Trivia Contest: You Could Win a Spot at the Villains Victory Party at Disneyland Park

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

UPDATE: Congratulations to all our Villains Victory Party Trivia Contest winners! The complete list of winners can be seen here. Here are the correct answers to the contest questions:

  • Which Disney animator created both Maleficent and Cruella De Vil?
    A: Marc Davis
  • Who was in the lead in the “Vote for Villains” race on October 8?
    A: Maleficent
  • On which Disney Cruise Line ship can you see the show, “Villains Tonight!”?
    A: Disney Magic
Jafar Maleficent Ursula
Evil Queen Captain Hook Cruella De Vil

If you’re an avid reader of the Disney Parks Blog, then you’re probably familiar with the Disney Villains who have been battling for the title of “baddest of them all.” Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil have been duking it out for four weeks now, and the madness will end October 28, 2010, when the baddest Disney Villain will be announced at the Villains Victory Party.

If that sounds like fun to you, then I have good news. You could win a spot at the Villains Victory Party!

If you are one of the first 75 people to answer the three trivia questions below correctly, you and a guest may be able to attend the “after hours” Villains Victory Party at Disneyland park on October 28. Access to this very special event cannot be purchased and can only be won through the Disney Parks Blog or participating radio stations in the Los Angeles area.

Winners will have several attractions all to themselves from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on October 28, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Indiana Jones Adventure©Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd and Haunted Voyages aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat. The party will also include eerie music, Club Skellington, tarot card readers, palm readers and special photo locations with characters. Haunted Mansion Holiday is inspired by Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Here are the questions:

  • Which Disney animator created both Maleficent and Cruella De Vil?
  • Who was in the lead in the “Vote for Villains” race on October 8?
  • On which Disney Cruise Line ship can you see the show, “Villains Tonight!”?

To enter, e-mail your answers along with your full name to Once the contest is over, we’ll send notifications to the winners via e-mail. If you win, you must provide verification of your age and residency and be able to attend the Villains Victory Party on October 28. Check-in on October 28 will begin at 3 p.m. PT, and you are welcome to enjoy both parks after 3 p.m. and before the party starts. To read all the contest rules and eligibility requirements, click here. If you have any questions, please ask them here on the Blog.

Good luck!

P.S. Please don’t spoil it for others by posting guesses or answers in the comments.

Contest open to US residents 18 and over. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Ends 10/15/10.


  • Heather,

    Do we need to bring the confirmation email with us to check in tonight? Thanks.

  • I replied again last week after my post here with my address but no response about it. Maybe it didn’t again? I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether I will be able to attend or not. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

  • Question:

    I never replied to the email with my address, though it said to in the rules, but the confirmation email never mentioned to reply with my address, so I didn’t. Will I still be able to get in?

  • I won the tickets to this event. I was wondering if my 2 year-old will count as a guest if I bring him and my 5 year-old. Would please let me know? Thanks.

  • I’m so mad because I’ve been having major issues with my email recently. Although I DID reply with my address right away, I only got a notice TODAY saying that it didn’t go through!! Can someone help me please!!!!

  • Hi Heather!

    I emailed the address from where I got my confirmation, but got no reply. Basically, my boyfriend, Andrew, was on my computer and sent his response via gmail. However, I was still logged in, so the email was sent from my email address and not his. He didn’t realize I was still logged into Gmail, and thus, his response was sent from my email address with my auto-generated signature. Since the response was rightfully his and I noticed that the rules are very specific on the name of the winner, could it be possible that instead of me, a change be made for Andrew? He did answer timely with the correct answers, just that with the urgency of getting the answers submitted on time, the right email address and name was not used. I hope this situation does not disqualify him from attending the Villains Victory Party. We both sincerely apologize for what happened and hope that you can assist us with this fix and still allow him to attend with a guest. This is such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we are thankful that Disney is putting on and it’ll be greatly appreciated if the name switch can take place and not cause much inconvenience and that he can be allowed to attend.

  • I didn’t respond to the email until the next day with my name and address. Am I still on the list to get into the event?

  • Were we supposed to get a 2nd email confirmation after sending in our address??

  • Thanks so much, Heather! I can’t wait! 🙂

    I just received my confirmation e-mail and replied with my information. I hope it’s not too late!

  • Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Heather! I REALLY enjoyed the WOC one back in August. I was actually AT the parks today when my confirmation email came in, and just now had the ability to respond to it (Just got home!). I’m on the list.. but want to confirm you guys got my response email and we are all good? It truly was a “Disney Day”… =) I’m so excited!

    • You’re all set 🙂

  • heather hust rivera do you have anymore contest so we can win ticekts to go inside one of the parks?

  • hi there i strongly feel that Ursula is the ultimate villian… she is pure evil.. luring young merfolk into believing the ultimate beauty is only on the outside..

  • Just wondering if you could tell me if I was one of the last to win because my husband and I submitted at the same time and only I won…. We were hoping to take both kids…..

  • Thanks again Heather. I got the second email. I’m so excited! One last question. I’m an annual pass holder and can get into Disneyland without the Park Hopper ticket. Can I give my park hopper ticket to someone else and just use my Annual pass to get into the park and the Villain’s party ticket or do you need to use both to get into the party? I know if I give the hopper ticket they can’t get into the party but it seems like a waste of a hopper ticket if I don’t need it to get into the park.

  • Thanks Heather. I just emailed the again. I hope I get the winner confirmation soon. 🙂

    • I was told we sent you a second email. Fingers crossed that you received it this time.

  • I know I shouldnt be a sore loser, but for once I knew the correct answers, and didnt win! totally bummed, I didnt know there was a time limit,when I submitted my answers.But than again I did submit them within 5 minutes.. oh well I hope those who did win, have an amazing villan time!

    • Stephanie, check the Disney Parks Blog next week for a different opportunity.

  • I see my name on the list of winners! Yeah! But I haven’t received an email yet? I hope they are still being sent out.

    • If your name is on the list and you haven’t received an email, please make sure to allow emails from, send us an email at that address, and we’ll respond with your confirmation.

  • Are we supposed to reply with our address? I’d sure hate to miss out on it because of it!

    • According to the rules, yes, you need to respond with your address.

  • Same question as Paul and Janelle. The rules stated that if we don’t reply with address and name, then we are not potential winners anymore. Please clarify. Thanks =)

  • I got my confirmation e-mail. Thanks Heather. Looking forward to another great event.

    • See you soon!

  • I have the same question as Paul, it says potential winner and there is no link to reply to like the rules stated we needed to. Do we reply to the email that the confirmation was sent from? Thanks for your help! Can’t wait!

  • Thanks Heather!!! What an opportunity! My name is on the list (HOO-RAY!) but I have not received a confirmation e-mail yet. Is there another way to respond?

    • Brian, it’s possible your email settings are not accepting emails from Please add to your contacts, send us an email at that address, and we’ll respond with your confirmation email.

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