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First Taste of Pollo Campero at Downtown Disney

Yuca Fries at Pollo Campero

With restaurants in 12 countries, fans of Pollo Campero love the Latino restaurant’s signature chicken dishes and yuca fries. But the new Downtown Disney Marketplace restaurant is upped a notch with the first-of-its-kind Fresh A-Peel, inspired by Disney’s commitment to offer guests great-tasting, healthful options. Fresh A-Peel offers all-natural burgers, salads and wraps, and delicious cupcakes, cookies and other sweets (the goodies are all gluten free).

We started with the legendary chicken. I was wowed with the grilled meat’s distinct flavors from citrusy marinade and Latin spices, while my co-diners loved the fried bird with super-thin, super-crisp crust. The secret to crust that crackles? Hand-breading with seasoned flour then slowly pressure cooking without trans-fat. Pair either grilled or fried with thick yuca fries or French fries and their signature dip (a mayo-ketchup concoction), corn tortillas and sweet caramelized plantains, and you’ve got a flavorful, sweet-savory meal.

Chicken and Campero Beans at Pollo Campero Mini Burgers at Pollo Campero Fried Fiesta Chicken at Pollo Campero
Chicken Salad Wrap at Pollo Campero Chicken Chopped Salad at Pollo Campero Grilled Chicken

Right next to the chicken is the Fresh A-Peel, where we balanced fried with fresh – a generous bowl of locally grown greens and chopped chicken tossed with sweet-tangy vinaigrette. You can get that same salad as a wrap for a more substantial meal. Wraps include citrus grilled chicken salad, chopped veggie salad and skirt steak salad. If you’re in a hurry, you can grab fresh fruit or salads with quinoa (the super grain) or couscous, or a fruit smoothie.

Vegetarians, don’t despair, there are plenty of options. And don’t think tasteless or boring: zippy marinades, sauces and vinaigrettes add plenty of pizazz.

The salsa bar is a bold approach to adding flavor: spicy red and green sauces, jalapeños, and chopped onions and cilantro – perfect for topping a bowl of garbanzo bean soup or heaping on chicken tortillas.

Don’t skip dessert – goodies from Erin McKenna’s BabyCakes NYC are featured — scrumptious cookies, cupcakes, and vegan desserts with no gluten, dairy and eggs are her signature. (Maybe you’ve heard Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray raving about her sweets). They use garbanzo-fava bean flour for the cupcakes, which creates a rich, dense cake, and brown rice flour for the brownies. For something decadent, try the donut dipped in dark chocolate.

Whether you have picky or adventurous eaters, between Fresh A-Peel and the legendary chicken, there’s something for everyone in this new approach to quick dining. Do you have a favorite Pollo Campero taste?


  • my boyfriends works for pollo campero. her rants and raves about thew food there. i had a chance to taste a few different dishes and i loved it. the plantains are great and the chicken is awesome. they have grilled and fried, both very tastey. black beans and rice has a slight kick but isnt hot.i recommend trying if u are ever at downtown disney florida.

  • @Patrick

    I am a vendor for this Restaurant and I got the grand tour before opening! To answer your question, Yes there is still a seperate place for castmembers to come into the restaurant, order, and eat!

    This place really does have it all and is an excellent choice when you are hungry! Hope this helped!

  • Are there any vegan options?

  • Darn, i’m sad to find out this is at Downtown Disney WDW and not Disneyland. You finally mention vegan options and it is at WDW. Oh well, good to know for next time I make it to florida.

  • This sounds wonderful. Is it on the Dining Plan?

  • The McDonalds used to have a cast cafe attached in a separate room. Does the new chicken place still have a place for the castmembers to eat?

  • Will be there in 30 days, Can’t wait to try it

  • Are any discounts planned- DVC, Annual Passholder, and/or Tables in Wonderland?

  • It replaced the McDonalds at Downtown Disney Florida.

  • I’ve been really excited about this place. It looks like the selection is far better than the any Pollo Campero I’ve been to.

    For those that asked, this new one is being opened at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World and it is replacing the McDonalds that was there before.

  • I was just there and saw the outside of it… unfortunately it wasn’t open just yet! Scott… it is in Downtown Disney (WORLD) and Elizabeth, it’ located where McDonald’s use to be if you can remember that?! It’s pretty much by the T-Rex restaurant!

  • Where will this be situated in DD? Is it replacing anything?

  • Sounds delicious! For these posts, could you look into a way to identify *which* Downtown Disney (at Disneyland or Walt Disney World) it’s at early on in the story? I keep having to puzzle it out from links and tags! Thanks!

  • We will be there 11/25-12/10/2010. Is this restaurant on the Disney Dining plan? If so, will it be a counter service or Sit Down place? It sounds delish!

  • This sounds like a very nice place to eat. Are any of the offerings ‘low carbohydrate’?

  • We will be there May2011 and will definitely have to give it a try. Looks so yummy!

  • Can’t wait to try both places out!

  • YUMMMMM! Wish I was there right now!!!!

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