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Honor Your Hero: Disney Floral & Gifts

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Who is the hero in your life? The definition of a hero is someone who is admired for their outstanding qualities or achievements; somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character. It’d be great to be the champion of the World Series or a genius who finds the cure for an illness. And yet, there are those near and dear to us who have influenced our lives in some way…those who have demonstrated great strength, courage or character.

'My Magical Triumph' In-Room Celebration

Disney is known for inspirational stories and adding those warm, magical touches to our experiences. And now, Disney Floral & Gifts can offer you an opportunity to express what simple words are not enough to do. “My Magical Triumph” is an In-Room Celebration that honors your loved one with a personalized declaration signed by our “Chief-Ear-Officer” Mickey Mouse, along with a 4” medal with lanyard that can be personalized with their achievement.

“My Magical Triumph” In-Room Celebration

This celebration, which is set up in the comfort of your very own Walt Disney World Resort room, also includes additional gifts and surprises to acknowledge what you’ve always known – that they are your hero. Now you can record your thoughts and feelings that can be cherished for a lifetime.

“My Magical Triumph” In-Room Celebration

So, how has your special hero inspired you? Let us know in the comments.


  • My hero is my best friend. I met her when I was four years old. I’m 20 now. We have been best friends since the day we met and I couldn’t have shared my life with a more special person. She grew up without a mother and lived with her father who had served in the marines. She was a constant though out my life and was always there for me just as i was always there for her. Two years ago she joined the national guard and had to leave for long periods of time for training. Last year she made the decision to serve in south Korea, and has been there since february. I miss my friend but appreciate the choice she made to serve for our country. I love her like a sister and I know we will always be friends and she will forever be my hero.

  • My hero is my Grandma Jere’, my mom’s mom. She is strong, caring, sweet, she would do anything for anyone. She is the sweetest person ever. She was my second mom. She always supported every crazy dream I had, she always is there when we needed her. She made me who I am today. She never judged anyone. She is the PERFECT grandma. My world came crashing down on May 28, 2010, She passed away from a major heart attack. I will never forget the look on my Grandma Jere’s face when we went on Soring Over California. I will never forget walking into the magical gates of Disneyland and her crying because of its beauty. I had the pleasure of experencing the magic of Disney with not only my mommy, but my mommy’s mommy. Something few people get to do. She always told me, “Dont what people say take your magic away.” She was right. It doesnt matter if you are 14, 42, or 70, the magic of Disney is timeless. My grandma gave me that magic. I wish I could give this gift to my Grandma. That I could see her cry again from seeing Mickey. That I could wrap my arms around her again while we are on Its A Small World. But I cant. The Magic forever lays in my heart. My mother and I are he carriers of magic. Lately my mother has had a hard time keeping the magic in her heart. I wish I could go back To Disneyland and show her that dreams do come true, that you can wish upon a star, that no matter who you are you matter. I wish I could take her back and make her realize that the Magic of Disney lives on. That everything is going to be okay. My family cant afford it though. I hate seeing the magic fade from my mommys eyes. I hate watching her cry. If it werent for my mommy, I would have never had a relationship with my Grandma. My hero may be gone, my mommy’s magic is fading as her heart is braking, but I hope she realizes someday that the Magic of Disney fills her heart again.

  • I saw that the other day, and I think it is a great idea but the cost will make it so many won’t be able to afford it. Too bad cause my DH is a true hero, a partially disabled Gulf War vet who works many hours, though his pain, to give me and our 3 daughters the world. But our hugs and appreciation are going to have to be enough, that is just oooo much $$!

  • My hero is my husband. He always said that he loved his kids as babies, but was glad to move onto an easier phase. –ie sleeping in on Sat morning while the kids fixed their own breakfast. When I brought up the idea of adoption, although we were a few short years from being on our own, he immidiately agreed, saying he wanted a little girl from China. Although we agreed to adopt only one time, when I brought up adopting again he immidiately said “you’re right, we have to go back” (to China). Years later, I wanted to do more, and he wholeheartedly jumped into becoming a foster parent with me.
    So far we’ve only had girls (by birth, adoption, foster and as grandparents) and he has totally cared for and babied ALL his girls (including me) without impartiality and with no bias based on how they entered our family.

