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Sugar Secrets from Chef Kevin Dundon

Ever wonder how chefs create those fancy-schmancy garnishes on desserts? Chef Kevin Dundon from Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant (recently sighted at his Downtown Disney restaurant on a visit from the Emerald Isle), shows us how he adds a caramel flourish to a simple bowl of ice cream. And with just one ingredient, it’s easier than you think.

Dundon starts by melting white sugar in a saucepan over low heat. White sugar, that’s it. As the sugar melts, it turns brown and looks a little like honey. Be careful not to burn it. He then takes a spoon and creates free-form swirls of the caramelized sugar on parchment paper.

Once the caramel hardens, carefully peel it away from the parchment and you’ve got an elegant topper. Take a look! And, as we say, eat dessert first.


  • great video and so simple to create it and makes the ice cream look all the more yummy

  • Thank you for this!!!!! So easy and yet so gorgeous. I’m now trying brainstorm a list of dessert that I actually KNOW how to make that would go with this great topper!

  • Awesome….can’t wait to try that at my next party!

  • Beautiful! I bought my wife a book on sugar decorations a few years back. Now I’ve got to get it off the shelf and start experimenting again! Thanks for the motivation.

  • I’m hoping to work at disney sometime.. Im actually in culinary school right now. Hoping I can work over there soon. 🙂 LOVEEEEE Raglan Road 🙂

  • The clean up is very easy…all you do is let the utensils you used and that are covered in the hardened sugar, in hot water. That’s it. The hot water will dissolve the sugar. It works all the time! Enjoy your sugar creations!

  • Have you tried putting water in the pot, dropping your spoon in, and bringing it to a boil so the sugar dissolves?

  • Hot water, lots of hot water, real hot water. just took a candy making class at college (yes, it worth a credit) and had that issue. Chef said “hot water, real hot water” it came right off. Oh and dont use a teflon coated pan because you can scrape a non-lined pan without hurting it.

  • @Brian – LOL! Very good. But seriously, Pam that would be helpful to know!

  • Now …. need tips from the dishwasher on how do we clean hardened sugar from the pot and spoon.

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