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A Vinylmation Holiday Celebration

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Vinylmation Figures that Feature Festive Designs for Celebrations like Holidays Around the World at Epcot

Is it already time for me to make the treacherous journey into my attic to retrieve holiday decorations? Typically, I set things the day after Thanksgiving (while everyone is out shopping). At Disney Parks, we, of course, have to set things a little earlier as there are so many places to decorate. Aren’t those decorations beautiful? One simpler way to add some cheer is with our holiday inspired Vinylmation figures (pictured above). These commemorative figures feature festive designs for celebrations like Holidays Around the World at Epcot or the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I spoke with Thomas Scott, the lead designer for Vinylmation, about this year’s holiday collection.

“We released three figures last year which were well received by guests,” explained Thomas. “This year, we made some changes and enhancements that we think our fans will like.”

Enhanced Packaging

One of those enhancements is packaging. Last year, everything was presented in metal tins with figures wrapped in foil bags (why I am not sure). Thomas created new functional packaging that allows guests to display their figures.

“When I visited Epcot last year, I had a difficult time finding the holiday figure as the tin got lost among other merchandise items,” continued Thomas. “Eventually I located it and realized that there wasn’t a need for the tin. Guests already knew what was inside. So, we dropped the tin in favor of an open window box to better showcase the figure. The other change which I like is the base of the box can now be used as a stage for the figure.”

Also new this year is the removable hat on the toy soldier figure designed by Adrianne Draude. I would love to have an entire army of those toy soldiers lined up on a shelf. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights figure was designed by Susana Gay, and as Thomas put it, “The execution is superb.”

Thomas designed the Holidays Around the World figure that looks like a singing Christmas tree.

“The Cast Choir tree at the Candlelight Processional was one image that really stuck with me last year,” said Thomas. “It takes about a year to develop figures, so I am already thinking about next year even though the holidays aren’t over.”

Holiday #2 Series

If you didn’t get enough holidays with these figures, we have Vinylmation – Holiday #2 coming in December. The Holiday #1 series was first introduced at the D23 Expo in September 2009. This year, we are introducing some new holidays and keeping some classics. I think my favorite is the corn figure designed by Monty Maldovan. Is that for National Corn Day?

Limited Edition 9-inch Figures

There will also be several limited edition 9-inch figures that will be released during a particular holiday season (Christmas figures during Christmas, Cupid in February, etc). The 9-inch and 3-inch set pictured above will be a Disney Parks on-line store exclusive. Keep watching for updated release dates. And, Happy Holiday-mation!


  • Steven,

    I’m interested to know the story behind the Online Exclusive Snowglobe/Snowman Combo that was recently released on, then re-listed, then re-listed again. I was fortunate to grab a couple of them on the second listing, but wanted to know why it was shown as SOLD OUT twice before the final(?) listing. And why it was marked as $44.95 rather than $79 (as it’s a combo set)? Was this a mistake that Disney decided to ‘eat’? Of course, I’m very appreciative for the $45 price for a 3″ and 9″ combo (it allowed me to get one for the wife and one for her mother). Personally, I believe that $50-$60 should be the price point for 9/3 combos, rather than $80 since a 9″ is normally $40-$45 and a 3″ is $10-$13. Not sure why, in many cases regarding Vinylmation and Disney Pixar/Mattel Cars, that it costs more when items are grouped rather than less.

    Thanks for any insight and keep up the good work with Vinylmation. It’s costing us a fortune to keep up, but they’re awesome figures and the artistry is amazing.

    Artist and Web Developer

  • How much will the 9″ Prancer Vinyl be?

  • Great blog! I love the new Holiday series. My personal favorite Vinylmation’s are the Clear Series #1, and I hope they make a second one of that too! I also love the 2009 holiday series. They are amazing! This is just an idea,” wink wink ” but maybe you guys could make a clear series #2? The colors could be brown, tan, peach, silver, gold, copper, lime green, maroon, gray, bronze, lavender, and a grapefruity-dark orange color. That would be stunning! I would love to add that to my collection of the clear series 1, which by the way, I have the entire set of 😀 And thank you for bringing the smiles onto me and other Disney lovers, as always.

