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Video: Disney Dance Crew

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Beginning today, October 22, the Disney Dance Crew will start shaking things up at the Hollywood Backlot Stage in Disney California Adventure park.

Disney Dance Crew is a live, 10-minute performance for the entire family that features contemporary remixes and mash-ups of popular Disney songs, and dancers performing hip, edgy dance moves. The show also includes an appearance from Mickey Mouse like youโ€™ve never seen him before. Mickey shows off slick new threads and some crazy moves.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

After each performance of Disney Dance Crew, Mickey Mouse will greet guests and pose for photos.

Disney Dance Crew will be performed several times a day, Wednesday through Sunday, until November 26. When Disney Channel Rocks! debuts November 26, Disney Channel Rocks! will perform mid-morning to early afternoon, and Disney Dance Crew will perform mid-afternoon to early evening.


  • Obviously not everything that Disney does is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Its impossible to please everyone, all the time. Even during Walt’s time.

    From what I saw in person, guests did seem to enjoy the show. Though again, I personally think that the dancers’ dialogue should be re-tooled, as they are trying too hard to seem hip.

    I have to say though, I really think that some people’s negative reactions to this show are a little too dramatic.

    If some people are really so passionate about this, then the most constructive thing they can do is give feedback in person at California Adventure’s Guest Relations area. Or perhaps even give feedback if they are offered to take a guest survey.

  • I loved this! I read through the first few comments about people saying to keep Mickey classic but part of Mr. Disney’s dream was to keep everything changing and fresh, I think this is in the right direction. Its great for all ages, the teens and pre teens will love the music and the dancing and the little kids will love seeing Mickey! I cant wait to see this is person the idea of seeing Mickey live dancing in a hip hop style I think is just amazing! Is it a fad? Maybe, but people need to get used to Disney moving with the trends keeping everyone entertained!

  • I have to admit that I would probably stand (not sit) and watch it for a bit but then move on quickly. On the other hand, as a young teenager in the late ’80s and early ’90s I loved the then “hip” Mickey. And I do remember Mickey dancing a lot.

    I personally think Walt would have approved. You have to be always evolving and moving. I think Disney has done a great job of keeping the nostalgia alive for the kid in all of us and they are doing a great job in igniting the imagination and creating lasting memories for our children.

    Though this is not my cup of tea, for those that it is, drink up!

  • I have to say, James from CA makes a valid point about Mickey always being a dance star. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As I said before, the crowd really seemed to enjoy the show when I saw it yesterday. I saw a very young girl who LOVED the dance moves and way moving around excitedly.

    The show may not be perfect but it is still pretty good.

    Some of the comments that I have seen on Youtube in response to the show have been way too harsh. That’s the nature of the Internet I guess.

  • I still liked Drawn to the Magic, can you at least have a period of time to have it run again? or at least a good bye showing for its fans?

  • Wow! Mickey is hip-hoppin’ finally! We watched the creative genius of this show over and over again and we couldn’t get enough! Mickey has always been a trailblazer … in the 1920’s, he was doing the Charleston with Minnie, the Lindy Hop in the 1940’s, the Pony and Mashed Potato in the 1960’s, rockin’ the disco dance floor in the 1970’s and Moonwalkin’ in the 1980’s! Mickey has always been an incredible dance star! My family and I LOVED “Disney Dance Crew!” It’s so GREAT to see Mickey and all the diverse dance crews movin’ on the dance floor the way the best dancers of 2010 do it today! Thanks Disney for making our world more colorful again!

  • we are going to WDW in Jan2011 and eveything i read or get a blog about…is going to be over when we get there it relly bugs me…..

  • Mickey can be hip. Mickey can be ALL things. He doesn’t have to only do the Fantasmic moves. Broaden your horizons. Mickey broadens his!! The blinking eyes do seem a little strange and Mickey is moving kind of slow in this video. I saw him in a video from the opening of Downtown D or something, and he was really moving. He danced so cool. I love Mickey. hey Mick!

