Relax and Re-energize in the Heart of Tron City at the End of Line Club at ElecTRONica

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

End of Line Club

After being digitized and released into the Grid, a Program (a.k.a. one of our guests) often feels the need to re-charge. Don’t worry; ElecTRONica has been pre-programmed with refreshment choices to help you “battle” your thirst.

Just inside the portal as you enter the Grid, you will find a glowing refreshment station complete with drinks and snacks. But if you want to relax and re-energize in the heart of Tron City, you’ll want to head to the End of Line Club.

This ultra modern lounge is the perfect spot to get together and quench your thirst with an icy Coke Zero or Laser Light Lemonade. If desired, Programs of 21 years or more can select from a menu of our themed adult beverages.

For the hungry Program, I suggest you hit up our nearby catering truck. Delicious nachos, chocolate desserts and nourishing ‘bytes.’…That’s right, I went there…are being served up for you to dine on while you take in the pulsating music and electric atmosphere.

The End of Line Club is located just steps away from Flynn’s Arcade, the TRON: Evolution game stations, as well as the main stage which features Laserman and other electrifying performances.

Enter the Grid and join us at the End of Line Club only during ElecTRONica and only at Disney California Adventure park.


  • looks fantastic…can’t wait to see it

  • We went a couple of weeks ago and we loved the “old skool” aracde and laser man.

  • Wow! Look at that Nile Crocodile glow! The beam is in his eyes and the fairies watch the show!

  • Sweet!

  • Now I will go kiss my children and go to sleep next to my Baloo/Mickey Mouse. Goodnight to you my friend!

  • And the lights of the palace go out and the fireworks light-up the sky. Trust your team and I will trust mine. Amazement comes from the perspective of which you define. Wow, I am already having fun. Thank you for your time!!!

  • Skipping! Awesome, Just the way we did it when we were at Yellowstone this summer. Would you like to see the picture? Would you like to know the story behind Minnie’s polka dots? Would you like to know why he will always be there for me? How about we just appreciate the glory of our secret little book. What a beautiful magical place to spend some time.

  • Beautiful. Thank you for the 3D in Dream!!!

  • I hear from a CM that it is running til April!!! I love it!

  • Chloe, ElecTRONica will be around until April 2011, so you will be able to enjoy it in January. During the holiday times, it will perform nightly. During the slower, off season times, it will be available on the weekends.

  • Dear Mr. Walt Disney,
    My children are in the basement singing,”You are the music in me”. Thank you for all the gifts you have provided for me. Let freedom sing/ring, you choose.

  • And the Mad Hatter doesn’t seem scarry to me!

  • There is that Octopus I was wondering about!

  • Robin=Bird/My Middle Name. Trowbridge=Time/Row your boat/Bridge-the Gap. Beautiful Place where Mickey Mouse shines and Dragons lite the night. And I’m the happiest mother in the world as I listen to my girls singing HSM Sing it “Start of Something New!”

  • I went…it was kinda surreal but drinks were really strong!

  • I love ElecTRONica. 🙂

  • How long does ElecTRONica run?
    Hopefully until at least January when I go!!! 😀

  • You know we could really use an ElecTRONica over here on the east coast. There’s a lot of vacant real estate in Epcot (not to mention Pleasure Island!).

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