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Equip Your Technology With D-Tech

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Disney D-Tech

I “like” technology. I have been a fan since the early 1980s when I received my first computer as a gift from my parents. Technology moves as such a fast pace these days (just look at this blog you are reading now). I never thought I’d be writing for something like this 13 years ago when I joined the Walt Disney Company (of course, who thought there would be “blogs” back then). Many of you probably have your favorite gadgets (I know I do – too many, my wife would say). So how do you differentiate your favorite toy from all of the other toys that your friends have? There is a new option on the horizon that will personalize your electronic machines with a Disney twist. It’s called D-Tech, and I spoke with Kevin-Michael Lezotte, Product Developer for stationery and electronic accessories, about its evolution.

Disney D-Tech Summer 2010 Items

“We first introduced a handful of electronic accessories this past summer,” explained Kevin-Michael. “We started with an urban graphic-inspired line including reversible laptop sleeves, journals, mousepads, covers for the iPhone 3GS and a few other things. They were such a huge success that we have created a new brand called D-Tech.”

This all-encompassing, Disney electronic accessories brand will have its official launch on November 20, 2010 at the World of Disney stores at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The electronic accessory line will be expanded to include additional covers for use with the iPhone 4; portfolio cases for the iPad mobile digital device; softcover zipper laptops sleeves; and more. The artwork will also be expanded to include executive portfolio styles and fun Disney character designs.

Disney D-Tech Molded Laptop Sleeves

Kevin-Michael explained that design concept was a little different for the D-Tech brand.

“We focused on the various technology items first,” continued Kevin-Michael. “In other words, we asked what items could be personalized and then created a variety of art styles for those items. So we may have laptop sleeves with ten different art styles.”

Natalie Kennedy, senior graphic designer with Disney Design Group, was responsible for pulling the artwork together. She also created the D-Tech logo featured at the top of this article (which you will begin to see in a variety of locations).

Disney D-Tech iPad Covers and Portfolios

“Natalie served as a great filter for art,” continued Kevin-Michael. “She used artwork created by several other Disney Design Group artists and interpreted the designs for use on the various electronic accessories. She has a fantastic eye for design, and everything really looks great when displayed together.”

In the future (said with my best 1930s newsreel voice), more Disney Theme Park exclusive accessories will be introduced.

“Guests should look for some additional items coming in February 2011,” he said. “These new electronic accessories will only be found at Disney Parks, and all I can say is ‘Hello?’”

Who knows, maybe by then I will have my flying car or jetpack. Doubtful but I can hope.


  • And what disney stores will d-tech come there or strictly dw/dl or online

  • LOVE the molded laptop sleeves! Any change there’s an iPad sleeve like that? I adore the “Mickey parts” designs. 🙂

  • For all of you saying “Apple” or “iPhone” users get “all the love”, it’s not true with the Disney Parks. In fact, it’s Verizon users that get all the love. The Official Disney Parks app is ONLY available for Verizon phone users and AT&T barely even has a phone signal inside of Disneyland itself, where my friends Verizon phone has full bars and it rocks inside Disneyland.

    Where is the love? with one of Disney’s sponsors, Verizon. 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll actually get to use and see some products for us “poor little iPhone users” here. 😉

  • Congratulations Kevin-Michael, the postings are very helpful to find out what the Disney guest is looking for. Multi use is also key, and as part of your creative network, we are always searching for
    insider comments to improve your product line. Everyone who reads these comments, I assure you
    it’s an outstanding forum to educate us in an area offering all kinds of product for the electronic accessories world!
    Go Mickey!!!

    • As a follow up to my earlier response, I have some additional information direct from the Disney Parks on-line store team and Kevin-Michael. Currently, there are just a handful on electronic accessories on the Disney Parks on-line store (look under “Electronics”).

      Come December, look for a much larger assortment of items (just in time for the holiday shopping season – can I get a “Whoo-Hoo?”).

      Kevin-Michael also said there are some “smartphone” accessories that are currently available at Disney Parks. He is continuing to look at future options for additional accessories.

      @William – I think one of my more recent favorite “Goofy How To” animated shorts is “How To Hook Up Your Home Theater.” I saw it the other day on Disney Channel and could totally sympathize. 🙂

  • I know that these are the Parks that the Mouse built but how about showing some love for Goofy?

  • I would like to add a Disney touch to my Samsung Fascinate phone!

    Apple gets all the attention.

    Guess I’ll have to see what is available in a couple of weeks.

    • Wow! Thanks for all of the comments. Here are a few responses.

      Yes, we plan on offering select items on our Disney Parks On-Line Store:

      I’ll see if I can discover timing on when selected items will be available.

      Speaking of availability, a lot of the items pictured above are currently available (or will be available within the month). The 11/20 launch date is actually the day we “officially” launch the D-Tech brand at the World of Disney locations in California and Florida. You’ll see a graphics package using that main D-Tech logo pictured above.

      As for electronic accessories for other brands, I spoke with Kevin-Michael about this and he is working with other developers within the Walt Disney Company. The challenge is to find the best way to develop something that could be used for the many, many models and styles of mobile phones that exist. It unfortunately is not as cookie cutter as say the iPhone / iPad devices yet (different sizes, shapes, etc).

      @Louie – Oops. Thanks for the catch. It has been updated.

      I have been using the executive portfolio for the iPad mobile digital device for about two weeks now. It’s nice to carry Mickey Mouse with me everywhere 🙂

  • @ Melissa, I agree with you, Apple products seem to get all the love everywhere 🙁

    I will look for these products on my upcoming trip, always love to add a little Disney touch to my personal items 🙂

  • I will be at WDW in early December, will iPad sleeves/cases be available then?


  • Will these products also be available on the online store?

  • Also, will any of these items be offered online?

  • Are these available online? Or only in the parks?

  • So none of this will be available online? I would love a laptop case (not the ones online) and an iPhone case. I won’t be there until May at the earliest and I want them NOW! 😉

  • Natalee – I was at Disneyland a few weeks ago (10/24-10/29) and they were carrying the iPhone cases at the World of Disney.

  • Natalee- I was in Disney world 2 weekends ago and I saw the iphone cases! They’re probably in more places than I saw, but the world of disney store in downtown disney definitely has them! (They’re on a center display where all the pens and books are)I wouldn’t be surprised if mouse gear in epcot has them as well! (: hope I could help.

  • I really hope that pink laptop sleeve comes in 15″. I seriously need it.

  • Natalee, I believe that I have already seen a few of those, mostly Alice in Wonderland designs, on the shelves at WDW. Specifically I remember in Epcot (Mouse Gear). I’d check at the beginning of your trip to see if/where they might have them in stock. Good luck!

  • Correction: “iPhone 4” not “4G” 🙂

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff.

  • I would love to know if there will be anything for us Droid users!! It seems like the iPhone gets all the love! 🙁

  • So if I am at the parks on November 20th, will I see them? I am leaving that day, but would love something to fit my Iphone 3G…is there a chance of seeing them first thing in the morning before my flight leaves? Can you direct me where to look please?

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