  • I saw the show yesterday here are some of my thoughts as well as some constructive criticisms;

    Really, the show is actually pretty good. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, especially the young kids.

    I enjoyed the remixes of the Disney songs.

    Mickey actually acted pretty well. His dialogue was not horribly out of character, it fit.

    The one thing that I didn’t like too much was the hip-hop lingo that the dancers used. The show is really trying too hard to be hip. It might be a good idea to get rid of most of that “hip” dialogue that the dancers use.

    Again, I love the fact that Mickey so so expressive in the show.

    So as it is now, the show is pretty good, but it would certainly help to re-tool the dialogue, and get rid of all the hip-hop lingo.

    Also, something else that I was slightly disappointed with is that during the meet and greet after the show, Mickey does NOT talk. Its just a classic meet and greet.

    Disney should REALLY have Mickey talk and interact with guests during the post-show meet and greet. During the tests back in May, Mickey proved that he has what it takes. So given the fact that Mickey blinks and is so expressive during the show, it would be a GREAT idea if he would speak to guests during the meet and greet after the show.

  • DCA openned with an attempt to be “hip and edgy”, and we all know how well that worked. As much as I love the technology that allows Mickey to talk, I believe this show is a huge step in the wrong direction. The recontruction of DCA is bring a beautiful, classy style to the park. This show seems to be doing the opposite and reminds me too much of the Eureka Parade, and other attempts to be “cool” that were tried in 2001. Magic Mountain can be as hip and edgy as it wants. I much prefer classy, upscale entertainment at the Disney parks.

  • I saw the show Wednesday and it’s a lot of fun for the audience. The new Mickey is very outstanding and the technology really makes him come alive. I know the show might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like the idea of Disneyland and California Adventure growing and changing.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Travis and Markus. While the talking/blinking Mickey is impressive, this show looks to be trying WAY too hard to be “hip” and goes in the opposite direction of the consistent theming that the Disney California Adventure expansion/updates are apparently trying to achieve. I’d rather see Drawn to the Magic on the sidewalk than this show on the stage any day.

  • When Walt Disney was first advertising Disneyland, he specifically didn’t use Mickey Mouse as a representation for the park. If you look back at all the first Disneyland commercials, it was all Tinkerbell presenting the sign of Disneyland. Why do you ask? Because if Disneyland failed, he didn’t want to taint the name of his most favored character, Mickey Mouse.

    This performance is tainting the name of Mickey Mouse. I don’t believe Mickey Mouse should be versatile with the times, simply because he is a legendary classic. His name speaks for himself. Not his ‘cool dance moves’.

    Thumbs up for a blinking Mickey though, audio-animatronics and imagineers how you have changed entertainment for the better.

  • I have no reason to go to california adventure now ]: so sad.

  • Sad to see that this show replaced Drawn to the Magic. DTTM was the “MAGIC” that Disney is all about. A Hip Hop Dance Crew show with Mickey being “Hip” is not our idea of magic. Very sad to see this show at DCA…bring back DTTM or a show similar to it. This is just silly and not neccessary. The ripping Mickey’s clothes off to show the hip hop outfit is just so silly!

    Bad, bad, bad decision on Disney’s part with this show. ๐Ÿ™

    I think the audience that you are trying to target with this show will be too busy riding rides to take time to sit and watch this.

    Also, maybe if those benches were gone and it more like a dance party…It is hysterical watching all those people just sitting there watching.

    The blinking Mickey has been at WDW…it works but very wierd to see, expecially if all characters are not like that.

    Hoping this is just a filler and something a lot more magical will take its place!!!

  • we loved the video.. didn’t like it’s only in Cali. you have one sad little five year old here.

  • Will the talking mickey be the one greeting guests?

  • No, no, no! A thousand times NO!

