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New Halloween In-Room Celebrations at Disney Parks

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Have you heard about our “In-Room Celebrations?” Oh my stars! Then you’re in for a “spooktacular” surprise. With Halloween right around the corner, imagine how fun it would be to walk into your Walt Disney World Resort room after Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, to see that Mickey and Minnie Mouse had left a Halloween surprise, just for you and your loved ones.

Halloween In-Room Celebrations at Disney Parks

There are personalized gifts, treats and Halloween fun that bring the magic from the parks into the comfort of your resort room. Every gift was created so you could enjoy it here, make memories and take home as a keepsake. Having seen this exclusive celebration I can share that while it looks like your room has been transformed into a Halloween surprise, it’s not too scary for the little ones. And, you’ll be happy to know that Mickey and Minnie now set up this celebration at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.

How does your family celebrate Halloween when visiting the Disney parks?


  • So cool!! Thanks sooooo much for making this available at DLR as well!! Will it still be available after Halloween? It would be perfect for my daughter’s Sweet 16

  • Will this be available at Christmas?

    My whole family is visiting and I would love to set this up for all of us! In all of our rooms… how does one go about that… if it is still available that is!

    Also it will be my husband’s first visit and I think this would make it so so special!


    • Hi Melissa! If you’d like to set up a “spooktacular” surprise for your hubby, I would call a Dream Maker before the Halloween season is over to make sure you’re good to go..from one friend to another.

      I also wanted to share a surprise with you. Mickey and Minnie have also created a Christmas “In Room Celebration” as well. It’s a “home away from home” type of experience. I’ll be sharing more about this in a future post. When you mentioned Christmas, I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

      Back to Halloween…do you think we should offer our Halloween In Room Celebration year ’round?

  • Good question… These “spooktacular” In Room Celebrations will be available through Halloween season or while supplies last. Since you think this would be good for your daughter’s sweet 16, what do you think your daughter would enjoy most about this celebration?

    By the way, have you seen our “Roses To Die For”?

  • Great idea!!!! My boys would love something like this for their birthday celebrations.

  • We did the large package for our 3 children. What a treat it was to come back to the room and it was beautifully DISNEY! Treats to eat as well as souveniers to play with at the parks and bring home! AWESOME!

  • How much do these packages cost? They look awesome!!!

    • This “Mickey’s Spooktacular In Room Celebration” is available for $355 which includes the gifts, surprises, treats and set up for the room. It was designed to provide an “over the top” moment to remember for a family. If you’d like to see more, you can go to and click on the balloon that says “Holiday and Welcome Celebrations”, then you can see a list of all that comes with this gift.

      What part of this Halloween celebration was especially awesome for you?

  • I haven’t seen the roses to die for. She really wants to be at Disneyland for her Sweet 16 but I want to add special touches to the trip and am having a difficult time finding things that are availabe at DLR to make her special day extra special! I’m definitely thinking of a night at one of the hotels, we have stayed there for my birthday and her younger sister’s but never for hers. We’ve done the tours and the Happiest Celebration on Earth. So I’m looking for any magic Disney can help me out with.

    • If you’re looking for magical ideas at DLR, you may want to call a Dream Maker there. The phone number is 714 781 GIFT. They can help create a one of a kind moment for you.

  • Can ‘in room celebrations’ be customized? I want to suprise my darling hubby on our next visit. We’re coming around Christmas, but really for a milestone birthday. And since we’ve only been married less than 2 years (and our last WDW trip was our first – OUR HONEYMOON!!), I’d like to do this mut something like a combo of birthday-christmas-romance…

  • Jean – great information regarding customized packages. We have been there (DGC) for the past 3 holiday seasons – never knew we could do a special room decoration!! Same for the boys birthdays – now we know!

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