What is it About Those Corn Dogs?

“You gotta’ try a Disneyland corn dog,” foodie pals insisted. So I did. And when I bit into the warm, crunchy, sweet cornbread coating and got a taste of the salty dog, I was hooked.

Disneyland Corn Dog with Chips

During construction at Disney California Adventure park, don’t panic. “The highly sought-after corn dog is at Award Wieners in Hollywood Pictures Backlot,” says Michele Gendreau, director, Food & Beverage, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. At Disneyland park, there’s often a line of fans at the Little Red Wagon at the top of Main Street, U.S.A., or at Stagedoor Café. All three locations serve the legendary dog, dipped in Disneyland’s secret batter.

Gendreau tells us it’s the hand-dipped batter that makes all the difference – no thick, soggy stuff, just crunchy-on-the-outside-light-and-sweet-on-the-inside batter. With a glop of mustard, it’s hot dog heaven.

Don’t take my word for it. I even read that the L.A. Weekly’s Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold said he never had tasted a better corn dog.

Disneyland Corn Dog with Apples

Cost is $5.99 plus tax for the colossal deep-fried dog, with apple slices or a bag of chips. Worth every calorie for a grown-up taste of childhood.

Are you a Disneyland corn dog fan?


  • When I first started going to Disneyland many years ago that little red cart with the Corn Dogs at the end of Main Street used to be a little secret and I would NEVER miss getting one of the best corn dogs in all the world.

    But when I went to Disneyland last October there was always a very long line at that red cart….so the secret is out. But it is still worth the wait.

    I was very happy to learn that they are also on sale inside California Adventure and there was no line when I went.

    Mmmmmm, I am getting hungry for those corn dogs again.

  • Sounds really yummy. Pam has never steered me wrong about delicious food.

  • Vegetarian option please :)Perhaps those soy dogs they sell in stores or a fried cheese block on a stick (ala Hot Dog on a Stick hehe)

  • I’m a “wink & smile” vegetarian, so will be happy to enjoy a corn dog next month when we visit Disneyland again!!!!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • The corn dogs at the red wagon are awesome. We stop there everytime we visit Disneyland. The corn dogs at the Stagedoor Cafe do not taste the same as the ones at the red wagon.

  • I recently tasted the great ‘low fat’ Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou. Look forward to trying the corn dog soon. I rarely try out the foods at the parks because the high cost of feeding five people. I find park food posts like these helpful.

  • Does anyone remember the Coconut Hot Dog at the Polynesian Resort snack bar? THAT was amazing, too! I made 100 of them, mini-sized (from the 1st edition of the Mickey Cookbook) recently for a “luau” themed picnic – they were all consumed very quickly!

  • It would be wonderful if you added a non-animal vegan version of your corn dogs to the menu. It would be so much fun to be able to eat a veggie corn dog on a fun day at Disneyland.

  • Thanks for letting us know where to find them I’m always looking!

  • All this corn dog talk is making me want to go to Disneyland tonight just to get my fix!! ( I have an annual pass by the way)

  • They are tasty because of the size you get, the crispiness of the corn bread and the juiciness of the hotdog. mmmmmm with mustard 🙂

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add Veggie Dogs to the menu. Grabbing a Corn Dog is one of the few things I miss since going vegetarian.

  • This is part of the reason we love going to Disneyland! When are these going to be at Walt Disney World and please get them there by February 2011!

  • Still haven’t tried one but would like to. Where are they sold at Walt Disney World, Florida? We’re going in a couple of weeks so would be interested in finally seeing what all the fuss is about but have never seen them being sold anywhere!!

  • Totally a fan! I’ve never had a corn dog that even comes close to being as good as these!

  • Oooo…. as many have said before me, it is a family favorite!! Really regret not getting to eat one (or two, or three.. ;o) ) on my last trip to the Disneyland Resort!!! It is a fun food, so what more could you want, right?!? By the way, the photos are absolutely food-tastic and now I’m really, really, really craving one!!! LOL!! It’s a shame the park is so far away…

  • I hope Award Wieners is open during the ElecTRONica meet-up, it would be a good chance for me to give the corn dog a try (not really a corn dog fan, but curiosity drives me to try at least one).

