The ‘TRONolith:’ Nerve Center and Power Source of ElecTRONica

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

Bringing the beat to the heart of Tron City is what’s known as the “TRONolith” – the giant nerve center and power source for the entire Grid. Each night, our ElecTRONica DJs stand watch from the TRONolith to charge up the action and generate excitement with pulsating music and non-stop energy throughout this new nighttime experience.

Here’s a peek at the TRONolith in the center of the photo with emanating lasers and cool geometric streaks of orange light while Programs and Sirens dance below.


Travel through this digital world and you’ll discover all that the Grid has to offer. Look one way and Laserman is lighting up the night, look the other way and you’ll see “Programs” just like you, re-fueling and re-energizing at the End of Line Club. You’ll also see Sirens and Servers inviting other Programs to get on the dance floor and get their TRON on. As the Grid comes alive, the energy becomes electric.

Join us every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to feel the power for yourself. The Portal is open. Experience the energy, sights, and sounds that activate ElecTRONica.

Prepare to be digitized!


  • Is there any idea yet as to how long elecTRONica will be around? I have to say Flynn’s is quickly becoming my favorite place in the park and the End of the Line club is the only place I get drinks from. It will be a shame to see it go.

  • This looks awesome!

  • Went tonight and had a blast. Don’t miss this ElecTRONica event! It is the best!!! Saw the lightcycle and it was amazing… Danced, played arcade games, had a Trontinit, and watched the amazing opening stage show of dancers!!!.

    Started my day at the Culver City Disney TRON Pop Up Shop, made a stop for coffee and a cupcake at the original Flynn’s Arcade film location for the 1982 movie and then headed to Disney CA ElecTRONica. A full day of TRON! Thanks Disney!!!!

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