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New Disney Gift Card App Now Available

Hi everyone. The Disney Gift Card team is always working on innovative solutions to make your Disney Gift Card experience even better. And today, we’re excited to share our newest app now available in the Apple App Store.

Disney Gift Card App

With the Disney Gift Card app, you can view your current balance and learn more about Disney Gift Cards. We’ve made it super simple to keep track of the entire family by creating custom labels for each gift card in your party.

Quick tip – In addition to labeling each card, you can also snap a photo and use that picture to quickly identify the current balance of a family member’s Disney Gift Card.

We hope you enjoy version 1.0. Visit for app specifics and to download this free tool.


  • Disney, Looks like ANDROID is the way to go!

  • No iTunes Canada??? Maybe eventually???

  • Another vote for an Android app and a vote to work with Disney Dream Reward Dollars. Thanks!

  • Yes, please, android version too. I have an iPad and an iPod Touch, neither of which I take to the parks.

  • Need some Windows love here…I got the Disney love just not on my new Win7 phone. Which I adore.

  • Windows phone 7!!!

  • Need on Andriod please!!!!

  • I also waould love to see an Android app or two!

  • Can I use the app to redeem my gift cards, meaning can I show the app on my phone to buy something in a Disney Park without ever opening my wallet?

  • I agree – ANDROID-ANDROID-ANROID versions!! I’m going crazy waiting for an android Mobile Magic app too! Please, please!!

  • Definately need this app for Windows Phone!

  • can we get this app for the new Windows Phone 7 OS?

  • I’d also like to request the same for Windows Phone.

  • Disney needs to get these apps out on the Windows Phone!

  • I agree with everyone else. Disney needs to make some of their apps available for Android users. We visit the Disney parks too.

  • If it helps, I’d be willing to pay double the normal $10 just get the Disney Magic for Droid by the end of November.

  • Just downloaded it; I can see my recent transaction and current balance. Awesome!

  • Is this US only? I cannot find the app…

  • Awesome, now lets get one for ANDROID so that the other 70% of the consumer base can use it!

  • I would like to see some of the Disney apps come out for webos.

  • Consider this comment another plea for an Android version. Great idea Though!

  • Chiming in to request Android apps.

  • I just tried to add my Honeymoon Gift Card and the app crashes every single time.

  • LOVE all things DISNEY!, but SAD I can’t access many of em’ from my DROID 🙁 C’mon show a lil’ love to the droid-using, life-time DISNEY Vacationers toooooo 🙂 <3

  • This will really come in handy! Thank you!

  • +1 vote for Android!

  • Hope you make an adroid app too. Most of the people I know have a droid and would love an app like this.

  • I got so excited when I saw this, then I read it wasn’t for Android. You have a picture of Star Tours on the top of the page! I use both Apple and Droid technology but my phone is Droid, please make this app for Droid before I leave for WDW in 3 weeks!

  • I know tons of people have already said it, but please acknowledge the Android market!!

  • As of May 2010, the number of users in the country with Android phones is higher than the number of iPhone users. Count me in as an Android user (yet I own a Mac, go figure) who would love this app!

  • Would love to get any Disney apps…how about making them for the android market too so even more could enjoy.

  • I agree with everyone else that making this into an Android App would be great. I am also patiently waiting for “Mobile Magic” to become more than a Verizon Non-Smartphone App. But again, this is a great idea and would definitely use this in parks if available.

  • Ugh. Android please. 🙂 iPhone is so 2009.

  • Fabulous! Can’t wait to download it!

  • Yes you have a huge Android Following and it covers all the Carriers that are with Disney as well . SO please offset all these Apple Apps with some Android ones.

  • Looks like a great app, but I too would like to know when the Disney Park app will be available for the Android market with Verizon. It has been out for over a year, but still haven’t been able to get it for the Andoid? Wish it would be here in the next 3 weeks before I visit Disney World!

  • Don’t forget us Droid people, we are always last, we don’t even have Disney Magic yet and this would be great to keep track of our balances.

  • Now you need to make an Android app …

  • Will there be an Android app also?

  • Is this available in the uk?? Please say I can download it in the uk soon!!!
    Ps Craig, I’m pretty sure it would, we used the honeymoon card last ur and it was exactly like any other gift card!

  • Sounds like a great idea. I’ll go download it right now.

  • This looks very useful, but don’t have an iPhone. I’m surprised Disney don’t have some (if not any) apps for android phones.

  • Looks great but…

    One word: ANDROID! Think about it!

  • I just downloaded it.. and I LOVE IT!! Thanks!! 🙂

  • Love the idea (particularly if it works for the Honeymoon gift card) – but any idea when it might be available for Android? 🙂

  • I like it, but what about the Droid users out there? Anything for them?

  • What about the android app??

  • Can we get an app for Android? There is a huge number of people with android phones that would love this app, including myself.

  • Awesome, I just wish it had some Android love.

  • What a great idea! Will this work with the Disney Honeymoon Registry Gift Card, as well?

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