  • Disney is seriously hurting its “Mickey Mouse” brand and image with this silly nonsense. It’s totally out of character for Mickey to suddenly “go hip-hop.” Mickey should stand for classic Disney values, not the latest pop culture moment. As others have suggested, it would be better if Mickey were the Director or Host of the show, not a dancer. And seeing him shake and shimmy around is hard to watch – and not at all believable. Disney, you’ve totally jumped the shark with this one.

  • I think that updating Mickey is a great idea, however, if Mickey is going to be doing any greeting, it would kind of ruin the magic if the other characters are not being upgraded.

  • I Think the show is AMAZING!!! I love the fact that Disney is moving forward with what’s in now! Which opens doors for a new generation! I also think that this is Disney Dance Crew not Disney Channel Rocks. It’s two different shows. Just an FYI!

  • I don’t think this show is the best Disney could’ve done. Mickey and Disney are known for being magical and animated, not going along with trends, which is why the franchise is so successful today. I know when I go to Disneyland, I may enjoy this, just because any show at the parks are entertaining, well-executed, and lively, but it’s just not the direction California Adventure should being going. While the entire park is being revamped to an early 1900’s theme, this is the complete opposite and why the park was being changed in the first place. When I go tomorrow, I definitely will not schedule this show into my day, but maybe watch from the back while passing by, to check it out for myself! But I am excited to meet the new Mickey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love this show so much i just wanna get my hands up and move them side to side and groove with the Mickey Mouseter!! awesome show disney!! now can i say, lets move it to a bigger venue cause this show is going to pack out everytime. you may even have to get a fast pass going for this! lets groove Mickey!

  • I don’t know what all you stiffs are complaining about – Mickey looks great! Does nobody remember that Mickey changes and adapts to his environment, as well as the time frame he’s in? His dance moves are fierce and it’s nice to see him so animated and alive!

    The one thing I’m not so sure about is the fact that afterwards in his meet and greet, I guarentee the meet and greet Mickey is not going to move, blink, and talk. That’s going to confuse the heck out of the kids.

    However, change is part of life everyone. Get over the fact that things can’t stay the same forever. This show will motivate kids to get up and dance, and express themselves! I think it’s a great move!

  • I have to say, before I reserve final judgment, I will see this show for myself in person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Coming from the east coast and WDW, I’ve been familiar with “hip-hop Mickey” for quite some time. I find it interesting to see all the majority negative comments for him. To my knowledge, Disney DID research the response to Mickey dancing hip-hop, starting with that YouTube of him in Disneyland Paris. They even have the new (I think this is the name) Dance Star Mickey toy. In one corner, you have people arguing to make Mickey contemporary and try to rejuvenate him from looking so “old.” After all, the little guy is 82 this November. On the other hand, you have those who love Mickey just the way he is and because of the way he is. Makes me wonder how the Wii game Epic Mickey will be received.

    My one question for you, Heather, is this: In the last 6 months, Disneyland revealed Mickey blinking and talking to the children, having real time conversation. Will this be how Mickey will be doing his post-show meet and greet, or will he need to save his voice for the day parade, Epic Mickey recordings, and so forth?

  • i think it looks awsome cant wait to see it…
    my only question is will the mickey with the moving mouth and eyes be used for all performances or was it only used for the premier?

  • I can see how some might find it amusing for Mickey to be dancing in ths manner, but for me, it comes across as silly and unnecessary. It is also quite uncharacteristic of Mickey to dance this way. It would be one thing for him to be the director or the host of the show, but to have him front and center is a bit too much, in my opinion.

  • Congratulations to the performers who will be dancing in this new show. Are you going to re-theme the audience area so guests can dance and move with the music? The lyrics call “get your hands up,” the music has an insistent beat, and what I have seen many other guests enjoy during DCA’s higher energy (often also louder, although louder is NOT synonymous with more energetic) shows was the opportunity to dance along or watch other family members bop about. As I recall from enjoying many enchanting Drawn to the Magic shows, the backlot’s benches are arranged for sitting back and relaxing, not dancing, standing, or moving to the beat. High energy shows I have seen in this “quiet corner,” i.e. Magic Music days performances, often face a bit of a “seen from the bottom of the well” handicap in communicating that energy to the audience. (The shots of the audience in this video illustrates my point.) One of the joys of live performance is its dynamic immediacy and I hope these performers will have a venue that encourages an enthusiastic audience response. That happy feedback makes it more fun for everyone.

