It’s All About the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

I miss snow during the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love the California sunshine, but where I grew up, we were usually treated to snow around the holidays. Fortunately, I get the best of both worlds here at Disneyland park because it snows around these parts from now through January 2. In this video, take a special tour of the Resort and find out what makes it special during the holiday season.


  • WOW!!! That looks amazing!! I have been over twice from Australia and it has always been a dream of mine to see it at Christmas time. Maybe next time…..

  • As a child I lived in a small town in Kansas that was a lot like Walt’s hometown of Marcilene Missouri. One of my fondest Christmas memories is from the early 50’s when my Mom & Dad and I were down on Main street one evening looking a the decorations and it was snowing. I was probably 4 or 5 years old. Jump forward 50 years and I’m standing on Main Street USA in Disneyland with my wife and daughters when it starts to snow. As I looked up thru all of the bright Christmas lights as the snow fell from that dark night sky the memory of that night in Kansas came back so vividly I felt my folks there with us. Thank You to all of the wonderful people at Disney that create moments like this!!

    Mike in Arizona

  • I am going make my Christmas trek to the park December 2nd with all my dearest girlfriends who have never seen holiday time there. I am overly excited to experience their reactions to all of Disney’s Christmas magic! It is my own little tradition to include a Christmas visit to Disneyland, but to be able to share it with friends will be the best gift ever!

  • I am so excited! My family and I will be leaving this next Saturday and it will be my childrens first visit during the Holidays. I have wonderful memories of Christmas time in Disneyland park from when my husband and I went after we were first married. Now we get to share this magical experience with our children 15yrs.later.

  • Thanks for the great video. I have been to the parks 10 times but not at Christmas. Looking forward to being there in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the candlelight Processional in town square. I am really thankful that Disney has been celebrating the true reason for Christmas since 1958.

  • I agree with Victoria about keeping the Christmas activities part of the basic admission to Disneyland. We haven’t been at Christmas since 2003 and I miss it! We haven’t even seen the castle all decked out in person. It’s so beautiful and magical! My mom, who is in a wheelchair and can’t travel, always says that if she were ever able to go back to Disneyland she’d go at Christmas. It is such an amazing time at Disneyland. If you’re local, go and go now! You’ll love it!

  • I wish the reindeer would come with Santa at WDW. My kids go on and on about reindeer but in Florida we never get to see any! Hope that in the coming years WDW amps up their Christmas events!! We go each year to MVMCP and we love it! I think with Disney the magical possibilities are endless!!

  • Nothing more wonderful than Disney at Christmas time…we will be there in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to experience all the Christmas festivities. Truly Magical!!!!

  • Christmas-time is one of the most magical and romantic times to be at Disneyland. Thank you guys for all the great entertainment and holiday offerings. Even if we can’t have real snow in Orange County, we can have a truly wonderous experience celebrating the holidays at the park. Just please don’t make the holiday offerings into paid, private events next year.

  • We can hardly wait! We’ll be at Disneyland in a few weeks for our annual family holiday get away. A wonderful way for our little family to get to spend time together, just the four of us, before Christmas. It’s our favorite time of year at Disneyland! See you soon!

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