    Sincerely, Joel
    Self Acclaimed Biggest Disney Fan
    Future Imagineer

  • For all those interested, the 9-inch Prancer figure will be released on November 19 at the D-Street locations in California and Florida. The Epcot Holidays Around the World 2010 figure will be released on November 26 at D-Street in California and select Epcot merchandise locations.

    @Joshua – The plan is to transition to the window boxes and phase out the tins. We will continue to have special releases for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members but they will be packaged in a window box.

    @Amy – That is correct. They will not be in mystery boxes. We really felt that there was no need to have these as a mystery item since there is only one figure and we want guests to see it. I will have to check on the on-line status. We would focus on having them in the parks first since they are tied to the holiday celebrations.

    @Keith – We do have a variety of blank 9-inch and 3-inch figures in an assortment of colors. We encourage guests to create and design their own one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

  • These look pretty darn cool, they may work well with my new collection of DIY vinyl dolls. Now if you REALLY want me to be excited about these, why not sell vinyl blanks that Guests can customize (like a Munny doll.) I would be all over them then!

  • So these figures will NOT be in mystery boxes? I adore the corn figurine! Will I be able to purchase it online?

  • Hi Steven. I’m really sadden and disappointed that the tins are phased out. I really liked the tins and the designs. I hope one day the tin will find it’s way back.

  • does doing away with the tins for these new releases mean dropping them altogether, or well you keep doing special releases (Disney Vacation Club) and Annual passholder exclusives in the tins? I love the tins, I just hope they aren’t completely being phased out, especially with how great the Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club tins have looked.

  • I LOVE THE TOY SOLDIER! Whoever designed that needs a raise! He totally reminds me of the soldiers in A Christmas Fantasy parade I LOVE THAT!!!

  • Love the vinyls, but I have to agree that I will miss the tins. The new packaging looks like cardboard and overtime the wear n tear won’t look good.

  • Bring back the tins. They are the best part of some of these special designs. I don’t need a display box for the figures.

    • @Jeannie – I know that Vinylmation – Star Wars is currently in transit. Barring any “Imperial entanglements,” we are planning to release the series in January. Don’t have an exact date but keep watching Trust me, like many of you, I can’t wait. We received the final production samples the other day and they look outstanding!

      @Jennifer – There will be 12 designs in Vinylmation – Holiday #2. We still aren’t sure why there were only 11 in Series #1. It was designed at a different time.

      @Gregory – We actually looked at trying to get Lotso from Vinylmation – Toy Story #1 to smell like strawberries. No luck yet. In an unrelated note, I just smelled the new holiday Kooky pens that are coming to Disney Parks. One set has a peppermint scent and the other smells like gingerbread. Ah, the holidays.

      @Kerry – I can say that at this point we do not have plans to bring back the tins. We are moving toward the display boxes for a variety of reasons. I also know that we continue to look for a variety of ways to package and present Vinylmation. My favorite (that isn’t released yet) is the Sushi set. But maybe that is because I love sushi. 🙂

  • LOVE! Vinylmation just keeps getting better and better. Although, how about a future line where the candy cane design SMELLS like peppermint or cinnamon? (That one is my favorite of the Holiday 2!)

  • But…the tins were the best part of the special holidays ones last year 🙁

    Very sad about the change

  • Will Holiday 2 series feature 11 or 12 desgins? Holiday 1 only had 11.

  • Hey Steven, I know it’s not a Holiday vinyl topic… but IF you can shed any light, when will STAR WARS vinyls be released? Before end of this year, or 2011?

  • I LOVE the Toy Soldier!! That is SO adorable!!

