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The Disney Dream Sails to the Sea

Less than two weeks after the dramatic “float out” ceremony, we’ve got another Disney Cruise Line milestone to share with you as the Disney Dream moves closer to her maiden voyage early next year.

Late last week, our newest ship said farewell to the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany and made a 26-mile journey down the winding Ems River on her way to the North Sea.

Disney Dream Sets Sail

It’s a process known as “conveyance” and it’s unique to the ships built by Meyer Werft since the shipyard is so far inland. The delicate maneuver involved guiding the 1,115-foot vessel by tugboats as she traveled backward down the river to Eemshaven, a seaport in The Netherlands.

Disney Dream Sets Sail

Fireworks lit up the sky as she passed through the first sea lock to leave the Papenburg shipyard, and again as she passed the town of Leer several hours later. Thousands of residents turned out all along the river’s shores to cheer her on during the overnight journey.

Disney Dream Sets Sail

It was quite a sight, especially since the Disney Dream’s height required removing sections of a few bridges along the route. As you can imagine, the complex maneuver called for careful coordination of everything from weather to tide levels.

Disney Dream Sets Sail

The crew is currently conducting sea trials to test the ship’s engines and other control systems out on the North Sea. Meanwhile, work on her interior areas continues at a steady pace in order to get ready for the maiden cruise from Port Canaveral, Fla., on Jan. 26.

We’ve captured a lot of exclusive photos and video aboard the Disney Dream over the past few weeks so if there’s anything you’d like to see just leave a comment and we’ll try to oblige in a future post.


  • The Dream should be arriving in Port Canaveral on Jan 4th. It is leaving Europe for the transatlantic cruise around Dec 19th.

  • I live in Cape Canaveral and would love to watch this new glorious ship sail into the port. When is that expected to happen

  • 51 Days until I go on the Dream! I can’t wait! My very first cuise was on the Wonder last month and that was great. But I am more excited about the new ship!

  • It’s been a great experience !!!

  • Fabulous! Can’t wait to sail March 6, 2011! Would love to see pics of a Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite and the Concierge lounge areas. Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop. Excited beyond belief!

  • Disney Dream in August 2011 its only 277 days or so anyone else taking the 4 night to the Bahamas on the 21st. Just got off the 3 night on the Woinder in October best vacation ever with my daughter!!!!

  • 226 days before the Family sets sail on the new Disney Dream for back to back cruises. We can’t wait! Yeah back to back we wont be getting off the ship after the first cruise. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • She is gorgeous…can’t wait to get on board….Good Job Disney!! Thanks Papenburg for a lovely ship.

  • Can’t wait until she arrives in Port Canaveral. I would love to see some more information on what time and day the dream will arrive in Florida. I would plan to be there to see this magnificent ship come into port.

  • We are very excited to be going on the maiden voyage and are counting down the days. The pictures are beautiful.
    We would love to see some shots of the tween area and kids clubs, and sports deck.

  • Awesome!!!

    What a beautiful ship. I look forward to future updates.

  • How about some real pictures of the room cabins? All we’ve had to look at are computer renderings.

  • Great Shots! Can we see some pics from VIBE please! Can’t wait to sail in May!

  • :oD I want to see pictures of ‘Remy’. Can I tell you how THRILLED I am to eat there!? Woooooot! We had planned to do the 11 day Mediterranian cruise but after I saw that this restaurant was on the line up for ‘Dream’ I changed my mind.

  • Can’t wait! 72 more days! Would love to see pictures of the SPA and especially the Rainforest Room!!

  • I want to see it all!!! I can’t wait to board in 72 days – MAIDEN VOYAGE HERE WE COME!!!

  • Wow, can’t wait to sail on this beautiful ship!

  • Any pictures are good!

  • The picture I most want to see is the one of me waving bye bye to the shore. Aside from that, anything you want to share on the features unique to the Dream would be most appreciated. My first cruise will be on the Dream booked for March 6, 2011!!!

  • I am with you there Sheila lets see it all! 🙂

  • My family and i love Disney Cruises we are so excited for our cruise. i would love to see how some of the restaurants are coming along. And also the kids rooms like edge, and the clubs and labs.

  • We sail on the Disney Dream March 20, 2011 – SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!!

  • I would love to see every last picture! Please post it all. I, likewise, would like to see the accessible rooms, especially aft.

  • My family and I are sailing on the Disney Dream in May of 2011. Im so excited. Im excited to see these pictures.

  • It’s getting so close! I can’t wait for our cruise on the Dream at the end of February. All these milestones keep making it so much more “real”. Please keep them coming!

  • I have always been a fan of Disney Cruises ever since I went on The Wonder with my friends “The Cruise Gals” in 2000!!!!!!! This boat looks even more awesome and it’s first cruise is on my sons Birthday January 26th!!!!!! He will be 27 and that would be awesome, if I could afford to send him on that cruise!!!!!! Good Luck with everything Disney Crew!!!!!! I would love to be one of you getting to work on that boat!!!!!!!

  • Great photos, Jason, really good to see. How about some vid of the ship doing its full emergency stop test!!

  • I would love to see some pictures of the passage down the river to the Sea taken from land.

  • Any chance we could see some pictures of the disabled accessible deluxe oceanview staterooms with verandah, can’t wait til we go next year

  • CANT WAIT~WE SAIL ON MARCH 20th and my kids keep asking when we are going. We loved the MAGIC so much that we are taking the grandparents with us on this trip.

  • I can’t wait for the disney dream to arrive in Fl. Is there a way to make some of the pictures into wallpaper?

  • I would love to see some pictures of “Pink”!

  • I like how “DISNEY DREAM” is spelled out using the cabin lights on the side of the ship. Another Disney magical moment…

  • Wow! She’s beautiful! If you don’t mind my saying so, she’s a dream come true!

  • would love to see pics of the Quiet Cove pool area and the Adult Hot tub area…. So far love what we are seeing and can’t wait to set sail above the Beautiful DREAM!!!!

  • 174 Days until we sail on the Dream!! WAAAAHOOOO!

  • Please show images of the Edge! My son really wants to see how it’s coming along. Cant wait till our cruise in July 2011!

  • I’d love to see some more pics like the one of the family deck area…. It’s complete and sea worthy… but it does not have all the amenities installed yet from Imagineers. I’d love to see some more “Almost Ready” shots. Maybe a restaurant or club?

  • I want to see video of what the pools look like on the ship. Great photos by the way. 🙂

  • That is awesome! I’d love to see some of the staterooms being put together. We are sailing on the Disney Fantasy in 2012, SO excited I can barely contain myself!!

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