windows and store are so creative. I really enjoy going to Disneyland and CA Adventure during Halloweentime.

  • Gorgeous!!! It makes me want to decorate my own home for Halloween!

  • I wandered in to the Fortuosity shop this past weekend, and I loved it! All of those crows sitting up on the shelves and rafters were just perfect, and I now know how Susanne Pleshette must have felt walking around Bodega Bay in The Birds! Creepy!

  • Wow….Looks great! I am a Retail Marketing Consultant with 20+ years in Merchandise Management and you guys TRULY ROCK!!!

    Great job.

    • Hi Shaun, I’m so glad you liked the post on our Spook-tacular decorations! The teams really do an amazing job. Be sure to check out today’s Disney Fan Insider as well, there is a great interview with our Disneyland Resort Enhancement team and they even have a time lapse video of the Pumpkin being installed at Christmas tree point. Check it out: http://disney.go.com/disneyfans/insider

  • Loving the crows. =D

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