  • Will this be put on the Disney Florist website, so we can check out the details?

  • While there are many reasons to see someone as a hero, their military service, battling a life altering disease with courage and optimism, selflessly giving to others, or just making sure others are cared for before themselves, everyone has their heroes. There was a time in my life that I didn’t see a reason for me to be here. If it was not for the love of my husband and children, I don’t know that I would be. My heroes have touched my life in a way that is not dramatic, while me and my husband are veterans we are not currently serving, they are just my family. My heroes are my children for loving me, believing in themselves and not letting people around them change who they are, My dad for dealing daily with a painful condition with a smile on his face, my mom for making sure I am well taken care of, and my husband for taking care of me. Recently I injured my knee and haven’t been able to work; my husband has been working double overtime to pay for our upcoming Disney trip and Vow Renewal in Disney World next month just to make my dreams come true. I wish this was affordable enough to honor all of them, but it is too much to honor even one of them in my current position.

  • My hero is by far my father, Doug Wood. NOT only is he an outstanding dad, he has always been a strong role model.He worked full time,ran a farm,and still managed to be a boy scout leader,softball coach etc.Seventeen years ago he finished the police acadamy and became a deputy.Now he is on the city council and is a cancer surviver. He is much more to me than just my hero.

  • You know, all I can say is that the United States Marines are my heroes. All of them. Past, and present.
    Semper Fidelis

  • My daughter is my hero. My husband of 55 years passed away in August. Since I have memory & vision problems, I had to move in with her. Even though she has 3 jobs she has found the time to help me with my medicine, food, and finances. She is such a kind, caring, and loving person. We are hoping to go to Disney and stay at the Grand Floridian in February to escape reality for a few days.

  • My hero is my seventeen year old son. He has struggled through autism all of his life. He has been teased by peers and treated poorly by adults. He worked extremely hard and was able to come off the special education roles entirely two years ago. He found a way to connect to the world through music – and his school chorus will be in WDW this spring for their annual trip!

    • So many great stories. With so many hero’s near and dear to us…I wonder if there’s a way we can carry on their legacy. How can we offer inspiration, courage etc to others each day…. John from HI had some good insight…

      Thanks John for sharing your thoughts. Its good to be reminded of the impact our investment in just one person could eventually impact the world. Walt Disney taught us well. 🙂

  • My daughter is my hero. She has served two tours of duty in Iraq while in the Army.

  • My daughter is my hero. She is the nicest person anyone could ever know. She inspires greatness, set a good example for others and is always filled with grace. She makes me a better person. She loves the outdoors and wants to become a Marine Mammal Biologist. This January 11th will be her 11th time celebrating her birthday at Disney World – I hope to be able to have her do the dolphin tour at EPCOT for her 15th birthday. She takes care of all of our animals, including 7 cats, 5 turtles, 3 rabbits and more. She’s an excellent student and strives for more knowledge. What little girl do you know that will go out of her way to save a spider, or a bug, and when a bird hit the side of the house – she cared for it. She was the one that pointed out to us “did you realize a double rainbow is a reflection of itself?” She was 7. She’s an old soul bound for greatness. I can’t wait to see how she turns out. I can fully imagine one day, she would be the one you’ll see when you take your little ones to the dolphin tour in EPCOT in about 10 years – I really have no doubt. So if you’re having a baby – take them on the tour in 10 years, and ask for Maddie…. MY HERO!

  • My 4 year old great nephew was tragically killed in a freak ‘in home’ accident right in front of his 5 year old brother and their mother. Max was designated as an organ donor at that time and had several viable organs donated to save others. His funeral was turned into a ‘Superhero’ event since Max always loved his Hero’s! He always gave his total love to anyone he met, and then the gift of life. His mother just received a letter of gratitude from one of Max’s organ recipients only days after Max’s grandfather suffered a fall breaking multiple bones and possibly never being able to walk again. Today, my niece and Max’s brother will be taking this letter of grattitude for life from his donation to his grandfather. Max is once again a “HERO”.

