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Out at Sea with the Disney Dream

Earlier this week, we shared some exciting photos of the Disney Dream leaving the German shipyard where she was built and traveling by tugboats to the seaport of Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

Today we’ve got exclusive video – the first official footage of the Disney Dream sailing under her own power at the edge of Europe’s North Sea!!!!!

Within hours after reaching Eemshaven, crew members began conducting sea trials, a critical part of our newest ship’s test-and-adjust phase. It involves testing her engines and other control systems while cruising out on the open ocean.

It won’t be long until the Disney Dream arrives at her home in Port Canaveral, Fla., to sail her inaugural cruise January 26, 2011. I can hardly wait – can you?

More updates to come, including some exclusive photos and videos of the work taking place to finish the ship’s interior spaces, which we’ll share with you next week.


  • Booked for Sept. 2011, but each time we see pictures of the Dream makes it a tougher wait. We have enjoyed the Wonder but all the new things on the Dream promise to be great.

  • There’s been a lot of slack on other sites about Disney having this ship constructed overseas and not here in the US. But I heard there were US workers shipped to Germany to work on the construction of the Dream. Has anyone else heard this? I think the ship looks beautiful and hate to see negative comments!

  • I love this ship! I can’t wait to be on it! However I know they say the horn will be the same as the Wonder but every time I hear it on the new ship I don’t like the one they play. Please please keep the original horn.

  • This is pure joy to watch her in sea trials. For those onboard it has to be work yet………………pleasure. Well D.C.L. it appears once again you have produced a winner! She is beautiful and I am more excited daily to go in the 2 aft deck 7 Cabins with our family April 2011.
    My only wish left is you return to your signature 7 note “When you wish upon a star” horn…….although you are trying to go off the Dream theme……the new horn just does not cut it. Your Cruise Line’s signature is those 7 notes that put a lump in the throat as one leaves port. Please put out a survery to the public to see what they would prefer.
    Otherwise……………………Let the good times begin !

  • Feb Cant get here fast enough!!! my family and I are going last week of feb my kids ask everyday how much longer… the excitement is building up this is truly a DREAM vacation for us!!

  • Can’t wait to board Feb 3 as part of our “disneymoon”. This will be our first ever cruise and I bet it won’t be our last! 🙂


  • We’ll be on it in June! Can’t wait to see her!!!

  • So excited to see the new ship!!!Waiting for our dream to come true April 2011!! 🙂

  • January 26th can not come soon enough!!!!!! Dreaming of sailing on the Dream!

  • My fiance and I are loving all these updates about the Disney Dream!!! We’re sailing on it for our honeymoon at the end of February and we’re so excited! We can’t wait to see more pictures of the interior as it gets finished! Thanks for all the information! Disney is the best!

  • For all of you who get motion sickness, My dad and I do too. My dad tends to be more sensitive than I am, but we have been on several cruises on ships that are much smaller than the Disney ships with no problem. I tell people it’s like being in a moving building. You generally can’t feel the ship moving at all.

    If you want to try a more natural way to help with the motion sickness, take some ginger with you along with your medications. My brother worked on a dinner cruise ship for years and when I gave him this tip he used to carry ginger with him (in the form of candy, commercially dried, pickled…) for the passengers as there was usually a passenger or two who would get sick. He said it worked every time.

    My husband and I are determined to take a Disney cruise one of these days as he has never been on a cruise and I have never been on a Disney cruise. Reading all of the rave reviews on the blogs REALLY makes me want to go, happy cruising everyone!

  • I cannot wait for my sailing on the Dream with my family you cannot believe how excited i am for our cruise. As for anyone with any kind of motion sickness, i get terrible motion sickness and so do other people in my family. I am happy to report that Disney has exceptionally great stabilizers and i didn’t feel a thing. All Disney ships are like a floating hotel only better. please keep the cruise info coming. 🙂

  • Lori in TX,
    I too suffer from motion sickness. I took my first cruise 11/2009. I also have low tolerance to meds, so my Dr. gave me tablets instead of the patch so I could take 1/2 if I needed. The only time I needed to take anything was the night coming back from the Bahamas. We hit a storm and the gulf stream at the same time. The stabilizers did good but just not good enough. I took 1/2 tablet and woke up just as we were coming into Cape Canaveral. Other than that, the stabilizers keep the ship sailing smoothly. Take the plunge and give it a try- my next cruise will be a Disney cruise for sure!


  • Magnificent! Congratulations Captain Tom & crew-

    May she always have fair winds & following seas, for all who man and sail with her!
    Our family looks forward to our turn, as well. She has to be one of the most strikingly beautiful ships underway today.

  • @ Lori from TX – Hubby & I did our first cruise 2 years ago on the Wonder. I get severe motion sickness but I never felt that boat move. The engineering of the stabilizers on these ships are so advanced, they anticipate & prevent the slightest movements. We sailed through a pretty good storm one night but I didn’t get sick at all! My doctor gave me the patch “just in case” but I didn’t need it at all! So book that Disney cruise and enjoy!!!!

  • I need to make this dream come true for my family. Awesome!!!!

  • October can’t come soon enough. This ship really is a dream. It is so obvious that a lot of love and care went into her construction. I can’t wait to see it in person. Less than a year to go!

  • We’re booked in November 2011, I cannot wait!!!

  • Can’t wait to go on it in July 🙂

  • She is SO beautiful! Sure wish I could go, but I’m too afraid because of my motion sickness. Wish we could just tour it and see it all. I have loved following the progress of this ship!

  • That ship is GORGEOUS… and HUGE! Hope to travel on it one day.

  • It looks beautiful, we are going on the Fantasy in 2012 and we just got off the Wonder on 11/11 the ships are beautiful already, I can’t wait to see how you have enhanced the beauty on the new ships!

  • She’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait to board The Dream in February. It will be my first cruise ever and I know it will be amazing. I do a small happy dance every time you all release new info. 🙂

  • SO EXCITED to see her Jan 23!!!

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