Partners in the Morning Fog

Back in January I posted “one of my favorite photos,” which was taken high above the Partners statue. Well, today I’m posting my very favorite photo of this tribute to our founder.

This photo was originally in color, but the second I saw this scene that foggy morning, I knew that it would end up in black and white.

Partners in the Morning Fog, Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney

Just a bit of trivia: this photo was taken with my first digital SLR camera.


  • You said this was taken with your first DSLR, what camera do you use to shoot with now? Great picture!

  • Great photo!

  • Would make a great poster. Hint, hint.

  • I remember when Mickey turned 50, oh so many years ago! I went out and bought a 14k gold Mickey charm that I still treasure. What a beautiful image! I love this part of the park.

  • Amazing photo. Happy Birthday, Mickey!

  • What a beautiful shot. I’d love that framed.

  • Beautiful photo!

  • Paul,

    What a powerful image! It would be the perfect compliment to the iconic photo of
    Walt walking under the castle into Fantasy Land. Please do whatever you can to get it made into a poster.

    Mike in Arizona

  • Did you know Walt Disney was showing Mickey his next dream project on the coast in Newport Beach?

  • This is such a beautiful photo!

  • I expect to see Mary Poppins drop in any moment! It is a shot straight out of the movies.

  • great shot!

  • this picture is one of the most beautiful pictures i have seen, thank you sooooo very much for sharing it.

  • You’ve captured a tender moment between Walt and Mickey in a beautifully touching way. Thanks to you, I now have a new favorite photo of Walt, the greatest pioneer! Any chance of turning it into a poster?

  • How better to celebrate the anniversary of the Partner’s statue being unveiled at Disneyland in 1993. Spectacular photo!

  • Fantastic photo!

  • Paul, every time I see your pictures I am in awe. I am a ameture photographer and you have my dream job, not only photographing BUT at Disneyland!!! I hope some day to do something as great, if not I will carry your tripod around any day!!

  • Very Nice, it is a great shot in B&W.

  • What a wonderful photo! It captures all the tenderness, innocence, and awe Walt worked so diligently to preserve with his vision of Disneyland. It put a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes.

  • What an amazing photo. The silhouette is perfect and the effect of the lighting makes the photo look vintage in a way. I wish I had access to the park this early in the morning to take shots like this.

  • What a fabulous shot!

  • I’ll second the comment by Helena; it looks like they are actually standing there. It is an awesome photo – thank you for sharing!

  • It really is a beautiful shot!

  • I would love to get a poster size of this picture! Let me know if or when you might be selling posters. It’s GREAT! 🙂

  • This is a great photo..If you look at it from far away it looks like two buddies walking really don’t recognize the statue until its bigger…love it.

  • HAHA Ricky Brigante from the Inside the Magic Podcast saw this too!! Thats cool. I do kinda wonder what the Color photo looked like too….

  • Nice photo!

  • Love it! That is my most favorite spot in the park. My now hubby proposed there 4 years ago this December!

  • Now that is a Fantastic Shot…

  • What a fantastic photo. There definitely is a magic to it. It truly looks like a photo of Walt and Mickey gazing at their park, way back in ’55. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

  • Ok, now I know this is going to sound crazy – but this looks real. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful photo!

  • What an incredible picture! Brought tears to my eyes.

  • Amazing photo that truly captures the spirit of Disneyland being a “park.” Even in the dense fog, Walt and Mickey still do a great job welcoming visitors.

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

  • Wow, That is great!

  • Beautiful feel to this picture. It really grabs Walt’s vision for the future, as he points out into the unknown holding Mickey;’s hand. There is so much both their body postures express.

  • Nice picture! Was this taken on Tuesday morning with the extremely dense fog? I couldn’t even see the Matterhorn from Harbor Blvd – it was really crazy (and cool). Can’t wait to see more pictures 🙂


  • What a great photo! Looks like it was taken in the 50’s. I love how they’re silhouetted against the fog.

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