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Happy Hallo-Wedding at Walt Disney World

Korri McFann

by , Brand Steward for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons/Custom Celebrations

If 999 happy haunts and spook-tacular cakes are your thing, this post is for you! Our couples love wedding themes and Halloween is no exception. From a floral casket to skull detailing on their cake, this couple had an event fit for a Halloween enthusiast.

Halloween Themed Wedding Cake

Floral Casket

Our Weddings team transformed Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa using cobwebs, oversized trees, orange and red lighting and black spider web table coverings. Carved pumpkins and foliage added to the spooky landscape.

Halloween Themed Centerpiece

Halloween Themed Table Settings

No Halloween-inspired wedding would be complete without a bride and groom in costume.

Bride and Groom in Costume Enjoying the Festivities

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  • oh my gosh i love the cake! there’s a skeleton wearing Mickey ears! Congratulations to the couple, what a beautiful and FUN wedding!

  • I was lucky enough to go to this wonderful wedding. The wedding was a traditional wedding held on Halloween. The Bride and Groom left the Chapel took the traditional pictures, she was so beautiful then 2 hours later we were all at the reception which was a masquerade ball and you dressed in your favorite Halloween costume because it was Halloween after all. The detail that you see is nothing compared to what was there it was so much more. She really likes Halloween and Disney’s Haunted Mansion as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas so why not. I feel so lucky to have been invited it was the best wedding and reception I have ever been to, they are a great couple and it was a fun weekend with friends from around the world. Happy Halloween to them both and Thanks for making my Best Halloween memories on your wedding day.It was a BLAST.

  • I did the solemn, traditional wedding. I was very young and had never been to a wedding so I did the “expected” thing. Don’t get me wrong, I will treasure that day forever and I did have a good time, but it was so much about…now you have to do this, and then that….I didn’t feel it reflected us all that much. Unfortunately the marriage only lasted 11 years. I think this couple are a fun pair, very much in love and I say go for it!!!!! They have created something that reflects their personality and if I’m lucky enough to meet someone special to marry again, my wedding will absolutely reflect more of our personalities.
    Elizabeth hit the nail on the head…”Love is fun!!!!”

  • A wedding is a solemn event? I’m sorry mine was a celebration of two people sharing their love with friends and family. I guess mine was a mockery too since we had the Major Domo bring the rings in and my flower girl was dressed up as Snow White. :b

    Great job on the decorations and congratulations to this very creative couple! 🙂

  • I think we are assuming the wedding had the same staging as the reception. For all we know, they had a very traditional wedding ceremony and this was their reception. I know in Hawaii, it’s pretty common for the bride and groom to have a very tradtional wedding ceremony and have a few hours in between the ceremony and the reception where they change into different outfits. I have been to several wedding where the bride and groom changed into more than one outfit during the recpetion alone! I feel that if this is what the bride and groom wanted and they loved it (which it looks like they did…) it was the perfect thing to do! Best wishes for a wonderful future!

  • As a cake decorator myself; I think this is brilliant! What an idea & theme for a wedding! Kudos to Disney….it is just fabulous!

  • We were able to be a part of the is awesome celebration. The momories are phenomenal. To this day we still talk about how much fun we all had, especially being together as a family. The not as young anymore children will remember this event for a long time, even the stove exploding! Thank you again for a wonderful event, Theresa and Sharon

  • P.s. the reception has nothing to do with the way you get married. The ceremony is the important part. The reception is the PARTY celebrating your marriage ceremony. It can be whatever you want it to be!

  • A mockery? LOL No. If two people love each other and this is what they want, that is not a mockery, it is a CELEBRATION of their love. The ceremony and reception are only a BLIP on the radar of the marriage. If you keep your vows, honor each other and love each other that is what matters. Not one day out of 50 years. People can have supposed solemn weddings(whatever that is) and marry for all the WRONG reasons. Or they break the vows or they do not honor each other. THAT, my friends, is a mockery.

  • I think it’s wasteful to spend alot of money on a wedding. Save it for a nice house afterwards! But, the decor here is pretty awesome!

  • There is no mockery here! I would love to be able to do something like this! Instead I got married next to a lake with family around and we had a great time! My goal of my wedding was everyone should have a good time celebrating our day!!!

  • I love this…the decor is fantastic!

    A couple celebrating their wedding in a way that expresses their individuality is not a mockery. Obviously couples who choose a themed wedding select the theme based on their personalities and interests. Isn’t that what a wedding is really about…celebrating the couple? The wedding day is the celebration… this looks to me to be a ‘fangtastic’ celebration! Just because a theme is light and playful does not make their vows to each other any less sacred. I wonder if this post was on a Christmas, Easter or Fairytale theme if people would consider the theme a “mockery”?

  • I think you can have a respectful wedding ceremony and then a fun reception. I don’t think a themed wedding reception diminishes the occasion at all. The cake is gorgeous, and I think Disney kept this spooky but tasteful.

  • “Solemn” weddings are sooooo boring. I would love to have a wedding like this one! It would provide so many more great memories. A wedding is happy celebration, have fun with it! Good job, Disney! I especially love the casket with flowers. :o)

  • I am going to have to agree with Karen on this one. The joining together of two lives shouldn’t be a joking matter. Seems like a mockery.

    I will say that the decorations are amazing and in a way beautiful.

  • Why should it matter HOW a couple gets married? No kind of ceremony can change how they feel about eachother. Its making a mockery of nothing.

  • Weddings are about love and getting to spend the rest of your life with someone. Love is fun! If it makes them happy, why not? I think it’s great!

  • I think it is spooktacular!!! Weddings are all about individuality! This is a wonderful theme! And the whole wedding party looked awesome as did the decorations! Good luck to the bride n groom in your future!

  • I think it is great. I don’t feel that having to have a solemn ceremony means that you are going to stay life partners so people should do what fits them. I would have loved to have had a wedding like this one – how fun and what great memories for them and their guests. Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of love, happiness and magic!

  • we were also married on halloween (1991). we could never afford a disney wedding, but this sure looks like fun! Congrats to the newlyweds, many years of trick or treating!! kurt-n-barb

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