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The Citizens of Hollywood – ‘Star Power, Live and In Person’

You will be amazed at the variety of talent that you will encounter along Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, from the oh-so-dramatic wannabe Mimi Kaboom to the “been there, done that” veteran Tallulah Frutti, both charming in their own ways.

Mimi Kaboom at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Tallulah Frutti at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you happen upon that colorful Hollywood Talent Agent Jack Diamond as he sets a card table onto the pavement, you are in for a dazzling display of card tricks and sleight of hand. He’s really good! They say, “If you haven’t become famous in Hollywood, it’s because you don’t know Jack!”

Hollywood Talent Agent Jack Diamond at Disney's Hollywood Studios

And now, the crème de la crème, a face (and voice) you will never forget- the #1 Cleaning Lady to the Stars and self-professed Marilyn look-alike, ROSIE! “Today is my 23rd birthday – I’m a hot potato!” Sidebar…(Gentlemen – Be very cautious when approaching Rosie – she LOVES to smooch.) And thatsalotoflipstick!

Rosie at Disney's Hollywood Studios


  • Actually, the citizens of Hollywood are a HUGE reason for my husband and I to go to this park. So very entertaining.

  • Whenever I visit the parks I try and make it back to Hollywood Studios for the “Funniest Citizen of Hollywood Contest”! Its ALWAYS a highlight!

  • On our last trip in October I got a wonderful photo of Stone Granite & Dara Vamp seated in their horseless carriage outside the Brown Derby. We’ve often watched their antics on Hollywood Boulevard but this was the first time we were part of a very amusing 5 minute repartee. They are indeed very colorful characters.

  • Is Dorma Nesmond still there? We love her!!!!!

    • Yes, Emily- Dorma is still making comedy on Hollywood Boulevard. She was the second post in this series.

  • love the girl in greeen Mimi Kaboom she a great person when i went on november this year she treat me like a king on my first visit she was the nices person on the show her and other girl forgot her name i thanks them for been nice

  • I LOVE it! Hope we get to meet some of them on our next trip!!!

  • Gene, just so you know, the image you have labeled as ‘Tallulah (Tutti) Frutti’ is actually Dara Vamp.

    • Thanks Kristine- A couple of the characters did run together for me….:-)

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