  • Really good and big enough for 2 people to share.


  • I’m here once a week.

  • They are crunchy, hot, super long & fully cooked. The minute I walk through those gates, I can smell them & I have to have one right away!

  • I LOVE THESE CORN DOGS THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!! They should offer veggie dogs too because when my family became vegetarians for health reasons they could no longer enjoy this yummy goodness…a veggie dog would much be appreciated 🙂 🙂

  • Love the corn dogs because they are always freshly made to order!

  • Shawn, last time we had the corn dogs, the dog part was made of turkey…we would have them on Thanksgiving as our Thanksgiving Dinner, because they were, well, turkey! Has that changed?

  • LOVE the corn dogs! However, the ones in CA Adventure are the best. Are you sure it’s the same batter recipe? I will swear up and down that the ones you get in CA Adventure are bigger and better.

    A few months ago I had forgotten to get one while we were on that side, and decided to go to the red wagon to pick one up. I was not impressed with that corn dog. It just didn’t taste the same to me. 🙁

    Yum Yum Yum!!

  • I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLY miss the Hot Link Corn dogs from Corn Dog Castle in DCA! PLEASE make them also available at the other locations!!!

  • Absolutely the best corn dog ever made! My favorite. So glad you can get them at two different places at Disneyland now.

  • Heavenly! Had one at Award Wieners on Saturday!

  • Our family calls the little red wagon “The Corn Dog Ride” and it is at the top of our list to visit when we go to Disneyland. We sit on the benches behind the cart area. They are very shady and we get to see the cast members come in and out. They are always friendly and happy to trade pins with our little boy.

  • I’d like to see a non-beef alternative. Maybe a turkey or chicken corn dog for those that don’t/can’t eat beef.

  • The Disneyland corn dogs definitely use a better recipe than most regular corn dogs, and they are truly delicious. The only corn dogs I know of in WDW parks is the “corn dog nuggets” at Casey’s Corner, but those don’t begin to compare to the great Disneyland Corn Dog.

  • I’m the biggest fan of the Disney corn dog! I’m always bringing new converts to the little red cart at the end of Main Street. I tell them the batter is almost like a corn dodger/hush puppy. How can you say no to that?

  • Getting these corn dog (at least once) is ALWAYS something we look forward to up to months before a trip to Disneyland. The Question is, can these same corn dogs be purchased at Disney World?? We’ll be at Disney World in early December, and would love to enjoy them there too!

  • Just came back from a great week trip with the kids to disneyland and we ate them TWICE!! They are the best.

  • These are my favorite! I have to get my fix everytime I go into the park!

  • Of all the ‘bad food’ in the park this is definitely the only thing worth indulging in! YUM!

  • LOVE these!! the best (and most affordable) thing to eat @ disneyland. but you can’t just put a glop of mustard on it, you gotta slather it with mustard. yum! 😀

  • I had my first one this past summer and loved it!!

  • I get my fix at Walt Disney World’s Casey’s on Main Street, U.S.A. I will be there with my fiance this Friday for MNSSHP and you are tempting me!


  • YES! Give me a Disneyland corn dog and a Monte Cristo sandwich and I’m set for a happy day in the park. Remember: Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation!

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

  • I love them, but both times I was in the park this past weekend the line at the cart was too long (about 15 people) and I was not going to be near the Stagedoor Cafe.

    And, since you brought it up, what is the nutritional information of the corn dog? Or where can I find it? I just started Weight Watchers and to figure this into my points plan. (I think walking the CHOC Walk earned me enough points to have one!)

  • Love these corn dogs, I must eat on every trip!

  • Why did DCA get rid of the spicy corn dog that they used to have?? It was the BEST…

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