  • I think Mickey should stay just the way he is. Mickey does not need hip clothes, or him moves. Mickey Mouse is a classic. I don’t like this Mickey at all. The show would be perfectly fine with just the dancers and music.

  • I watched it and loved it. I don’t think Mickey needs to be tied to any one “persona”, he has changed over the years. I totally agree with David that Mickey is a timeless character who speaks to every new generation. I have loved Mickey all my life and seen him do all kinds of different dances ๐Ÿ™‚ My 4 year old son is following in my footsteps and loves him too. I watched this by myself the first time, and then watched it three more times with my son. He loves it and thinks it’s cool and has been trying to imitate Mickeys dance moves. I am looking forward to taking him to see the show in person next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I put this on for my girls ages 4 to 10 and had to watch it 3 times….they loved it. And I know next time we are there this will be something we have to go see. I love seeing dance incorporated with Mickey and friends….There is alot of that on the Disney cruise ships, we always found it enjoyable, especially when they involve the audience from time to time. That’s what’s so great about Disney you always have the old with the new. It’s always nice when there is something new to see each time we come back. Like the “Awesome” new World of Color show. So long as Disney doesn’t lose any of the traditional, I don’t see what’s wrong with bringing in a few new idea’s. Monica

  • This is great!!!! It’s a fun blend of hip-hop “lite” for the young kids who watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every day, and a nice change of pace for the family’s who need to sit and relax for a moment. It’s squeaky clean Disney fun!
    The character technology is fantastic, and it’s wonderful that it’s being used more in the parks. My family saw the live stage show, “Mickey Magic Show” at a theatre in our city, and the Fab Five all talked, blinked and changed costumes on stage during the magic show! A running gag was Goofy’s hat always being knocked off his head, and he would chortle, blink, pick up his hat and plop it back on his head!! In the dance show, I love seeing Mickey talk, blink, change costumes and dance his tail off!! LOL
    As for watching Mickey hip-hop, I should remind everyone that Mickey has been dancing the latest styles since 1928 when we Charlestoned with Minnie! In the 40’s he Lindy Hopped, in the 60’s he Ponied and did the Mash Potato, he discoed in the 70’s (I loved that album when I was a kid), and he moon walked in the 80’s. Mickey is a timeless character who speaks to every new generation. Love the show, love the parks, love the mouse!

  • Its a cute idea, but I agree that Mickey should not try to be so “hip”, and I didn’t care for the music heard in this video. (Though I’m sure that is not the only music in the show)

    Though I think its cool that Mickey is so expressive.

    Heather, when Mickey greets people after the show, does he talk to guests and refer to them by name?

  • i wish they kept the old style mickey this new trend is ok but i love the old stuff. and i miss those fireworks too before the new ones came out ๐Ÿ™ .

  • I completely agree with Travis. I feel like this lacks Disney Magic. You can’t slap some Disney lyrics over a hip hop track and call it a magical experience. When I saw this yesterday, I walked away wondering what just happen. Yes, California Adventure is a more contemporary park but I felt like this show is unnecessary. Plus, with all the progress that the park is doing, it seemed weird that Disney would head in that direction when it comes to new entertainment offerings. However, the use of the talking Mickey is put to great use. It’s about time that the technology came to Disneyland Resort, unfortunately, I would have enjoyed the use of the technology much more in a show with an actual storyline.

  • this is a fabulous idea to introduce the art of dance into disney!
    they did a very good job incorperating the dancers outfits with mickey’s traditional attire and the moving mickey looks great
    this is a great way to bring a whole new side of mickey we have never seen before
    mickey can take many forms in cartoons so this is a great way to introduce dance to the audience and bring mickey in his many forms i cant wait to see this when i visit!

