Rainy Day Reflections at Disneyland Park

With the rain we’ve had this past week, it got me thinking about some fun photos I took a few years ago after it had rained here at the Disneyland Resort. It doesn’t rain often, so I have to take advantage of the few opportunities I have.

The two photos that I decided to share have a few things in common. They both focus on puddles and contain a minimum amount of information in the reflection, but I think most, if not all, of you should still know where they were taken.

Rainy Day Reflections at Disneyland Resort

Rainy Day Reflections at Disneyland Resort


  • these are great would love to see more the next rainy day

  • Wonderful photos!

  • I love ’em both! Like you said, it doesn’t rain here often, but I’m glad you took the opportunity and shared with us! Thanks Paul!

  • I believe the first picture is the Partners statue & the second one is from the hub.

  • in front of sleeping beauty’s castle

    • Christina & Ali, yes, the photos were taken in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Partners Statue. From time to time, I will post other reflection photos, ranging from the abstract to the more obvious.

  • Gorgeous pictures. I have (somewhere) some fun pictures of rainy days at Epcot….they’re some of my faves. 🙂

  • I love the park on rainy days!! Lovely reflections! I’m going to have to remember to look in the puddles the next time!

  • I love rainy days at Disneyland! Hardly anyone is there and the lines are super short/fast! 😀

    These pictures are amazing! 🙂

  • Lovely! I was so excited when I got pictures in the rain on my visit this weekend. Of all the times I’ve been to the park I never got to see it rain until now, it really provides a whole different feel for the photos.

  • If you like rain at Disney then you should come to Florida. 🙂

  • Cute, cute, cute!!!! I got a little chill when I saw the ears and what appears to be hand holding. <3 it!

  • We went there in January of 2005 and the last day it POURED. Grizzly shut down with my brother-in-law and his older daughter trapped at the top. The sky just opened up and the drains couldn’t keep up. There were literally lakes of water down my Mulholland Madness. It was quite an experience but we still had fun 😀

  • It takes a creative person with a good imagination to take pictures of images found in puddle rather than the traditional shots the rest of us are used to taking. Congratulations, you’ve certainly done that in these 2 pictures!

  • Great as always.

  • Paul, I love Disneyland and photography. I have an annual pass so I go to the park several times a month. I’ve been told my Disneyland pictures are postcard quality by everyone who sees them. The thing is, I use my cellphone for most of the pictures, and the pics STILL look great. Here’s what I’d like to ask you. Is there some way I can show you a few of my pictures so that if you agree that I have any talent, I might be able to get a job taking pictures for Disney? I am open to an apprenticeship or internship if that’s what it takes. Or maybe we can show people that you don’t need fancy equipment to take nice pictures. Thanks for lending an ear.

  • Great photos!

  • These are great! I wish I had thought to do something similar last Tuesday when we were there in the rain….

    Grate pic’s

  • Thank you for sharing these photos! Looking at them I am reminded of how I viewed Disneyland as a child. I was always looking around, up, down and sideways getting a different perspective of the park. I loved it so much I still do it today, only from a taller vantage point.

  • Love the photos!

  • These are wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing!

  • There is nothing lovelier than Disneyland on a rainy day. <3

  • Pretty cool. I would have never thought to look down during a rain storm.

  • Rainy Day Warning:
    We were in Epcot in the rain one year, and everyone bought those yellow Mickey ponchos. I turned around to get a picture, and when I turned back, everyone was in front of me. I was surrounded by a sea of yellow Mickey ponchos, no faces, no distinguishing characteristics, and most of them were average height!! I couldn’t find my husband! He looked just like all the other yellow Mickey ponchos. It’s like you are suddenly all alone in this big yellow crowd. Such a unique experience. The moral of the story is: Make sure you carry something distinguishing, that doesn’t get covered up with the poncho!

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