Celebrating Our Veterans at the Disneyland Resort

Heather Hust Rivera

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Today we’re celebrating our veterans at the Disneyland Resort and around the country.

We’re inviting cast members who are serving or have served in a branch of the United States Armed Forces to participate in a special Veterans Day flag retreat ceremony. Participants will march to Town Square wearing their military uniforms beginning at 4:25 p.m. for the retreat ceremony.

If you’re in the Park today and are currently in the military or have previously served, please join us at the flag retreat ceremony in Town Square at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Did you know that we have a flag ceremony every day at the Resort and that guests are invited to participate? Here’s video we shot earlier this week:

Thank you again to all veterans for their service.


  • WOW!! What an AWESOME VETERAN’S DAY TRIBUTE around The Flag Pole @ Disneyland. Flag Retreat was the reason for our visit to Disneyland on Veterans Day. We LOVE Ernie and appreciate his “HEART” for America and our WONDERFUL VETERANS. To hear the Marine Band coming down Main Street USA lead by a group of Veterans was overwhelming. The cheers and love being given to these amazing men and women so wonderful. God Bless ERNIE for HONORING VETERANS daily @ Retreat THANK YOU Disneyland for showing respect for those that serve. THANK YOU, ERNIE….YOU ARE A “NATIONAL TREASURE” Susan

  • I was there on Veteran’s Day. The ceremony was beautiful! We will be back every year.

  • Love Ernie, he is a true national treasure. My family are longtime passholders and go to Disneyland regularly. Wherever we are at the Disneyland Resort we make sure to be at the flag retreat. The veterans day ceremony with the 1st Marine Band and the 100s of veterans was a very emotional time. The flag retreat is one of my favorite things about going to Disneyland. Keep this tradition alive for all of us that love America and love honoring our veterans at the happiest place on Earth.

  • what time is this event please?
    I will be there this month and next so I want to see this!!!!

  • Forty years ago, on the 26th of November my wife to be and I made our first visit to the park. I was a young sailor serving onboard ship in Long Beach. We and our entire family have been regular visitors every since.

    One of the absolute highlights of our visits is Flag Retreat. Art and the boys in the band are wonderful, the Dapper Dans are great and Ernie is priceless!! One of my most special memories happened at retreat.

    On a beautiful September day in 2004 my older brother Joe (21 year Navy career) and I stood at Retreat when they played the Navy Hymn. His health was failing and it was hard but we made the entire ceremony. He passed away the following year but I have that special day to hold on to. Our whole family cherishes that memory.

    Our society seems to drift away from tradition and that’s sad. As the Park continues to evolve and change we sincerely hope this is one tradition that remains just as it is forever.

    Thank You to all that make Retreat happen and to all those that serve our great country.

    Mike in Arizona

  • Our family was celebrating the 18th birthday of my niece Leigh and I suggested we make a point of attending the Flag Retreat in Main Street Plaza. And then the Marine Corps band from my birth lace Camp Pendleton marched down main street to provide the music. It was powerful! There were many Disney employees in their work attire who were veteran and also joined the ceremony near us on the platform of the train station. I always cry at the Flag Retreat due to the emotional connection, but this was the most powerful. I had to mouth the words of song since I could not sing out loud and cry at the same time!
    Kris, proud to be a Marine Corps Brat

  • As the wife of a Sailor and daughter of a former Coastie its little things like this that I apprecite,thank you for honoring all who serve!

  • thanks to all veterans – past, present, future.

  • Guy from IL. I trully miss not working at WDW today. I am a war veteran and worked for DISNEY a total of 12 yrs. I thank DISNEY again with the respect given to Veterans. I am now in Chicago at Columbia College in Cinematography and DREAM of returning to Disney.

  • God Bless America and thank you to all veterans retired and serving. What time is the flag ceremony and where is it everyday?

  • A sincere Thank You to ALL of our country’s Veterans who have served us proudly.

    Whenever I am at the park, I have thouroughly enjoyed watching the Flag retreat ceremony. I look forward to Ernie leading the Color Guard. The band plays perfectly and the Dapper Dans sing with that touch of nostalgia that makes you so proud to be an American partaking in a moment of respect to our country and its military servants.

  • When ever we are at the resort we always try and make it to the flag ceremony. And every time it makes me cry. Our entire family comes from a strong military background. We have someone in every branch of the military and we are all proud of them for serving our country. Happy Veterans Day to all of our military personnel and their families.

  • Thank you to all of our veterans!

  • Ernie is a great American, I am happy to see the Disney Parks blog help show him off a little. He brings honor and tradition to the flag retreat like only a Marine can!

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