    I have a question about a Holiday #2 figure…what is the white one with the black pie-eyed shape on the face of Mickey? I assumed it was a pie-eyed eyeball for a ghost. I don’t think a Cyclops Ghost is TOO strange for Halloween… But someone said that they think it is a black eyed pea for New Years. LOL So I was hoping that you could say what it is supposed to be. Thanks!

    Oh, one more question…
    I was looking at the upcoming pins on ODPT and I couldn’t find the Vinylmation Jr. Pins that are supposed to be coming out on 11/4/10. They were just on there the other day and I haven’t seen anything saying they have been delayed on ODPT. So I was just wondering is the Vinylmation Jr. mystery pin set still coming out on the 4th?


    • @Chris – Until sold out 🙂 The first two – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Spectacle of Dancing Lights – are being released on Monday, November 8. This is in conjunction with the start of those two events. The Epcot Holidays Around the World figure should be released at the start of that holiday celebration later this month.

      @Hannah – Ah, the pie-eyed figure from Holiday #2. I know that Randy Noble was the artist. That is the nice part about Vinylmation – it’s all about artistic expression. I personally think it is a ghost but it is really up to you. As seen with the corn figure, it could either apply to Kwanzaa or, in my case, serve as a reminder to me of growing up in Ohio.

      The release of the Vinylmation, Jr. pins have been delayed until February 2011.

  • Until when will the Christmas Vinylmation’s be out?

  • I absolutely love the new holiday vinyls!!! I have to say I’m not in love with the new packaging and I really loved the tins, they were a work of art in themselves and I always displayed my figures with tins on top of the tins… plus the inside artwork on the tins was a great bonus.

    please do more tins guys, not less!! that’s what really sets these apart from the regular 3″ vinylmations

  • As always, everything is better with more Epcot. 🙂

    • @Erin – I spoke with Monty about the corn figure. I forgot that corn was used in Kwanzaa celebrations. I guess it works for that too. The theme of “fall” was actually Monty’s inspiration. He said he had fall leaves on the drawing board but corn won.

      @Dana – I’ve seen the Disney Dream figures (and pins) and they look great. Stay tuned as I think you will love them.

      @Lynda – I’m more of a Comet guy. Maybe Vixen or Dancer. But don’t worry, we won’t be making Vinylmation figures of the other reindeer (only Prancer this time). 🙂

      @Todd – There will be a Chanukah figure … but not until Vinylmation – Holiday #3. Saw the artwork recently and it’s great. Trust me, it wasn’t overlooked.

      @Lauren – We have plans to sell both the combo pack and trays of Park #5 on the Disney Parks on-line store. Keep watching this page as we’ll update as soon as we have a confirmed release date:

  • I really like these figures. I do agree with everybody else about the tins. They added a nice collector element to the holiday figures. I also agree with Todd–It would be nice if there was a Chanukah vinylmation design in Holiday #2 or something as it has been overlooked.

    I have a question about the Park #5 series Sorcerer Mickey combo pack, though. Will it ever be sold online at the Disney Parks online store?

    Also, when will the Park #5 series trays be put up for sale at the Disney Parks online store? Thanks Steven.

  • Is one of the new ones for Chanukah? It got overlooked last year.

  • I sure hope these are still available when I come down on Jan 1. I love the toy soldier.

  • Awe, but we like the tins 🙂

    Can’t wait for those 9″ Holiday 2 figures pictured, Prancer is my favorite from this series.

  • Thanks for the update! They look great, I will miss the tins – what can I tell you, I collect those too 🙂 I do like the
    9″ Reindeer (pls tell us there is only one version & not 7 – LOL) 🙂

    Any sneak peeks for the upcoming Disney Cruise Line Inaugural?


  • I love the tins! They make it more of a collectors item. I don’t like the Epcot one that much but love the soldier and the lights vinyls.

  • LOVE the new figures (that hat is super cute) and the packaging. By the way, I’m guessing the corn figure is for Kwanzaa. Corn is one of the symbols of this holiday.

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