  • My hero is an old friend/current boyfriend (Jay). I dated him in highschool, he moved to California and was in a terrible accident that left him a t7 para. His friend fell asleep at the wheel and drove off a 40 ft. cliff while Jay was asleep in the bed of a pick up truck. His friend left the scene of the accident and never looked back. My friend has been in a wheel chair for 20 years now this past August. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself and has achieved more goals in life since his accident. He has raced and built show cars…his life long dream. He has a garage full of trophies and he is building his magazine cover car right now as he is battling a rare bone cancer for the second time around. He never complains. I love him and admire him and if anyone was ever my hero…its Jay!

  • I have a Dear Friend who is going to be 48 years old on Dec.2nd.
    She is my Hero because she is the Most Giving and Unselfish Person I have EVER had the opportunity to know. When her Mother passed away from cancer around 15-17 years ago, she being one of 7 children and hadn’t married, took on the role of her Mother taking care of her Father. Since then, She has taken care of other friends when they have had illness and needed someone, as well as taking care of her entire family. She has the last 3-4 years been taking care of her one Brother who was in an accident and critically injured where he is completely disabled now. She has even taken a second job to help him pay for his Medical and other bills. She also takes care of her Sister and Her Sister’s Husband who both have Cancer (He also has MS), to see they get to Doctor’s Appts., Treatments, and even sees that they have everything they need to survive. She gives soooo much from Her Heart without expecting anything in return. I believe she deserves for someone to stepforward and do something kind for her. She needs to have some fun time for herself!!!! Thank-You! 🙂

  • My hero is my husband we have been married 12 years this Dec 18 1998 and we have been through alot with a big move to a new city and we were hoping that he could go to school but ending up unable to beacause of our second child and our financial diffculty so we are just living day to day unsure what tommorrow will bring and my husband working 60to70hrs a week without asking for help and we have never been so happy two wonderful children and our faith in our marriage will keep us a close knit family. May be our dreams will come true some day.

  • my hero is my baby girl, Lacey Michelle.. she is my everything.. if she wasn’t born, i would have went down this bad alot sooner… i thank her and miss everyday she’s away. another hero of mine is my grandma she’s mean sometimes but i still love her. she did alot for me and my cousin even tho we were really bad kids..

  • Personally, anyone who can create a legacy is my hero. It doesn’t matter if what they do is life-changing or something as simple as indulging in an act of random kindness. If they can make a difference in anyone’s life, a positive one, then they earn the respect and title of my hero. There are heros amongst us all, all it takes is a little look inside to awaken your true potential. Look at Walt Disney — he created a world that is loved by so many kids. He created a franchise and company which inspires kids all around the world. One man’s dream turned into a beautiful opportunity for everyone child to make their dreams come true.

  • Well I wish I could do this..but after calling to see how much it cost, sadly I will have to find another way to Honor My Hero while we are at Disney… 🙁

    • I was so glad you wrote Heather. There are so many ways we can help you honor your hubby. While we all would love to honor our loved ones with an over the top experience…. there are additional opportunities that a Dream Maker may be able to recommend to you…. By learning more about your loved ones “Disney favorites” (favorite characters, stories, attractions, shows etc) we just might be able to create a moment to remember.

  • My Husband is MY HERO. He is currently deployed in Afghanistan serving in the US Army. He will be home for his 2 week leave next week and we are going to our Happy Place – Walt Disney World for a week with our kids. He gives up so much and misses out on so many things to serve our Country. He remains positive and strong and even in the face of war he is always there to love and support his family. I am going to get this for him for sure…This could not of come at a better time for me! Thank You!!!

  • My hero is my husband who is fighting for our freedom.
    I know I could never have the strength to do and see the things he has.

