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Not Your Parents’ Cocktails: New Beverage Menu for Disney Parks

Disney’s delicious new cocktail menu (found in most bars and lounges) has a twist: all mixes are made from scratch, taking the art of cocktail “mixology” to a whole new level.

“We’ve just introduced a brand new beverage menu that tells a story of beverage innovation and quality,” said Stuart McGuire manager of Beverage and Concept Development for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. “The new design is in the form of an explorer’s journal and includes sketches of iconic Disney images from around the world.”

Many of the new cocktails are made with “better for you” ingredients such as organic spirits, fresh fruits and herbs that have been procured locally when seasonally available, and lower calorie, no-sugar-added fruit purees.

The Raspberry Rain Cocktail, for instance, is made with Rain Organics Red Grape Hibiscus Vodka, Chambord, freshly muddled raspberries, lychee and fresh lemon juice. The Superfruit Martini features Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka, pomegranate liqueur, cranberry juice, organic agave nectar and fresh lemon juice.

Habanero Lime Margarita

Top sellers include the Agave Nectar Margarita which is made with organic blanco tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, and organic agave nectar. The Antioxidant Cocktail continues to be one of the most popular drinks, made with Finlandia Wild Berries Vodka, Absolut Berri Acai Vodka, pomegranate, lychee and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The most popular dessert cocktail? The Godiva Chocolate Martini, made with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Cacao and Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur.

The Antioxidant Cocktail

And plenty of cocktails come sans alcohol. “We think it’s important to provide the opportunity for adults to enjoy the unique and complex flavors of our drinks even if they choose not to consume alcohol,” said McGuire.

The Fountain of Youth Cocktail


  • @Diana (comment #14) If you don’t mind my asking, HOW did you get free dining for your trip?? Is it something you won? Dining is pretty much our biggest expense when we go!

  • Now how about the Dream whats the menu look like for the up and coming ship….Wonder had a wonderful selection….

  • Magic Kingdom is a dry park according to Walt’s original plan. No alcohol is served there and probably never will be.

  • The bartenders are very good at being able to recreate the signature cocktails that were found at certain WDW resorts if you ask. As far as the beer selection goes it could be improved there are lots of excellent craft brewers around the U.S.. I would also love if during the F&W festival they could invite some of the craft brewers down to give tastings and classes.

  • For those of you going to Disneyland, there is a great lounge just off of the lobby of the Grand CA. If you are walking out toward the pool it is on your right hand side before walking outside! And the ginger mojito, made with ginger ale, I had for the first time on the Magic on our first Disney Cruise. Yummy!

  • Pam I enjoy your food and beverage blogs! Keep them coming. Dining is the one thing that everyone plans early. It is great to see and hear about what is happening in the parks long enough in advance to get our reservations in order when they are needed. I am a foodie and work for a foodie school with a nice selection of Disney menus past and present in our collection. It would be great to see an historical retrospective blog that traces the roots of an updated Disney culinary delight. Thanks again!

  • Ohhh… the idea about brewing special beers is a really good one!

  • I’ve seen every single one of these drinks on the menu for the last few years. What exactly is “new” here?

  • Oh, my! These look fantastic! Can you tell us where specifically we can find the drinks? I see a “girls night out at Disneyland Resort” is in my future.

  • An improved beer selection at all locations would be fantastic. Would love to see local microbrews, as well as more microbrews from around the country. Big River Grill on the Boardwalk, and perhaps Germany at Epcot are my only sources of decent beer.

  • Don’t change the Grand Marnier Orange Slushie, either! It’s also at the France Pavilion in EPCOT. In fact, is it possible to get the recipe for a favorite drink?

  • Sounds good will have to try some of them at christmas hope you still have the Pina collads and collavas 🙂

  • I enjoy the new drink options, but hope that you will keep the classic tiki drink recipes at the Polynesian. I think every Walt Disney World resort should have its own signature drink menu.

  • Its hard to find but the Sunken Treasure is GREAT!!!! I dont drink but when I was told about it I had to try it. The Wilderness Lodge Bar inside and the lady Bartender, I cant remember her name but she makes the best.

  • how come there are no alcoholic drinks sold at the magic kingdom and the restaurants ? I dont understand why it is sold at other parks and not there. Just a suggestion. “)

  • As long as you leave the Grey Goose Slushie alone at the France Pavilion in Epcot I am happy.

  • Although I’ve been to WDW 30+ times and DL four times, I’ve never tried any “adult” beverages in any Disney parks. I’m trying to find new experiences I haven’t tried yet for our next trip. On that next trip in August we have free dining, so I’m definitely going to have some extra funds to try some of these…Chocolate Martini? Hello!

  • I had a couple of the agave nectar margaritas at the Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge. They were delicious!

  • well…you could always ask the bartender to make you one 🙂 the resort bartenders, in my experience will make essentially whatever it is that you want 🙂

  • It’d be great if instead of finding the same drinks almost everywhere on property there were signature drinks at each bar/lounge. Like going to the Polynesian for a Lapu Lapu because I can’t find it anywhere else!

  • YUM! I too, would LOVE to know where these drinks can be found.

    Speaking of drinks, they used to have a ginger mojito at Disney’s VB Resort. They stopped offering it, and I’m MOST disappointed about that. Do you have any idea if they’ll bring it back??

  • The awesomely delicious Antioxidant Cocktail is available at Le Celier, Canada, Epcot; The Belle Vue Lounge at The Boardwalk; The Yachtsman Steak House at the Yacth Club Resort; The Concourse Lounge at The Contemporary, and the lounge at the top of Bay Lake Towers… my favorite adult beverage in all the parks!

  • Thank you for offering non-alcoholic versions!

  • I know craft cocktails are hot right now, but as someone who does not drink liquor and prefers to get my calories elsewhere, I was wondering if Disney has ever brewed special beers for the parks or bottle Disney wines? I attended the Food and Wine festival in 2009 and enjoyed the demo from Sam Adams and especially their special beer for the 14th year of the festival. Is there any special wines or beers that I should be looking for when I attend the Princess Half Marathon in February? OK…that I should look for the day after the race? The drinks in this article look great. They are liquid works of art served in specialty glasses that we all which we had at home. There is a marketing thought.

  • @Jeremy This drink menu is available at almost all Disney-operated locations serving alcohol at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. At the Disneyland Resort, for example, you would find it at the Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian Hotel and the bar at Steakhouse 55 in the Disneyland Hotel.

  • Inside the Parks
    Disney’s California Adventure
    The Cove Bar – Above Ariel’s Grotto – You can see it from the Boardwalk Bridge

    Club 33 – Good luck getting in

    Outside the Parks
    Any of the Disneyland Restaurants
    They have a couple of bars. I think one is called Storytellers and the other is The Lost Bar. Although The Lost Bar may already be closed for the Disneyland Hotel renovations. Haven’t been over to this location in a few months.

  • You should be able to find them in any of the resort restaurants or cocktail lounges. I would try Tambu Lounge at ‘Ohana, Mizner’s at The Grand Floridian, Ale and Compass at The Yacht Club, Territory Lounge at The Wilderness Lodge, Victoria Falls at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Scat Cats or Risver Roost Lounges at Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside, respectively. Enjoy!!!

  • I like the cocktails with the lighted ice cubes in them!

  • this doesn’t mean your going to start eliminating the unique drinks that (almost) each menu already has does it?

  • can you give me an idea of where to find these drinks at the parks that is more specific than “most bars and lounges?” In particular I’m interested where I can find them at the Disneyland Resort

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