Leslie Nielsen’s 1961 Visit to Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Actor Leslie Nielsen

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away over the weekend at the age of 84. We have a publicity photo of Mr. Nielsen in our archive and I’m sharing it with you this morning in remembrance of this very funny and talented man.

The photo was taken at the Submarine Voyage at Disneyland park in 1961. At the time, Mr. Nielsen was starring as Revolutionary War fighter Francis Marion in “The Swamp Fox,” an eight-episode series shown during “Walt Disney Presents” on ABC.

I watched a little bit of this classic series this morning, and as someone who grew up knowing him mostly for his comedic roles, it was great fun to see him in a dramatic one for Disney.


  • I always enjoyed his humor in The Naked Gun series and Airplane.R.I.P.Leslie!!

  • He was cute then! I loved his movies and so do my kids.
    I hope he is enjoying being with his fellow comedians up in heaven. I am sure he is having a great time with Jack Lemmon.

  • He did remarkable work in comedy from famous Airplane to Naked Gun, he really knew how to make a laugh

  • Thank you Leslie Nielsen for making me and my family laugh so much. Be in peace wherever you are now!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  • I’ve always enjoyed watching his comedies; I’ll have to watch his other films some time, though. And what a great picture! Thank you for this brief tribute.

  • Thanks for the photo! I was saddened to hear of his passing yesterday.

  • Leslie has brought so many wonderful memories to me and my family. It was always a great day or evening when watching one of his films. He will be missed. Thank you Leslie for all the great laughs.

  • Mr. Neilsen grew up here in Edmonton, AB and attended the same high school I went to. We were proud of him and his accomplishments — he will be missed.

  • What a great actor, very talented man. He will be remembered and missed…

  • I absolutely loved him in Forbidden Planet. Most people remember him when he was silver haired in the Airplane! and The Naked Gun films. Sure he had brilliant comedic timing but once upon a time he was a striking leading man. He is missed by many fans.

  • Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail on his hat…nobody knows where the Swamp Foxs at…Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox hidin in the glen, he runs away to figiht again!! Thanks Leslie for the great memory

  • RIP Mr. Nielsen. Your humor and heart will be missed.

  • Yes…he was a great actor, and stop calling me Surely.

  • Shirley…he was a great actor.

  • Since I wasn’t born yet, I didn’t know about this series. Thank you for sharing. Mr. Nielsen will be missed!

  • I remember catching a rerun of “Swamp Fox” on the Disney Channel over 15 years ago. I sat there with my dad and watched all night. Mr. Nielsen was a great actor. Every time I would see his face, I would smile. He will be missed.

  • A great Actor and one of the most caring, approachable Actors I’ve ever met. He will be missed for sure. By the way, we LOVE the photo! He looks great! Thank you… 🙂

  • “Swamp Fox” was wonderful. He had a long, varied career that covered drama, comedy, science fiction, TV, movies. Did it all. The photo is a nice way to pay tribute.

  • Such a great comedic actor… being a mid-80’s baby I really only knew him as that but I think this upcoming week and weekend I’ll dive into his more serious roles. RIP Mr. Nielsen.

  • I am so glad my 14 year old finally had the chance to see Airplane and become a real fan of Leslie Nielsen. We loved his movies. My sons favorite was Dracula Dead and Loving It….he will be missed. Thank you Mr Nielsen for all the laughs!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this great photo! What a great talent that will be missed terribly.

  • I have always loved him as well. I have been proud to share my name with him. He made people laugh which is so important!

    Thank you for sharing this photo. I think it is great that you pulled this from the archive to share.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this photo..I loved Leslie Nielsen! He made me laugh more than once in all the silly movies he has been in…the Airplane movies he was in, I watched more times than I care to say..God Bless his family..

  • I already have Swamp Fox and El Fego Baca on DVD, but is there any chance the entire series of Swamp Fox will now be released on DVD and not just ~4 episodes?

  • Mr. Nielsen made so many movies SO much funnier! I cried last night when I found out. Now I only have one living celebrity that I adore: Weird Al Yankovic.

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