  • My hero is my little sister. She is not quite 5 years younger than I am. A little over a year ago she married her prince charming. They are both members of the Nebraska National Guard, but not too after they got married she came to me and told me she and her husband were volunteering to transfer to a different guard unit, a guard unit that was to be deployed to Afghanistan with in the year.
    I have always been proud of my sister and supported her in whatever she needed. Just out of high school she decided to join the Nebraska National Guard as a Member of the 43rd Army Band, a unit that we were sure would not be deploying. Her sense of duty to her God and country made her want to make a difference. I can’t say that I was really excited about her decision to change units and their future deployment but I supported their decision and at least they were going together.
    I can’t say enough for the men and women of our Armed Forces and all that they and their families sacrifice to protect us and our freedoms. I am so proud of my sister and brother-in-law. My sister is truly my HERO!!

  • my hero is my wife martina she was badly injured in a car crash 2 years ago and her hip was smashed and she has battled for a replacement for the last 2 years the accident wasnt her fault and to hear her crying in bed at night when she thinks no one is listening is heart breaking plus we have had to cancel our holidays to the one place on earth she loves—disney land florida

    • Your story reminded me of a previous comment on this blog…. I think it was Adrian from PA who said, “Everyone needs someone who is there without question, without conditions, without complaints, and with total love.” While your wife may not be able to travel until she can heal, you just may be her hero…

  • My sister. Since my mom passed in 1994, she has become our surrogate. Despite suffering from Fibromyalgia and knee problems, she also is a teacher of the youngest children at Easter Seals in Philly. She becomes so involved with her kids. I’ve seen her so totally distraught when one passes away.

    She deals with her own family issues, which I won’t name here, but she also makes herself available to the rest of the family 24/7.

    My dad who is 87 has been very ill and she watches him like a hawk, and handles his medical issues. My brother, who is 40, is also her concern. I am 54, recently unemployed for the first time in my life, and suffering from a recently diagnosed lung disease (asbestos). She is the only one I trust to help me through this. Another brother had thyroid cancer and she was there for him as well.

    She does without so that we can have. She needs to realize that she can take time for herself, but she won’t.

    Everyone needs someone who is there without question, without conditions, without complaints, and with total love.

    That is my sister, and she would deserve this so much.

    • I believe you just honored your sister my friend…and in a way that can impact thousands of us who read the challenges your family has been through….learning that genuine unconditional love leaves an indellible impression on our hearts.

  • My father has inspired me so much!! He is a hard worker and would give the world for us. I truly love him.

  • I think this is a wonderful idea! So many people could give this gift to thank their loved ones for being their hero. Any plans on expanding to mail orders?

  • My husband, Sean, is my hero. He is the father (and hero) of our two little girls, and is just a couple months into a year-long deployment to Afghanistan with the Army.

    He spent 2008 deployed to Kuwait and will spend the rest of 2010 and over half of 2011 in Afghanistan. Sean is a hero because he shows strengh and bravery in fighting next to our brave men and women.

    Sean inspires our girls and I to help others here at home. Even the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference. We miss him every day but we know he’s doing what needs to be done.

    • Your hero provides all of us with the opportunity to be a hero back home to others that we love as well.

      Please tell your husband we are so appreciative of the freedom he has purchased for us….

  • I really wish this was available to send. I have a cousin who passed away 3 months ago after a 22 year battle with Muscular Dystrophy and would love to honor the family with this. If there is any way that this could be done.

    • Wow…this is a great idea. How inspiring to receiving a “Magical Triumph” of some type in your home…. What would you like this “mail order” triumph to look like so we can honor your loved one?

  • My little sister has survived 3 rounds of chemo ea. about 6 mths long over the last 7 years. She is the most amazing, strong, positive person i know.

    • These stories are so amazing and inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing your personal stories from the heart. Some of the greatest stories ever told are those that are real and true. You’re inspiring us all as we read.

  • This is amazing! But it would be even better if this could be actually purchased as a gift and mailed to someone. Not just as an in room gift.

  • My hero is my sister, she was 6, she battled cancer with her life. She inspired me to leave life to the fullest, without fear.

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