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Heather Hust Rivera

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We’ve shared a lot of images that showed some of the early concept ideas for Mickey’s Halloween Party, including artwork for new dance parties, new cavalcade and photo locations.

While many of you may have taken your own photos and video during the first three nights of the party, today we’re sharing our video of the highlights.

For those of you who already attended the party, what did you end up liking best? Was it the same thing that you were most looking forward to?

If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party at


  • Did anyone who went find the “creepy crafts ” advertised as part of the party?

  • Im going there for my 22nd Birthday which is actually on Halloween Day. Cant wait to go

  • #18 – Janine
    Thanks. If this blog entry is closed for comments by the time you go down there, I’ll look for your answer in a similar halloween blog.
    In my #17 entry above, I was analyzing the titles between the two locations; Walt Disney World’s includes the phrase “not-so-scary” while Disneyland’s does not, possibly implying it is ‘scary’ (Disney style of course).
    Maybe a future blog will list the differences between the two parties.
    Mickey’s Halloween Party / Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

  • Ditt Elizabeth’s question. When we come at 3pm can we be wearing our costumes?

  • I’m super excited to go!!! This will be my first time going to a Disney park for a holiday 😀 My family is going on Oct 31!

    I have a few questions:

    1. can you wear your costume all day long or do you have to leave and change right before the party?
    2. where is the best place to watch the fireworks from?
    3. are the treat stations free?

  • Skip– i’ll let you know when i’m down there at the end of the month! (i’m guessing not-so-scary. last few years we went it was not-so-scary.)

  • So is Mickey’s Halloween Party ‘scary’?
    Walt Disney World’s is “not-so-scary”.

  • Mickey’s Halloween Party was one of the best times I’ve had at Disneyland ever! It’s also the first time I’ve paid to get in, since we have a silver pass, and it was definitely worth it! It was amazing! It’s everything you love about Disneyland, plus eerie Rivers of America, plus Zero flying through the fireworks. plus people handing you candy everywhere you go. About being able to walk up to the castle five minutes before the fireworks: I wouldn’t count on it. There are plenty of people waiting for at least forty minutes, and being one of them I felt that the people pushing their way through at the last minute were, at best, rude. Overall though, a great time!

  • i’m going the 22nd and i have 2 questions:

    1. Do we have to take our own candy bag/bucket?

    2. Will there be fastpasses available for rides?

    • Daniel, we will have trick-or-treat bags for you, and there are no FASTPASSES on Mickey’s Halloween Party nights because the event has a limited guest list and Disney’s FASTPASS tickets are not needed during the special event.

  • THANK YOU DAVID!!! I am in major agreement. Especially since my family and I are premium annual passholders. We already shell out top dollar for the Disney experience. And with todays economy no one should have to pay extra. Come on.

  • A group of us went on the 5th as the people from Alice in Wonderland. We had a great time and the reaction we got from people were fun!! The whole atmosphere in the park was fantastic from the fog, the layout of the treats area and such. The CM’s were awesome. It even stopped raining 30 mins after the party started! We liked the idea of being able to get in early and given wristbands so we wee able to have dinner in the park just before the party started! The whole party was just great!

  • We were there on the 5th and had an absolutely lovely time. We have been season pass holders and this is our third year of the Halloween Party. The fireworks were fantastic and we loved the Mickey Costume Party. Looking forward to next year.

  • What we anticipated enjoying the most was dressing up, Haunted Mansion, Fireworks show, and trick or treating at Disneyland this year.

    What we enjoyed the most was all of those things plus, the parade, and short lines. We got onto every ride we wanted to, saw the fireworks show, parade both times, and got lots of treats.

  • Can you consider a night for annual passholders to have a taste of the festivities like Halloween Screams and the Costume Cavalcade?

  • sounds like it’s gonna be awesome! i was wondering, for those of you who have already gone, i have heard rumors that if you have a ticket for the halloween party that they are allowing people in with costumes for the whole day. something about not wanting to go to the park and have to leave to get dressed. anyone have any clues?

    we’re going as Yzma & Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove (the Secret Lab costumes). can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I loved the fog that spread across the Rivers of America. We were there for the first night and got great seats for the fireworks, right in front of the Castle. There was a great sense of excitement in the park, the night was truly special. My friends from New Zealand flew over just to celebrate our reunion in the happiest place on earth.
    Thank you Disney, you’ve done it again!

  • I was there on the 1st and it was great! It was more than worth the money. I am going back on Oct 31st because I had such a great time. There are no lines for any rides, all the candy you can eat and the atmosphere is amazing. Just to see the Rivers of America covered in fog with the Columbia docked was worth the money, not to mention the eerie feeling Main Street had as you walked in! I was also able to walk up 5 minutes before Halloween Screams and stand right in front of the castle. There were also no issues with non-wristband people. Disney was right on top of it and the stragglers were weeded out. Great job Disneyland, I can’t wait to go back!

  • I attended this awesome party with my sister on the first night, October 1st and we had so much fun, loved Ghost Galaxy, although a bit scary for little kids, I think my kids would have been scared. Loved the firework show and all the treat stations, especially the one in front of haunted mansion that had giradelli chocolate, yumm. My sister and I were able to ride splash mtn. twice in a row without getting off because there was nobody else in line, Yippee!! They also give out apples, raisins, carrots and freeze dried fruit if you don’t want the candy, great job Disneyland, you never dissapoint with the parties!!

  • This is truly the most magical time of year in Disney in my opinion! So much fun!!

  • I love the atmosphere as well, and the large amounts of candy given at all the stations.

  • That looks great! We will be there this weekend and I can hardly wait!

  • I was IN the parade on Friday night! It was so MUCH fun! My best friend and I were Galinda and Elphaba from Wicked (my friend actually painted herself green) and we had the BEST time! Thank you so much Disneyland! Now, if only the picture we had taken by the Disney Photo person had actually come out, we woudld have had the perfect souvenir. Oh well, our memories will have to do. Unless some other tourist caught a photo of us.
    Thanks again Disneyland!

  • We had the best time. The party was great. I can’t say enough about the atmosphere. Especially the fog in the Rivers of America. What a great backdrop with the Columbia parked at the dock. Everything was done so well. Disneyland really is the best place for the Halloween Party. The atmosphere in Disneyland is just so appropriate for the party. Watching the fireworks on Main Street and having some elbow room was definately better than last year. My husband and I are going to the party twice. We went on the 8th and we’re going back on the 19th.

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