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An Enchanted Dinner with Snow White at Walt Disney World

Korri McFann

by , Brand Steward for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons/Custom Celebrations

One of the best things about having a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding is that every aspect of your event can be perfectly themed and tailored to make your dreams become a reality. One example that comes to mind is a couple who hosted a Snow White-inspired rehearsal dinner.

Every detail of the event was inspired by the fairy tale. We turned an intimate ballroom at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn into an enchanted forest fit for a princess. Everything from the green grass place settings, to a fully operational wishing well, to a bubbling cauldron (filled with “poison” punch) was as much fun to plan as it was for the guests to attend.

Snow White-Inspired Rehearsal Dinner at Disney's BoardWalk Inn

As the guests entered the room, they walked through a life-size story book. Once inside, oversized trees, medieval gates and fog set the tone for a magical and mystical garden party. A life-size magic mirror watched over the guests as they wished the happy couple good luck in their new life together.

Snow White-Inspired Rehearsal Dinner at Disney's BoardWalk Inn

Every element of the dinner was carefully crafted to reflect the beloved story. A special cake was designed just for this event that was adorned with “poison” fondant apples. Of course, this event wouldn’t have been complete without a surprise appearance by all seven dwarfs, the Evil Queen and Snow White.

Special Cake for a Snow White-Inspired Rehearsal Dinner at Disney's BoardWalk Inn

While this is one example of a fairy tale come true, you can work with your Wedding Planner to bring nearly any fantasy to life. If you can dream it, we can do it! To learn more about rehearsal dinners and planning your Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, please visit today!


  • I wonder the same thing as ANNA. It looks just amazing but I too see a lot of people who spend all this time on just the one day instead of realizing the real deal if after that day.
    That being said it look just amazing the setup they did.

  • This is beautiful and if I had the money to do such a thing when I got married I certainly would’ve love to do so! But I often wonder when I see such elaborate planning and expense going into a wedding … have the couple put as much detail into planning their lives to last forever or just into this one big day?

  • I know I’m a repeat, but it is beautiful! Awesome looking cake! Wish I was there.

  • Snow White is my favorite princess, and this is absolutely divine. I’m convinced now more than ever that I need to strike it rich and get married at Disneyland. xD

  • Wow, if this the rehearsal dinner, I wonder what the wedding is going to look like! I hope they post pics!

  • Jackie from WA, my sentiments exactly! As I was looking at the pictures all I could think was, vow renewal party here we come!!! 🙂

    Just amazing…I love the pictures and seeing all the details, work and effort Disney puts into things, please keep the pitures coming!

  • That cake is pretty amazing considering I love granny smith apples! And if you have the money anything is possible. Sadly, when I contacted them about wanting to get married by the water over at DTD, they told me a flat out no. Reason being they have no near by location just in case it rains. Poppycock! They can use most of old abandoned club buildings over on west side if they wanted to, but they won’t and now I have to choose a new “non-meaningful” location.

  • This is absolutely incredible! That is also the best Evil Queen I’ve seen. My husband and I just got married in October and oh how I wish Prince Eric showed up at our rehearsal dinner!

  • That cake looks fantastic!!! I wish I had one now! That would be awsome for my family and this time of years festivities! Looks great guys!

  • It looks like it was a stunning event! Although I’m disappointed to see that the tablecloths were not pressed or steamed out for the rehearsal dinner picture. I hope someone saw that and came back and corrected it before the event took place.

  • Wow! This looks amazing!

  • Wow! What a beautiful setting! The cake is just wonderful! I’ve been married for 17+ years but I’m thinking about a vow renewal now! 🙂

  • What an amazing job! Snow White is a favorite of mine too. Congrats to the happy couple, may they live happy ever after.

  • I love these themed events! Gorgeous cake!!

  • Beauuuuutiful!!! I’m jealous!

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