  • I think it looks great. The audience seems to really enjoy it.

    Looking forward to seeing it this weekend!

  • Mmm… I don’t ever like to be negative, but since you asked. I don’t like it. It feels, disjointed, disconnected from theme, and even a bit dated somehow. I’m kind of asking myself why it’s there. Disney has never done “cool” very well, but it shouldn’t. Cool expires quickly. Disney needs to keep focusing on implementing magic, which never becomes outdated.
    I do love the atmosphere entertainment that has been a staple for a long time, i.e. the roaming jazz musicians in NOS, and it seems that money would be better spent really adhering to theme as those types of acts were. This just feels superfluous and uncomfortable. That’s my two cents.

  • Not sure about Mickey dancing “hip hop” or “doing the robot”; Why not create a “school of dance” where kids could learn some moves and dance along? Mickey could be the director…

  • Personally I think it looks really bad. ๐Ÿ™ I sat here at the computer and felt like I was time warped into the 80’s. Could you have not made it more current? I also thought Disney Channel Rocks was going to be a parade show like HSM. Ugh, there did not even seem to be a story attached to it.

  • Since you asked… I think the music and the dance crew, the costume and the concept are fun, but having Mickey himself dance like this changes his character. Kids love him because he’s joyful, not because he’s cool or trendy. Disneyland always puts on great shows, and I’m sure this will be fun, but I’ll have to skip it. I don’t want to see Mickey Mouse gyrating.

  • My brother and I were at the park yesterday and saw them performing this, probably the exact same performance seen in the video above. We didn’t really care for this type of “hip” music/dance and just kept on walking to another attraction.

  • Awww! I think it’s adorable how Mickey’s eyes move while he dances. Maybe this will encourage kids to dance during the show and enjoy themselves and perhaps feel more comfortable seeing Mickey if they know he does more than smile and wave? That’s just my opinion. I think music and dance brings out the best in kids ๐Ÿ™‚

    Heather, the music playing in this video is not the ONLY song playing throughout the performance, right?

    • Yep, you’re right, Jacqueline. There are several different songs in the show that are not included in this video.

  • I love the team’s dancing, and I think young kids will like to see this type of show. But I also agree that somehow having Mickey in there doesn’t seem quite right. I hope our feedback is heard, this really seems like a step in the wrong direction.

  • Disney was supposed to be making DCA better. This is a HUGE step in the wrong direction. Hopefully this “entertainment” is not around for long. Stick to the types of amazing entertainment Disney is known for, and donโ€™t jump on the fad of dance crews that will be gone from memory soon.

  • I still can’t get over that Mickey is blinking! But I agree, I don’t think Mickey needs to follow the hip trend. I love Mickey in the classic films and the way he moves and giggles in Fantasmic. I think he should stick to the vision of what Walt wanted him to be like. I agree with Virginia, Mickey IS the epitome of awesome. <3

  • We saw two performances yesterday and we loved it!!! I think it is perfect for the younger generations that want a new hip version of the Disney Classic songs. Plus this new tricked out Mickey is really cool. The fact that he can talk with his mouth moving, blink and do all his new dance moves at the same time is AWESOME! We will definitely be back for more shows.

  • Since you asked what we think… I honestly don’t like it. It reminds me of the High School Musical/Disney Channel Rocks show which I find to be really annoying as it blares through the park (especially at Hollywood Studios). The use of Mickey Mouse’s moving mouth is really nice… but the music feels like it’s destroying classic Disney songs. I don’t think “hip” is the genre Disney should be focusing on, in my opinion.

    Discussion Kingdom

  • I love the dance crew, it reminds me of the High School Musical parades.. but I’m not so sure I like Mickey departing from classic Fantasmic-esque dance movements. I always got kind of nose-scruntchy at Mickey trying to be too “hip”. Mickey doesn’t need to follow fads to stay awesome, Mickey IS the epitome of awesome. Hehe! ^_^

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