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2.5 Million Pounds of Disney Turkey Drumsticks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Disney Parks Thanksgiving Fun Facts

As Thanksgiving Day nears, chances are you’ve got turkey on your mind. We do, and we’ve found some interesting facts to share before you enjoy your big turkey meal. It’s estimated that guests consume more than 1.6 million turkey drumsticks every year at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort – that’s 2.5 million pounds of turkey. So, how much of the total are you responsible for?


  • We are just leaving WDW today, and since we have had so much food this year, didn’t eat a Turkey Leg =( . We normally do, and can’t wait to find our next one in California at Disneyland next August.

    Dominick from NJ, have a great time on your trip, I sure did, and can’t wait to come back for trip number 20.

  • where do you find them in Disneyland Park

  • 1 total. Our last trip my boys and I shared one. That was the best turkey leg I have ever had. Next time, I think we are all getting our own!

  • Our family is responsible for many legs.

    I remember one cold night watching Fantasmic, we used two Turkey legs to keep my 92 (at the time now 94)year old grandmother warm!!!

    We will be in Disney World in less than a week eating more Turkey legs.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • In the early 90’s, I used to work at Peco’s Bill Cafe and back then, Peco’s was the only place( within WDW) where you could buy the famous turkey legs. I had sold lots of them!!, specially during cold weather and on special days such as Christmas & 4th of July (an average of 4000 legs) My experience as a cast member was amazing. I had lots of fun and it was truly a wonderful.

  • OMG! That’s a lot of turkey! When we visit Disney, we gobble down at least 1 turkey leg. Not sure why, but when we’re in WDW we always seem hungry for it while at the Magic Kingdom.

  • Thank you Disney! The turkey legs are a “must do” thing for our family whenever we visit the parks…We LOVE them! 🙂

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