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‘Near Me’ Search Added to Mobile Dining Reservations at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

'Near Me' Search Added to Mobile Dining Reservation Site at Walt Disney World 'Near Me' Search Added to Mobile Dining Reservation Site at Walt Disney World

For those of you who cheered when we launched our new online dining reservation system for Walt Disney World Restaurants – more great news to share today. You can now check for table-service availability at nearby restaurants using the location-based services on your supported Android, Blackberry or iPhone device. And yes, it’s available now. Simply search “” from your supported browser, or visit and choose to view “map view” of dining results.

'Near Me' Search Added to Mobile Dining Reservation Site at Walt Disney World 'Near Me' Search Added to Mobile Dining Reservation Site at Walt Disney World

“Near Me” searching is one of many features available at our mobile dining reservation site. In fact, mobile has many of the same features as the main reservation website, including:

  • Search by location
  • Search by cuisine/dining experience
  • Search results with 3 available times
  • Special requests selections
  • Guest information

Also, take note that reservation capabilities will be coming to Mobile Magic. Mobile Magic is our first official Disney Parks mobile application, and it’s currently available on a growing list of mobile devices. We’ve posted the latest list.

So, have you used our mobile reservation site? Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


  • Any chance the Droid app will be coming out soon? Had the app on my old phone, got the Droid and not available. Will be in Disney World in about 30 days and NEED the app really bad.


  • Really neat! Already have it bookmarked. But will Mobile Magic be available for IPhone??? Come on. You know it’s a good idea….Pretty Please???

  • Droid, droid, droid, droid, fastest selling mobile phone OS’, are you listening WDW, please, please, please. We’re coming Dec. 11, 2010. Any chance mobile magic for droid (with verizon) will be ready?

  • This is really awesome!! I can’t wait to use it. What a great app. Just wish Mobile Magic was on the iPhone!!!

  • What about adding the menus? That would help quite a bit

  • I would most DEFINITELY pay $9 for the app as a Droid user. It is a little pricey – but I would think it would be so worth it when I have 2 elementary-age kids who may not always like the dining reservations I picked ahead of time! Especially when I’m going during a not-as-busy time of year and would like not to over-do it on reserving meals.

  • I can’t wait until I can check this out.. However, given I make my ressies as far in advance as possible, won’t really be helpful other than from the geek factor of playing with it.

  • Looks GREAT, especially on the iPhone in the pictures above. If only we could have Mobile Magic on the iPhone . . .

  • Any plan for Mobile Magic to come to At&t for us iphone users?

  • That’s because there’s no way a droid user will pay $9 for an app (Mobile Magic) that only lasts 180 days. That heinous.

  • Is it possible to get this to support phone models other than the iPhone? Android, WebOS and BlackBerry OS 6.0 all have WebKit browsers (the same as the iPhone) and should all be able to load up this mobile site (it instead just loads up the normal site). Correcting this should be as simple as adding in a single line of code, as this is simply a website and not an OS-specific application.

  • This is a great feature!

  • So I see I’m not the first one to think this — but is an official app for the iphone coming soon? It seems like a logical step with how user friendly Disney has been with so many other Apple devices and would be REALLY helpful 🙂

  • I’m really excited to see my son’s phone on the ever-growing list of supported mobile devices! I’m looking forward to being able to have it on my Blackberry!

  • To expand on Sandy’s comment (#5), not only have we been asking about mobile magic for the droids for over a year and not even heard a whisper or a “not gonna happen”, but I check the list regularly for my droid, and there haven’t been any phones added in at least 8 months. If anyone from Disney reads these, please create mobile magic for the droid and droid2. anticipation of mobile magic is why I switched to Verizon instead of going with an iphone. In November when the droid came out, Disney only said it would be available to Verizon subscribers when released, not that it would be available for just certain phone models.

  • Will this be available for Disneyland dining as well some day soon?

  • I can’t wait to try this out in person! Perfect for the husband and me. We hardly ever make advanced dining reservations cause we are more “go with the flow” kind of people. This is going to be fantastic for us!

    Thanks for all these great new additions we’ve been seeing. Loving the bells and whistles.

    Add me to the list of people asking for an iPhone app please 🙂

  • I agree with everyone else on developing a “Mobile Magic” app for iPhone and iPod Touch, but more importantly. Is this available for Disneyland Resort-Area restaurants?

  • This is really cool! …but can we pleeeaaase have a “Mobile Magic” app for the iPhone? 🙂

  • This is really cool! …but can we pleeeaaase have a “Mobile Magic” app for the i-phone? 🙂

  • This sounds *awesome*. I was just in the parks last weekend and used the mobile reservation website to book Trail’s End. One question – does “Near me” figure out what park you’re in and only give you restaurants in that park? Or is it an actual radius from where you are? For example, if I’m at the Canada Pavilion, would it tell me about Cape May Café in Beach Club? Or would it only tell me about all the Epcot restaurants, including Garden Grill, even though Cape May is probably a closer walk?

    Similarly, if I’m in the Magic Kingdom, would it tell me about restaurants in the Magic Kingdom-area resorts?

  • So awesome! Really love the improvements you’re making on the mobile side of things! Major props to the developers, designers, and UI guys behind this — very clean interface and well done. Keep upping it!!

    Betamouse Podcast

  • I’d like to see this app for the Palm Pre. Other companies have apps that work with several smartphones and not just the iphone/blackberry/droid. I’m a HUGEDisney fan and go several times a year. I’d definitely buy this app if it worked with my phone

  • Also, I tried to access the above site from my Droid. I do not see where “Map View” is when trying to get dining results. Help please!

  • I looked at the link on Mobile Magic. It was from over a year ago and people were asking for it on Droids THEN! We are set to go in less than 2 weeks and I won’t be able to use this app because I have a droid. I think a year is a little long to take to get this accessible to smart phones. What gives?

  • This is a great idea, i do wish there was an iphone ap!

  • I wish I could get this with my Droid 2 from Verizon. 🙁

  • I’m honestly shocked at how Mobile Magic is not on the Droids yet (Droid X & the new Droid 2)since these are some of the very top & most promoted phones for Verizon out there. I’m switching to Verzion by the end of the year so I am really hoping they get to more phones before I make the switch because this is a must have app for Disney fans who are constantly at the parks like me.

  • Do you know if Verizon is going to expand what phones can have Mobile Magic. Right now it’s not available on most smart phones. Sad.

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