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The Citizens of Hollywood – ‘Wannabes and Has-Beens’

Alberto Dante at Disney's Hollywood Studios

As you stroll down Hollywood Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will encounter an array of talented street performers along the way, always re-inventing themselves for your camera. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Alberto Dante! Often imitated but never nominated. “Action! No! Cut!! No! Action!”

Miss Cynthia Bloom and Evie Starlight at Disney's Hollywood Studios

And the drama plays out right in front of everyone, including the two actresses above – Miss Cynthia Bloom, Hollywood’s full bouquet of talent, together with the not-so bright starlet Evie Starlight. In her own words, “Sometimes it takes me a long time to remember my name…”


  • Gene I always love your photos of the Citizens and I am always posting your blog entries on the CoH fanpage on Facebook! The performers and fans alike it eat up!!!

  • The Citizens are AWESOME!! We spent a lot of time watching them and interacting with them last time! Hopefully we’ll get to do more of that next week!!

  • WE LOVE THE CITIZENS! Its great entertainment and helps you take in all the great details the Studios have to offer. We like to take a seat and watch it unfold!

  • Too funny! Saw one who said these Hollywood people are crazy.

  • Are the Citizens of Hollywood out all the time, or is it only seasonal?

    • Sharla, the Citizens perform year-round. I hope you have an opportunity to watch them next time you are in DHS- they’re really entertaining.

  • My 4 yr old niece had gotten the Yoda shirt that says, “Judge me by my size, do you?” The nice lady stopped to talk to her about it and she just ate it up. All that attention!!! Then people started to line up to get her autograph and she had to politely scram. We love Disney, can’t wait to go back.

  • My family and I love encountering the Citizens! The last time my 11 year-old was using his point & shoot to take their pictures, they started calling him paparazzi, etc and of coursed they posed. He had a blast.

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