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Mickey Watches Over Aulani

“Mickey in the Clouds”

Some “hidden Mickeys” are more magical than others. Recently, Chris Strong, a Disneyland Resort entertainment manager working on the Aulani project, shot this photo of “Mickey in the clouds” overlooking the lagoon at Aulani in Ko Olina. This picture wasn’t photoshopped or manipulated in any way. In fact, Chris says he didn’t notice it until he was reviewing his photos. It’s fun to think this is a good omen for the Resort!


  • Incredible shot!

  • I have a shot like that from Aug 2009 at Magic Kingdom – no one noticed until they saw me taking the picture. People wanted to know how Disney did that. LOL

  • That’s awesome! Maybe he will be ‘in the sky’ when we visit 🙂

  • LOVE IT!

  • beautiful shot

  • That is AWESOME! I love when magic just happens “naturally.” 🙂


  • I once saw a hidden Mickey in the clouds near my home. I thought it was a good omen for our upcoming trip to WDW and I was RIGHT! Wish now I’d gotten a picture of it…this picture is amazing!

  • Like most photographers would say, most shots are all about the timing. Great photo.

  • That’s so cool!

  • What a great shot! One in a million…

  • Simply stunning! I just watched the Disney Vacation Club webinar, and saw some great footage of the Aulani crew…I can’t wait to see the finished resort (and become a DVC member!).

  • That looks like a good postcard shot to me!

  • That’s great. When we flew to Florida a few weeks ago to go to WDW, as soon as we got to cruising altitude, we looked down and saw a field that looked like mickey. It was great!

  • That’s neat!

  • yes everyone! ONLY IN HAWAII…..come on over for a visit to our islands … you’ll love the sunsets at the Aulani!! 😀

  • Aloha from beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.
    As a former Disneyland resort, & Walt Disney’s Disney World Parks college and career-start program alumni and graduate of a culinary arts college; I am very excited for the new Disney Vacation club coming to Hawaii!

    The clouds shown in this shot are definitely a sign of good hope. Mickey and friends are surely going to be with us all the way on this one!!!

    Maybe this is Walt’s way of showing us his art in heaven.

  • It is like Walt is watching over and giving his approval 🙂

  • That is amazing! This is a very special Hidden Mickey.

  • I think Walt was saying that he approves!! That’s so cool…. Can’t wait to go!

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