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My Top Gift Ideas from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Duffy the Disney Bear, Vinylmation and D-Tech Holiday Gift Ideas from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Every year I want to get my holiday shopping done early. Despite having access to tons of unique shops at Disney, it never seems to happen. So to help everyone (including me), I have compiled a list of my top seven or so gift ideas from Disney Theme Park Merchandise.

  1. Duffy the Disney Bear – He is super cute, extremely cuddly and ever so adorable. Duffy comes in a variety of sizes – pre-dressed 12-inch bears, 17-inch bears that you can dress, and the super massive 28-inch bears (which are perfect for big hugs). Give a Duffy and encourage your loved ones to take him on their adventures. You can even follow Duffy on his official Facebook page.
  2. Vinylmation – There are a variety of styles and designs to collect, ranging from 1.5-inch to 3-inch to limited edition 9-inch figures. I love that many figures are already “wrapped” in mystery boxes (I can’t wrap gifts well). The D-Street locations in California and Florida have the best selection. My favorite item this season is the Vinylmation ice cube tray with 3-inch figure (1,000 bonus points to the first person to bring me Vinylmation chocolates). Oh, you can follow the creativity on the Vinylmation Facebook page.
  3. Tangled, Lightning McQueen and More Holiday Gift Ideas from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

  4. D-Tech – If you are seeking a splash of Disney for your newest electronic item check out the D-Tech brand of electronic accessories. There are plenty of choices, from covers for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to laptop sleeves to iPad mobile electronic device covers. My personal favorite is the Mickey Mouse executive portfolio case which I use for my iPad. Visit the World of Disney Store for the best selection.
  5. Lightning McQueen – I recently heard the product developers for toys and games playing with what sounded like a race car. Turns out it was the Lightning McQueen infrared remote control vehicle. Shine the light from the handheld contraption and McQueen will chase it around the room. As you can imagine, we had some fun that afternoon.
  6. Holiday Gift Ideas from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

  7. Tangled – For your princess, there is the new Rapunzel doll that has 17-inches of long golden hair. Better yet if you are visiting Disney Parks, ask for the Tangled Package at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to become Rapunzel for a day. Of course, family night at the movies is also recommended (“Tangled” was great!).
  8. World Showcase at Epcot – I love shopping the world in a day! Here are a handful of my favorites gifts from the eleven countries of World Showcase: maple syrup from Canada; tea from England; perfume from France; a fez hat from Morocco; delicious candy or relaxing incense from Japan; a figurine by Jim Shore from The American Adventure; a bottle of wine and a decorative stopper from Italy; chocolate caramel covered strawberries from Karamell-Küche in Germany Pavilion; a silk robe from China Pavilion; warm winter clothing from Norway; or decorative wood carvings from Mexico.
  9. The Disney Gallery on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park – This is one of the first shops I typically visit when in California. The gallery reopened this year in the former Bank of Main Street building and it is beautiful. There are many wonderfully themed gifts celebrating classic Disneyland attractions like The Haunted Mansion or, my favorite, Walt Disney’s The Enchanted Tiki Room (hint to my family – I think there is an Aloha shirt there with my name on it).

If you aren’t visiting the Parks anytime soon, don’t fret. You can find many of these items on our on-line store –

Now it is your turn. Do you have a favorite gift item you have discovered at Disney Parks? If so, please share as I’m sure we could all use some inspiration this season.


  • LOVE that ice cube tray!! Is the Vinylmation included more frosted and less clear? Want want want want!!

  • Where can you get the Vinylmation ice cube tray? I looked all over DisneyWorld this past week and couldn’t find one anywhere.

  • Somehow I have a hard time picturing you Steven cuddled up with a Duffy bear.

  • @Jennifer – Good news is that many of Duffy’s outfits have returned to locations. Best place to check is Epcot or Treasures in Paradise in Disney California Adventure.

    Stay tuned for a Disney Parks Blog article about the newest version of Monopoly – Disney Theme Park edition (pictured above). This version features an awesome pop-up castle. I will confirm locations / date of release for the Monopoly game. Should be any day now.

    For fans in Florida, we will be holding a special meet and greet with Quynh Kimball and Casey Jones from Disney Design Group on December 10th. These two artists were responsible for designing the newest board game. The event will be held in Once Upon A Toy at Downtown Disney Marketplace from 5pm-7pm.

    The Vinylmation Ice Cube Tray will have an official launch on December 3 at D-Street in California and Florida.

    • Small update about the Monopoly Disney Theme Park Edition. The game has arrived in California. The meet and greet with Quynh and Casey will now be held on December 17 from 5-7 at Once Upon a Toy. The game should arrive in Florida around that time.

      @Sharon – Try D-Street at Downtown Disney WestSide. That is where I purchased mine. 🙂

  • Yes where can we get the Theme Park Edition Monopoly? I was down there from Jan to Aug on the College Program and never saw it. It would be awesome to have.

  • Where can i purchase the monopoly from?????? I was at WDW only two weeks ago and looked in near enough every shop in every park and downtown and couldnt find it anywhere and no one could tell me if they sold it or where it would be so if you could i’d be very grateful!

  • Wish they would put Duffy on the store site. Much easier to order from there.

  • I LOVE the Disney Parks Monopoly Edition III! Is it only available in the parks or will it be available online? 😀

  • i wish that the Star Wars potato heads were available online!

  • Disney makes such great things. I love the Disney Monopoly. I have the regular version but I now want the theme park edition. I call dibs on Space Mountain!

  • Those are pretty good….like the ice tray 🙂

  • Great suggestions! I’m hoping for some new outfits for my Duffy and the vinylmation ice cube tray 🙂 I want to make some chocolate vinylmations to share!

    I think I’ll have to get some Tron vinylmations for my close friends this Christmas!

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