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The Citizens of Hollywood – ‘Public Works’

To quote Hollywood Public Works crew member Filmore Buckets, “When you can’t see it, it’s invisible!” Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was packed with laughter today as this zany troupe of oddball characters put on a memorable laugh-out-loud skit. Foreman Rusty had his work cut out for him, trying to contain the madcap crew as they deployed gag after gag. Filmore announced that he was also a Raccoon Ranger, and proudly showed off his vest and raccoon kerchief.

Hollywood Public Works crew

As the crew began their slow drive back to the shop, who is peering out the car window? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you none other than Frederick of Hollywood. Hysterical.

Frederick of Hollywood


  • One of my favorite Hollywood Public Works guys was Francis Floot. I’ll always remember his classic catch phrase: “Shut the front door!” I do believe I have video when he was working with Frederick and the Boss.

  • The Citizens of Hollywwod are one of the true treasures of WDW to me! They are just wonderful!!

  • Absolutely hysterical show! Frederic and the Public Works Department sure now how to get an audience laughing. Can’t wait to see it again someday!

  • My favorite citizen is Cooper, one of our waiters at the 50’s Prime Time Café! He’s the best – as long as you finish your veggies and keep your elbows off the table!

  • Thank you so much for profiling the Citizens of Hollywood, they are one of the many reasons we go to DHS. They are fantastic.

    A quick question, is Babs Fabulous still there? We adored her and she made our last day in 2008 one of the best Disney days we have ever had.

  • This is a very funny show nice show to watch and take a rest for a while.

  • Love Frederick of Hollywood saw him 2 years ago with Sparky. They were measuring tape. Funniest thing I saw.. My middle son dressed as him for Halloween this year.. Can’t wait to go back and see them perform again.

  • By far, some of my favorite people at DHS!! People, if you have not taken time to catch the COH, make it a point to seek them out on your next trip. They make me laugh every time!

  • Yay, the Hollywood Public Works Department! By far my favorite. Thanks Gene for these great shots.

  • We saw the Mr Public Works contest the other day and we laughed so hard. It’s little things like these that set Disney apart from the rest.

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