Taking Holiday Magic from Disneyland Resort to the Jauregui Family

Betsy Villalobos

by , Senior Manager, External Communications, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

UPDATE: Earlier tonight we kicked-off the holidays at Disneyland Resort when Adela and Mickey Mouse flipped the switch and lit “it’s a small world” Holiday for the first night of the season. Before the event, Adela and her family enjoyed being honorary Grand Marshals of “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade, experienced park attractions and took pictures with famous Disney characters.

Adela Jauregui and her family at 'it's a small world'

Adela Jauregui, 8, a Patient at CHOC Children's, and her sister with Mickey Mouse and Goofy

Today is the first day of the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, and this year we teamed up with Sylvania and CHOC Children’s to take the magic of the holiday season from the Resort to the home of one special little girl and her family. Adela Jauregui, 8, a patient at CHOC Children’s, and her family watched as their home lit up with more than 6,200 LED lights and Disney-themed décor. By the looks on their faces, the joy of the holidays couldn’t come early enough!

Disney-Themed Décor and Lighting

Adela Jauregui, 8, a Patient at CHOC Children's, and Her Family

Adela Jauregui, 8, a Patient at CHOC Children's, and Her Family

Adela and her family, who reside in Anaheim, Calif., will join Mickey Mouse tonight for the initial lighting of “it’s a small world” Holiday in a fun ceremony at Disneyland park. This special time of year also means all your holiday favorites are back including “Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle,” “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade and the “Believe…in Holiday Magic” fireworks show. Check back later today to see pictures from tonight’s event.


  • It will be an amazing healing memory for them for the rest of their lives. Great job Disney!

  • These us what Christmas is all about..Love & Charity..Good Work Disneyland..Beautifully Done.

  • Very,Beautiful I love it decorated in Christmas, very precious. Cherished Memories is what Family,is all about,and caring for another person,to help them out is very awesome. Adelia,you are a very lucky young lady, to have such wonderful people who care about you a lot,and your family too. “I, love your house decorated up for Christmas, with Disney Theme,you deserve the best for the holidays,so does your family. My favorite cherished memory of mine is: Being at Disneyland @ Christmas time,that is my favorite cherished time of year.” Someday,I hope;I will be able to make another trip to Disneyland at Christmas Time.
    Take care,and sincerely
    God bless

  • What a special thing to do for a special little girl!

  • It’s things like this that make me love Disney! Way to go, guys! This family will always remember this, and what a great thing for a little girl who is battling being sick.

  • Oh how I wish I was there. If it only this illness would go away I would be:) Planning for next year? I miss DISNEYLAND!

  • One thing I’m sure of…had I been there I would have cried for sure.what an amazing story. Proves once again that disney beholds its title of happiest place on earth. What a beautiful way to reach out for this special girl.

  • I know Adela’s Family although they don’t know me .. There is not a most deserving family!!! 🙂

  • Everything looks great! I especially love the Small World Holiday and the Nightmare before Christmas Haunted Mansion!

  • This is incredible; no MAGICAL! Wonderful job, Disney!

  • Thanks for your comments. Troy, the initial lighting of “it’s a small world” Holiday will take place at approximately 5:15 p.m. tonight.

  • What a beautiful thing to do for a little girl and the family.I bet they will always remember this special holiday.

  • Nice job. So Festive!

  • That’s so nice! Good job Disneyland!

  • Good job Disneyland!!! What a fun & simple way to make a family smile!!!

  • Does anyone know what time tonight’s initial lighting of “it’s a small world” Holiday ceremony at Disneyland park will be starting???

  • What a wonderful project. Everything looks magical.

  • Those look like LED lights, if so, the bill would be very minimal for 6200 lights. Probably less than $10 for a month.

    Very nice thing to do for a family for Christmas.

  • just curious, who’s paying their electricity bill?

  • Moments like that are what life is all about. 🙂 Beautiful job!

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