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Happy Halloween Hats at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Ear Hats

I think one of the more difficult decisions I face in the fall is deciding which Halloween costume to wear. One of my favorites is the cowboy from space (probably because I get to wear my cowboy hat). While I was recently talking with Megan Kachur, the product developer for Headwear, about the new Vinylmation Ear Hats, she shared with me several Halloween-inspired hats. It was a real “treat” for me to see them (ha ha), and I thought you’d like to see them too.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Ear Hats

The first one is the next in our series of limited edition Disney Ear Hats featuring Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” My favorite detail is that the hat lights up; it is the first time we’ve had LED lights embedded in the hat base. Similar to the other limited edition hats, this one is presented in a purple, satin-lined hat box. It has an edition size of 1,250 and a retail of $69.95, and was recently released at select locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I asked Megan about the creation of this hat.

“We learned a lot from our limited edition Alice in Wonderland ear hat released earlier this year, “ explained Megan. “One of the keys to success is telling a story, and I feel the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ hat immerses you into that story. It’s all about the details – from the characters on the hat to the detailed hat box to the LED lights that are purposely designed to be spooky.”

Disney Halloween Ear Hats

Next up in the bag o’ goodies are two open edition ear hats – a Mickey Mouse pumpkin hat and one inspired by “Runaway Brain” (Yes!!). Disney Design Group Artist Darren Wilson created the “Runaway Brain” hat.

“I’ve designed about 20 ear hats,” said Darren. “For the ‘Runaway Brain’ hat, I used reference material in our archive. I thought it would be a great hat for Halloween, especially with the bolts on the side of the hat and those crazy eyes. The hat is more like a stylized version of details from that animated short.”

Disney Halloween Headbands

Lastly, Megan shared with me two new deluxe fashion headbands. I know, they aren’t traditional “hats,” but you do wear them on your head. I’m sure I will see many this fall as they should be easy to spot in a crowd. They are a new take on headbands explained Megan.

“We wanted to create an over-the-top fashion headband,” continued Megan. “These new headbands are bright, shiny and have some fun elements like those candy corn dangles. They are the first in a new series of themed headbands that you will see.”

It will be interesting to see what is next for the headbands and Disney Ear Hats. I’m personally hoping for a “TRON: Legacy” ear hat as it would go well with an idea for my Halloween costume this year. Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet?


  • I will be at WDW next week. How can I find out where to purchase a few of the things I see online at the disneyparks store?

  • steven, the 9 inch toy story figures werent on the website on october 8. Will they be released on a later date (probably today or this weekend). I was just wondering if they are going to become available online sooner or later


  • @Lauren – The release on October 22 at the D-Street locations will only be the Park #5 – 3″ figures. The 9″ figures will be released at a future date. The Park #5 – 3″ figures will also be release on the Disney Parks on-line store on October 29. Keep watching our Events page for updated release information:

    @Sharon – I have not heard any update on “trick or treating” at Downtown Disney in Florida. I’ll see what I can discover.

    @Erin – Sorry about the confusion. Sadly, the on-line store wasn’t able to offer The Nightmare Before Christmas limited edition ear hat. There are a few other ear hats that have a Halloween theme that are currently on-line. I also know that in the future the on-line store will be offering some on-line exclusive ear hats.

  • Steve, glad you pointed out the NBC is not available online as several CMs told us in WDW we could order them online. I am getting ready to work on an article about this year’s Halloween hats available in the US and international Disney Parks and will be sure to add that tidbit. Glad I can still pick one up at Disneyland before heading back to Asia – we had planned to wait and just order it as I was concerned about damaging the box. It’s really cool in person!

  • Hi, the hats look fab. We’ll be spending Halloween at Disney Orlando this year and I’m just wondering if Downtown Disney will be doing trick or treating on the 30th and 31st Oct as they did last year? My daughter loved it last year and it would be excellent if it was taking place again. Thanks

  • Steven, thanks for answering my question about the headbands. I have another unrelated question, though. It was posted today on the Vinylmation Blog that the Park #5 series will be released on October 22nd. Will only the 3″ figures be released that day or will some of the Park #5 9″ LE figures be released that day as well? If so, which ones? Thanks.

  • @Sherri – The Nightmare Before Christmas hat will only be sold at Disney Parks in California and Florida. Sadly, it won’t be offered on the Disney Parks On-Line Store –

    There are some other hats available on-line. Search “Accessories – Ear Hats.” Pumpkin Mickey one, a Jack Skellington hat (not the one above) and even a Haunted Mansion one is on the site. There will be some on-line exclusive ear hats coming later this year and into 2011.

    @Christina – Steampunk!!! Awesome.

    @Tabitha – Wouldn’t that be great? Stay tuned 🙂 End of line.

    @Lauren – The headbands are not limited edition so they should be at multiple places at Walt Disney World.

    And if everyone loves the Candy Corn one, just wait for the Easter headband.

  • I LOVE those 2 headbands with the witch hat and the candy corn. They are so cute. Are these limited edition, or should they be readily available in the parks in WDW?

  • My wife collects ear-hats too, and she got a candy-corn one last time we went. I wish more hats lit up, and that we didn’t have to spend $70 to get the ones that did. I’m hoping that if any Tron hats do come out that they will light up as that would obviously fit with the theme of the movie.

  • I second the desire for a Tron themed EARhat! Or better yet, a few Tron hats! (now I’m getting ahead of myself 😀 )

  • Does anyone know if there is trick or treating at downtown disney?

  • I want a candy corn hat! So awesome!

  • My husband and I are going for our belated honeymoon in January and we are making our own Mechanical Kingdom Steampunk ears. His is based off of the old-style groom ears with the big top hat and I am taking apart a pair of golden ears to make a fascinator. I think they’re going to be great and, of course, one of a kind.

  • They are really cool, but WAY too expensive! 🙁

  • I have never been able to visit Disney, my middle son has, because of some very wonderful people at Air Canada. He loved it! He has started collecting ears and pins and he would love the LED Halloween Hat. Is it going to be park exclusive?

  • I would love to have the Nightmare hat. It is just a little too high to give a child who loves Jack.

  • These hats are amazing! I wish I could go and enjoy Halloween in Disney, well enjoy Disney in general. My favorite is the Mickey Pumpkin ears.

  • I collect EAR hats and wear them to promote my business. People around town are now used to me… and look forward to seeing different EAR themes! I am so excited for the new headbands… and the Frankenstien “Runaway Brain” EARS are wonderful! Especially the bolts.
    Too many of the EAR hats over the years are themed to movies. But the ones that always capture peoples attention are the unique EARS, like my dreadlocks, the pink sequined breast cancer awareness hat (as I call it), Safari EARS and the pink plaid EARS. The new pumpkin hats are too similar to the EARS from two years ago… 🙁

    Years ago… I made scarecrow EARS… and THOSE have been a HUGE hit inthe fall. I also turned the top hat EARS into a Pilgrams Hat for Thanksgiving. The more unique… the bigger the reaction!

  • Greetings!

    I love the design of the Happy Halloween Hats and the storage boxes too.

    Keep up the great work,
    Jackie Psarianos

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