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The Citizens of Hollywood – ‘No Biz Like Showbiz’

Miss Dorma Nesmond, Vladimir Pooey, and Chef Ben Appetit at Disney's Hollywood Studios

“Please! No pictures, darling…” commands Miss Dorma Nesmond, the self-proclaimed greatest movie star in the universe, while striking an elegant pose for the camera. Miss Nesmond is escorted down Hollywood Boulevard by the charming Chef Ben Appetit, Caterer to the Stars, and the ever-so-chatty director, Vladimir Pooey. Says Vladimir, “If you have seen one of my movies, you’ve seen Pooey!”

This wacky trio is worth seeking out at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – they are live theater at its best. Did I say funny?


  • You probably get this question all the time, how does someone become a photographer for Disney? Love the photos…

    • Alexander- It is no different than any other job. It is a matter of identifying job openings and applying for them. My position is within the Yellow Shoes Creative Group, part of the Marketing Division. There are other photographers who are part of PhotoPass, or the Disney Events Group, each needing different skill sets. I would suggest you contact WDW Casting at Lake Buena Vista (if in Florida) and fill out an application for employment. You would then be aware of what positions are available, and whether or not you meet the qualifications for them. If I could offer just one suggestion, it would be to “practice, practice, practice”. There is positively no substitution for practice. Good luck to you… Thanks…

  • Oops second part was meant for Pauls photo. Sometimes I get carried away by looking at only the photogs blog posts…

  • Love character photos while they are in character!

    Also wanted to say that I saw your shoot of the crocs in splash mountain and would really love to see more shots like that one.

  • Im the greatest staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar in the world lol i love it this is one of my fave norma dezmand i look forward to seeing her when i go to hollywood studios this is a must see

  • We LOVE Dorma! She is a highlight of our days at DHS!

  • i met dorma nesmond!! shes fantastic!

  • I remember when I was there, Dorma took my camera and took a picture of myself when I was talking to a cast member. It was AWESOME.

  • this is better than some rides.I cannot wait to see them again in January.
    I got tangled up with one of them a few years ago. He was harassing a guest while I tied together his shoelaces. He had the nerve to call me a ninja, heehee. Very funny stuff

  • Just saw a skit this past weekend in Hollywood Studios with these stars and they were fabulous. It was the highlight of our day! They were brilliant, and so funny too….

  • Its like old home week when I see the Citizens of Hollywood as they are one of the highlights of our many mnay Disney WOrld trips. Love them!!!!

  • We were there a few months ago and these three were fantastic. We got great pictures with them as well as a bunch of laughs. She’s quite flirtatious, both in english and in spanish.

  • I absolutely love theatre and it being interactive makes me so happy! Citizens of Hollywood is a brilliant thing.

  • I am glad to see that Disney is recognizing the Citizens of Hollywood this time around. These actors are very talented and very funny. Their improv skills are top-notch. I doubt you will find any kind of live entertainment like this anywhere else. I know I can’t find it where I’m at.

  • We were there in Aug 1999, wonderful vacation!! My youngest was 12 at the time and loved meeting the “stars” on the street!! She was enthralled with Lucy and Ricky who so kindly signed her autograph book! And they were both so sweet, having a conversation with her and paying her complements. I have the photos, they are priceless!!

  • I remember all of them when we were there!!!

  • Love all of the streetmosphere, however I do miss Boss Goobleman and the rest of the Hollywood Public Works Department. Seems they have been on an extended lunch break recently 🙂

  • Yay! More Citizens of Hollywood! They are the best!

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