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Video: Disney Dream Makes First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

UPDATE – 11/02: We’ve added new video from the Disney Dream’s “float out” ceremony.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

With all the grandeur of a Hollywood premiere, the Disney Dream made her first public appearance when the luxury liner emerged from a massive Meyer Werft shipyard building in Papenburg, Germany, during a gala “float out” ceremony.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

A tradition in the cruise ship industry, the float out marks yet another milestone for the Disney Dream. Fittingly, the ceremony was shared with thousands of local residents and shipyard workers who saw the ship magically transformed from tons of raw steel into a luxury liner that gleams in the Disney Cruise Line signature colors of black, red and yellow. For Papenburg, a town steeped in ship building tradition, the event turned into a community celebration to welcome the Disney Dream as she dipped her toes into the water for the very first time.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

The party’s guest of honor soon made her grand arrival as a tugboat began pulling the 14-deck, 1,115-foot vessel from the building. Onboard, Donald Duck waved to the crowd as fireworks lit the night sky overhead. Mickey Mouse, who was debuting his brand-new, blue-hued captain’s garb, waved back from the shore as the tugboats nudged the ship left and right to position her in the harbor.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

Work continues inside the ship as the Disney Dream sets her course for a Jan. 26, 2011, inaugural sailing from Port Canaveral, Fla. Testing will take place throughout the ship to ensure smooth sailing in the new year. In fact, a little mouse told me that even in the 40-degree weather in Germany, the AquaDuck — the world’s first “water coaster” at sea — is being tested with brave souls taking the 765-foot, splashtacular trip through the acrylic tube that winds throughout four decks. If you have something in particular you’re looking forward to experiencing aboard the Disney Dream, let us know in the comments.


  • WOW! What a beauty!

  • How Beautiful!!! We can’t wait!

  • I cant wait me and the family will be on her next halloween

  • just *one* thing in particular I’m looking forward to? You’re joking, right? The aquaduck, the new Animator’s Palate, the magical art, the virtual portholes, the new Disney Believe show, Villains Tonight, and updated Golden Mickeys, the new fireworks show… I am looking forward to EVERYTHING!!

  • She looks great! My family and I can’t wait for June 2011!

  • Wow, if I only had the $$$$$$$$$……this is wonderful.

  • Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was going…but my mailman is!!! My hubby and I are planning a Disnry Cruise in Oct. of 2012.

  • WOW!! How Gorgeous!! I cant wait!!!

  • WOW!! How Gorgeous!! I cant wait!!!

  • Thanks to Meyer Werft for building such a beautiful ship!!! Thanks to Disney for making DREAMS come true!!!!! Thanks to DisneyParkBlog for all the great info!!!!! See you on the maiden voyage!!! And now onto the building of the FANTASY!

  • OMG!!!! I can’t wait….I’ve got 2 cruises scheduled on the Dream for 2011!!!!!

  • WOW….WOOHOO…can’t wait till the August 21 family deal…all 10 of us…

  • The TDOL and I will be sailing on this beautiful ship next Halloween. One year and counting…can hardly wait!

  • i’m looking forward to all of it! guess it’s time to start booking another disney cruise now. just don’t tell the kids yet! πŸ˜‰

  • Can’t wait to go on board September 2011!

  • WOW – I can see our balcony and cabin doors in the middle picture – can’t wait for Jan 26.

  • I cannot wait to go on the Dream!! Great preview!

  • It’s so gorgeous!! Thank you for these wonderful photos. I am hoping to take my belated honeymoon on the Dream sometime next year. πŸ™‚

  • Can’t wait for our Dream cruise next June!

    Hey Gary, I’m sure there’s Disney video of the float out. How about having one of those tilt shift videos made of the event?

  • I cannot wait, my husband and I will be there July 5th and then again in September. Two times in one year, cannot wait.

  • We’ll be on it for the maiden voyage on Jan. 26!!!

  • We so look forward to our 25th wedding anniversary cruise in 2013. We hope it will be on the new Disney Dream and will encompass at least 12 of us!! Bon Voyage Disney Dream!!

