• We’re doing surf and then turf on our vacation in February, but this is mainly due to necessity. The cruise is from a Sunday to a Thursday, and so we only have to take off the additional Friday that week from work to enjoy Thursdy-Sunday at the parks. There was just no way we could have taken off the addition days the week before for the trip!

    I’ve never been on a cruise before so I think I’m going to be VERY excited and busy, and I’m an annual passholder so it will be much easier for me to have a relaxing time at Disney World!

  • Thomas, your choice to ‘turf before surf’ is a good one too. That is exactly what my family did this past summer when we went to Walt Disney World for five days prior to embarking on a 5-Night Disney Cruise with Two Stops at Castaway Cay. We had an amazing vacation and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of both portions of the trip. However, next time we cruise with Disney, we plan on taking Karen’s suggestion. We will be cruising on the Disney Fantasy before visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, I hope you have a magical vacation full of memories that will last a lifetime!

  • We leave for our first Disney Cruise in 17 days. We’ve decided to turf, then surf in order to “recoup”. While I can’t speak from experience, this just seems to make more sense to us. Besides, there’s one thing we’ve learned from a few past trips, and that is the sooner we get to the Magic Kingdom, the sooner we all (our family as a whole) feel like “Now it’s Official!”

    I guess, like so many things Disney, it’s very individual to your tastes. But one thing’s for sure…we’ll all be happy once we’re there!

  • Four or Fives years of age is a great age to make a first visit to Disney, if you remember a few suggestions:
    Build in “REST” time – Go early, leave around lunch time, eat, go back to room and take a rest or if child doesn’t rest well, go to the pool.
    Build in “Child” time – Take time to go over “Park Guides” with children and let them choose what they would like to see, for at least part of the time.
    DON’T HURRY!!! Take time to enjoy the parades, shows, and music each area has to offer.

    Disney has a sitter service for Mom and Dad to have some time for themselves. Check with the concierge or front desk at each resort, or Guest Services at each park.


  • Thanks for the great advice. I would have never thought of which to do first. Maybe one day I will get to take my family on a cruise one day!

  • is four a good age to do a his first disney trip in 2013

    • I think if you ask most Disney Moms, anytime is a great time to take a Disney cruise. The ships are outfitted for children of all ages so you truly will have a great experience if you are 4 or 94!

      My last cruise was with my husband and without our daughter and we had a great time. DCL does a great job of keeping each type of traveler entertained!


  • My family and I are taking our very first Disney Cruise in February, is there anything special we need to know before we go?


    • Hi Karen! Congrats on your trip! You will be receiving a great little booklet from DCL that has all the info you will need for your trip. Of course the DCL website and Disney Moms Panelist Karen( are great resources too!


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