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Video: Disney Dream Makes First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

UPDATE – 11/02: We’ve added new video from the Disney Dream’s “float out” ceremony.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

With all the grandeur of a Hollywood premiere, the Disney Dream made her first public appearance when the luxury liner emerged from a massive Meyer Werft shipyard building in Papenburg, Germany, during a gala “float out” ceremony.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

A tradition in the cruise ship industry, the float out marks yet another milestone for the Disney Dream. Fittingly, the ceremony was shared with thousands of local residents and shipyard workers who saw the ship magically transformed from tons of raw steel into a luxury liner that gleams in the Disney Cruise Line signature colors of black, red and yellow. For Papenburg, a town steeped in ship building tradition, the event turned into a community celebration to welcome the Disney Dream as she dipped her toes into the water for the very first time.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

The party’s guest of honor soon made her grand arrival as a tugboat began pulling the 14-deck, 1,115-foot vessel from the building. Onboard, Donald Duck waved to the crowd as fireworks lit the night sky overhead. Mickey Mouse, who was debuting his brand-new, blue-hued captain’s garb, waved back from the shore as the tugboats nudged the ship left and right to position her in the harbor.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship Makes Her First Public Appearance in Papenburg, Germany

Work continues inside the ship as the Disney Dream sets her course for a Jan. 26, 2011, inaugural sailing from Port Canaveral, Fla. Testing will take place throughout the ship to ensure smooth sailing in the new year. In fact, a little mouse told me that even in the 40-degree weather in Germany, the AquaDuck — the world’s first “water coaster” at sea — is being tested with brave souls taking the 765-foot, splashtacular trip through the acrylic tube that winds throughout four decks. If you have something in particular you’re looking forward to experiencing aboard the Disney Dream, let us know in the comments.


  • Come on Gary, every avid Disney cruiser knows the color is not black. Its a very very dark shade of blue on the hull. 🙂

    Happy sailings to everyone sailing in her inaugural year.

  • Absolutely stunning!!! I can’t wait for our cruise. I look forward to seeing the main lobby and some stateroom pictures. I’m also curious to see the new kids areas.

  • June 12th 2011 – 15 of us set sail on our 3rd Disney Cruise – Counting the days!!!

  • Looks Wonderful Like a dream come true . Going on the Jan 30 sailing for 4 days I cant wait because I am bring a friend who has never been on a Disney cruise . I love the Disney cruise line

  • WOW! Our first vacation and that’s where we’re going?! June 2011 can’t come fast enough!

  • Beautiful.

    I cannot get enough of the “Classic” feel to the Disney Cruise Line Ships. All of the detail and the themeing just on the outside along is awesome.

  • Very excited about next year’s SS Member Cruise on the new vessel!

  • my family of 15 sails July 9 and we are all excited, from young to old!,

  • Enjoy reading all the positive messages from excited cruisers.

  • Just disembarked the Wonder (first cruise ever) already planning on May 2012 aboard the Dream! This ship is beautiful, makes the Wonder look small. =)

  • Can’t wait to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation on board in May 2011.
    She’s gorgeous!

  • I will be on her maiden voyage!!

  • I can not wait to go in February!!!!!

  • OMG I’ve been waiting for this day (post), she truly is a “Dream’ come true I can’t wait to to celebrate my daughters Sweet 16 with her. We are booked for July 2011. See ya Real Soon!!

  • What a BEAUTIFUL ship…I can’t wait to sail in 2012…I will be 60 years old then and I am looking forward to riding the AQUAUCK!!!! 😀

  • Wow, what a spectacular sight. Amazing to watch it be built. So wish we had the $$ to go. Esp want to try the Aquaduck. Got to do the Dream in 08 when hubby returned from Iraq. Hoping to go in ’12 when he gets back from Afghan. Maybe the fantasy can save us a spot on her inagural. Will be watching that one be built here as well.

  • I”m 63 years old an I”d love to be able to take a cruise on the Dream.

  • I have never gone on a cruise but hopefully next year I will be on that Dream. It is Fantastic a living Dream. Numuber 6 Roger I am going to try hard to have the $$$$$$ good luck to you.

  • wish I had the $$$$$ is Beautiful

  • I love it I can’t wait to go on my next disney cruise. I love disney.

  • I am in awe. I cannot wait until December 2011 when I’ll be onboard with my family. How very exciting 🙂

  • Come on April 1, 2011 We cant wait to sail on the Dream!!!!!

  • When my ship sails in the family and I will definately be on the next cruise. This is an awesome ship. Would love to see it up close. Never stop dreaming, right?

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