  • Can’t waited!! 199 more days til my Disney dream vacation!!! Come on may 22,2011

  • Can’t wait to see her in May! Just building a larger excitement seeing her afloat already!

  • We are counting the days til our back to back 5 night cruise’s on The Disney Dream. Only 245 days, 10 hrs and 15 minutes but who’s counting… Just hurry up and get here lol.

  • It’s so amazing! I know this ship is going to be wonderful!! I can’t wait until September 4th, 2011 when I will be aboard it!!

  • I’ll be on the maiden voyage for the Earmark convention, and I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  • I can’t wait to cruise on it! What a lovely ship!

  • HI,
    BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO BE POSTED. WHAT A NIGHT IN PAPPENBERG THAT HAD TO BE. SHE IS JUST…….BEAUTIFUL. SHE IS ALL DISNEY IS AND THEN SOME. but………..please.. I ASK YOU TO TAKE A GUEST VOTE about that horn! AS MICKEY IS TO DISNEYLAND AND DISNEY WORLD THOSE 7 NOTES OF when you wish upon a star are the Cruise lines SIGNATURE! Don’t change it. PLEASE the new horn……..just does not cut it!

  • She is gorgeous and I cant wait to sail her in August 2011!!

  • Breathtaking and spectacular!!

  • My husband and I are planning out 10th anniversary cruise for 2010 on either the Dream or the Fantasy!! I can’t wait. We took a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon, and 5th anniversary, and want to continue the tradition every 5 years.

  • And a DREAM comes true. What a wanderfull and beautifull ship. Wait for us, here we come on New Year’s Eve 2012

  • Hello – Spectacular!!! Can’t wait to see her in the warm Port Canaveral sun. Lucky enough to to be on two voyages (Maiden, 1/26/2011 and 2011 DVC member cruise. A agree with above post, to leave horn melody to when you wish upon a star, signature DCL. Please keep updates coming!!!

  • Spring Break 2011 on the Dream!! Cannot wait for Aquaduck, Andy’s Room and Animator’s Palate…well done to our German friends πŸ™‚

    Question – when will she sail to Port Canaveral to arrive in time for the maiden voyage?

  • I LOVE it in every way Jan26 here we come!!!!!!!! I would love to see some pictures on how the interior design is coming along. Our family is most excited about none other than the AQUADUCK!!!!! I come onto this website everyday to see updates and this one was so exciting that if anyone has any idea how to speed up time please tell me. So glad she floats. Keep the horn please! πŸ™‚

  • Please keep the Wish Upon a Star chime on the horn

  • WOW… so awesome… we sale in Feb 2011… can’t wait to see Her…

  • Well no need to worry just did some deep research and the chime of When You Wish On A Star will be featured on the Disney Dream Now my Dream Is complete.

  • Once there are some completed cabins, I’d like to see what those look like instead of the “computer artists rendering” that we’ve seen for months.

  • I can’t wait to go in Aug. 2011!

  • The ship is beautiful!!!!! can’t wait for May when we do back to back cruises. I hope that you are not thinking about changing the ship’s horn I love to hear when you wish upon a star that is Disney making our dreams come true.

  • Well it’s so nice to finally see that beautiful ship. Can’t wait to go. We’ve done the Wonder, the Magic and in March 2011 we will be doing the Dream with some good friends. Our goal is to sail each Disney Cruise. So next up is Fantasy.

    From the Ouellette family, New-Brunswick,Canada.

  • WOW! That’s a big ship! My daughter and I are going to Disney World Next Year…Think I just figured out what we are going to do the following year. lol


  • How AWESOME! January 26th won’t get here soon enough. Want to see more!

  • Wow thetas awsome…..I wish I could go there….its so exiting! πŸ˜€


  • Can we get pictures of the bow of the ship? I want to see the front particularly the staterooms on the 6th, 7th and 8th decks. We sail the Dream on Sept. 4th!

  • Awesome we are so excited going on Feb 6 2011 taking 13 people this is going to be a blast. Can’t wait. Count down 95 days..

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