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Calling All Recruits for The Pirates League

Greetings and Happy Tuesday to everyone. Ordinarily, we don’t post commercials on the Disney Parks Blog but our latest featuring The Pirates League experience at Walt Disney World Resort is worth sharing. It’s a cute look at how you and your family can be transformed into a pirate:

Have you joined the crew? The Pirates League is in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park and you can find more information by called 407-WDW-CREW. Theme Park admission is required for the experience.


  • I wish they did this at Disneyland California. Any chance they will add this? My daughter would sure love it!

  • My daughter and I joined the League last May. It was great fun and good for boys, girls, mommies and daddies. We went to visit the fairies after we were made up. Boy were those fairies scared of us. Just like in Peter Pan, fairies are not fond of pirates. They posed for pictures with us anyway once we assured them we were sweet pirates. Signed, Linda

  • Well worth it and yes, there’s a special parade and activities just for “the crew.” We had people wanting to include our 2 pirates in their family pictures all around the park. Then we became part of the story at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor to boot.

    Always remember what Cap’n Jack Sparrow says kids…”If you can’t find your family….find a better one!”

  • how much does it cost??

  • My son and I did the Pirate’s League shortly after it opened.

  • My sister and I always loved the princesses growing up, but since our first trip to WDW in 1986, we’ve always wanted to be pirates, lol! I’m 30 and she’s 34…can we be transformed into pirates on our next trip (August 2011!)?

  • We are doing the Pirates League this Saturday. According to what I was told they do a parade that includes everyone that went through the Pirates League that day at 4:00. our granddaughter is looking forward to doing this as part of her birthday trip this weekend.

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I wish there was a dinner or some experience there at Magic Kingdom that we could do after being transformed into pirates.

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