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The Citizens of Hollywood – ‘Speed Trap’

Officer Percival Peabody and Officer First Class William Club of The Citizens of Hollywood

Officer Percival Peabody stretches his arm out of his “car window” and loudly announces his intentions – “LEFT TURN!” “LEFT TURN!” He slowly does a complete left turn – by complete, I mean 360 degrees – no, make that 720 degrees. His partner, Officer First Class William Club maintains a steady vigil for any careless pedestrians along Hollywood Boulevard. What are they doing, you ask? Why, they begin camouflaging their “patrol car” with faux trees and vines, and carefully measure out white tape and lay it out on the pavement…They are not so secretly setting a “speed trap” for the well-being of those traveling the boulevard. They even produce a sign that verifies this.

Officer Percival Peabody and Officer First Class William Club of The Citizens of Hollywood

I watch as they chase down a speeding mother and child, handheld siren blaring. What fun to observe this duo of comedic cops hard at work- surely, experts in the field of “laugh enforcement!”


  • The Citizens of Hollywood are one of the best parts of Hollywood Studios and if you are rushing past them to go stand in line for a ride you are making a mistake! They are all very funny and very talented.

  • Aww this is so cool! Wish there was a video of them in action.

  • These folks totally made our day last time we were at Hollywood Studios.

  • Kungaloosh!

  • I LOOOOOVE Bucky Greenhorn!!! The Citizens of Hollywood are amazing!

  • I absolutely adore the Citizens of Hollywood. We make sure to take extra time at HS so we can catch the antics of these crazy characters. We were lucky enough to have a member of our party involved in show along Sunset Blvd. It was definitely the highlight of our trip.

  • Chipmunk Cheeks! I love that cast member, he is so funny! Tell him I said Kungaloosh!

  • I wish we had Citizens of Hollywood at California Adventures park. They used to have a comedic troop that wasn’t that funny, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

  • The Citizens of Hollywood are definitely one of my favorite parts of HS and are often passed by without stopping! I only wish I knew when they were appearing during the day because they always give me a good ‘laugh so hard I cry’ kind of laugh.

  • I don’t want to say this is a “sad use of talent” because this is very funny stuff but we all know that Officer Peabody & his fellow club members are capable of so much more than their current roles allow. May the spirit of adventure live on in all of the members both honnorary & perminent that made the club so special for as long as we share our tales with all we meet. NEVER FORGET & Kungaloosh!!!

  • Officer Peabody is great. Those of you who recall the Adventurer’s Club might want to ask him about his good friend Emil from Sandusky, OH.

  • Hm, does Officer Peabody have a distant cousin who trains pigeons to tap-dance?

    Oh, how I miss it…

  • I love the Citizens of Hollywood. One of them asked me to be his girlfriend before a parade. Then about two hours later we were walking by them doing a street show, and he noticed I was walking by and winked at me and blew me a kiss. It was cool that they remember who they talk to. Funny Stuff.

  • One of my favorite parts of my yearly trip to the studios are the citizens of Hollywood.. U never know who you’re gonna see or what you’re gonna have to do to make them “happy”…..I was stopped by the laugh police just last year….It was one of the funniest things ever.

  • One of the highlights of our Disney trips is sitting on Sunset Blvd. and watching the Citizens of Hollywood. They are all so hysterical. Love it!

  • This sort of thing is what makes HS my second favorite park. Too much fun watching the goings on on the streets of Hollyweird.

  • I love these guys. They are a must to see when in Disney. I will be there at the beginning of December and can’t wait to see Officer Peabody and Frederick Of Hollywood. I also love Page Turner. Seeing Page is a must. See ya soon.

  • I could spend *all day* watching all the Citizens of Hollywood! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but they are so talented and so much fun to watch! Sure, I like ToT, RnR and TSM, but I really go to DHS for the Citizens!! =)

  • Is Glenn Beck now working in the parks?

  • I love the citizens of hollywood, they are one of the main reasons we go to Hollywood studios every year, particularly Officer Peabody! I love all of Glen Duncans work, almost as much as i love all things disney. He has has my dream job! Do you have any advice for a young aspiring Photographer?

  • He’s so awesome! I wish I hadn’t missed this when it was first posted, he’s one of my favourites from the Adventurers Club!

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