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Get ‘Tangled’ Up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

As a little girl, one of my most treasured memories was listening to my parents read to me before my bedtime. My mom and dad took turns reading me stories, but my mom always insisted that she was the one to read me fairy tales, especially the stories that revolved around a princess. One of the fairy tales she read the most was the story of Rapunzel. I loved the whimsy of her beautiful, long, golden hair and I used to ask my mom if I’d ever have hair like Rapunzel’s. While my Mom gently let me know that I would never have hair spun of gold, I still dreamed that one day my hair would be as beautiful as Rapunzel’s.

When it was announced that Disney was recreating the magic of Rapunzel into the animated film, “Tangled,” I immediately came up with an idea to make my childhood dream come to life. I could be transformed into a princess just like Rapunzel – beautiful flowing locks and all.

Disney Tangled Package

My dream has come to life in the form of the Disney Tangled Package at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. What better way to welcome Rapunzel into the Disney Princess Family than with her very own makeover at our Boutiques? The Disney Tangled Package is a perfect fit at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It includes a golden, flowing Rapunzel wig, shimmering makeup, face gem, a princess bag and a princess sash.

The Disney Tangled Package is now available at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disneyland park.

If you’re interested in booking your own Disney Tangled Package or want to learn more, Walt Disney World Guests can call 407-WDW-STYLE and Disneyland Guests can call 714-781-STYLE. But don’t wait too long; the Disney Tangled Package is only available at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique until December 31, 2010!


  • We just returned from WDW and the boutique has the wig, but not the dress or accessories. The entire park is sold out of the Rapunzel dress! I guess we will try again next year 🙂

  • We were at the BBB in November and I wish this had been there! I also would love it if they extended the time frame that this package is available. We won’t be getting back to WDW until May and will miss it completely. 🙁 My daughter loved meeting Flynn and Rapunzel in the Magic Kingdom and now that she’s seen the movie keeps asking me when it’s going to come out on DVD!

  • I just called WDW in Florida and they told me this package was not available. My daughter has an appointment on Dec 14th and I would love her to have the Tangled Package. 🙁

  • Please extend, we are coming Jan 7

  • I just called the boutique about this option and found out it’s been delayed until sometime next year. I can’t tell you how bummed I am. I already had visions of my birthday girl with a Rapunzel look. I’m SO glad I didn’t say anything to her. (we have an appointment scheduled 12/29/10)

  • Nope, not just for girls. You’re never too old… we’ve had a 98-year-old princess before! (Oh yeah… and she got pink hair.) It’s three and up… all the way up!

  • We have 4 daughters booked in for january 8th who would all love this package-i really hope they will extend this package…

  • Is this just for girls, because I would love to surprise my fiance with this. I’ll tell her it’s the new Grand Floridian Spa treatment.

  • Thanks Alexandra! I know she will have a wonderful experience.

  • To Erin from RI – I work at the Boutique in the Magic Kingdom and as of right now, the Tangled package (which started yesterday) is only going to be a limited-engagement promotion scheduled to end December 31st – however, they do sell the wig all over the parks (along with all the other princess wigs) so you’ll still be able to buy it separately. Also, I’m assuming we’ll still have the Rapunzel dress/crown/etc. in the Boutique at that point (we just got them in about a week ago!), and we do offer a hairstyle called the Disney Diva that includes a long, extension-type hairpiece, so she can still get her long, blonde princess hair (along with the makeup, gem, bag, and sash, which are included with all the packages). Hope that set things straight 🙂

  • That is so cute. I’m daughter is a teen know so she wouldn’t do this I miss the younger days.

  • FYI the phone number listed in the above description is incorrect. The correct number is (714)781-STYLE Not 787. 😉

  • I highly recommend purchasing the Rapunzel dress from the Disney Store and taking it with you. It’s a fabulous product and my daughter gave it her “itch-free” blessing!

  • Wait…December 31, 2010. So I was a little excited and missed that part. It is only available for just over one month. How can that be? I was so excited that I schedualed an appointment for the end of February and said that I wanted to do the Rapunzel package and the Disney rep on the phone booked it that way and never said that it was not available in Feb 2011. So I hope that is the case and not just an oversight on her part. Please tell me that it will be available then. Thanks!

  • I’ve never even heard of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and when I searched the Disneyland site nothing came up. I called the phone number but got kind of a weird message. Do they really have one at Disneyland or just DisneyWorld? Can anyone give me more information?

  • my granddaughter and I will be there in December and I’m wondering if the wig only comes in blond? Sydney is African American and her hair is beautiful and I really want to keep it that way…any chance that the wig comes in brunette too?

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am when we surprise my daughter on her 5th birthday with a trip to the boutique! She’s going to LOVE this option.

  • Great addition! I am sure appointments are up. Should I even wait to ask my to be 6 year old. I think not…make it a surprise! Hopefully I can still get an appointment.

  • I wish you had started it sooner. We had the princess makeover the first week of Oct. But my daughter dressed up like repunzal for the MNSSHP! She would have LOVED this makeover! She has the days marked on her calendar for the opening day of the movie!

  • We will be in Disney on Saturday, November 27th. My cousin and I have 4 girls getting makeovers and my youngest has been saving birthday money and any money she has received for doing chores, so that she can have the entire makeover….she is so excited that she can be Rapunzel!!!! She can’t wait to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder in the Garden by the castle for storytime… fun fun. See ya soon Mickey

  • my daughter loved this.. and my best tip i got from other moms was to buy the dress at the disney store before coming. they are cheaper 🙂 my daughter didnt pick out a princess.. she picked out minnie mouse and she had a blast getting made over.. she wouldnt let us get near her.. she made us go sit while she got made over.. oh shes 4 and we went this past feb.

  • My daughter had the makeover at the Castle on November 17th. Awesome!

  • This is a limited time? NOOOOO…… We just came home from Disney on Saturday and won’t get to go back until June. Please extend it!!!!!!!

  • I wish this would be kept as an on-going package and not be done at the end of this year. We were JUST at DisneyWorld and would love to be able to do this when we are able to go back again. I’m guessing I’m not the only one disappointed that this is such a limited-time event…

  • We were there week before last and hate that my daughter misses this. She loves Rapunzile and loved her makeover she had last year. It was the highlight of our trip. She was also bumed we could not find Rapunzle’s dress for her in the parks. No worrries Santa is bringing one.

  • Do they have the dress that goes w/? The wig is ADORABLE!

  • Do they have the outfit? I’m taking my daughter some time next month and she would love it!

  • so nice! :))

  • Oh yeah! When we go back this is what my daughter will do for sure!

  • So much fun at the Boutique. My daughter’s princess makeover experience was amazing!! Wish I was there now!

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