• can you post more pictures?? i really want the picture we took with you heather!!! 🙂

  • Hey Heather! I would just like to thank you again for such an amazing event!! My friends and I had such an unbelievable time! I was just wondering if there was any way that I could get a copy of the pictures that my friend and I took with you. After we checked in, a photographer asked to take a picture of my friend and I in our homemade tron shirts next to the tron check-in sign, and we later took a couple with you near the sign. You asked if it was okay to put up on the blog, but it didn’t end up there… We were so happy to meet you and take a picture with you! Is there any way to get these pictures? Thanks!

  • I Went and it was totally awsome! Just gotta say though the guy with the red tron costume and matching helmet had the best costume of the night hands down! It was almost like the one from the daft punk music video!

  • I saw my friend Amanda in the video!!! Great memories!!!

  • You can see a glimpse of me in the video! So exciting!

  • My husband and I are in the background at :19 – :20, behind the guy raving. We had so much fun that night! Thanks Disney and Heather. By the way is was awesome to meet you Heather and thanks for the DisneyPark Blog pin and taking a photo with me! I hope there is another meet up soon.

    Cant wait to see Tron:Legacy!!

  • YAY! I am at 0:10 sec . Don’t blink or you’ll miss me! HA! Right of the dudes in blue with silver tape . #GettinOurTronOn !

  • I didn’t see my brother or I in the video but that’s not to say that we didn’t have an awesome time at this meetup.

    We especially had fun being able to watch the 3D Tron Movie Clip in a completely packed theatre and also had tons of fun in Flynn’s Arcade playing old time Classic Video Games that we grew up with as kids!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful meetup and for allowing us to come. Thank you for the commemorative token as well, very cool!

  • That was SO much fun!! I don’t see myself nor my brother in the video, which is fine, but we enjoyed everything shown. Thank you again for the tickets!! My brother had never been to DCA and loved it. The magic was working because he even got to ride Soarin’, Screamin’, Toy Story Mania, and see part of WoC in a very short time as they were ending for the night.

    We actually would have paid for a nice dinner, but there weren’t many options; and I respect Disney for doing that. It was a party, a gift, and the corporation wasn’t trying to get our money. One of us might have to get a Wii and of course see “Tron Legacy,” but besides that ~lol~ Thanks again!! ºoº

  • i think there should be another elecTRONica meet up closer to the movie debute…..please hahahaha

  • my only question is if Daft Punk performed there. did they?

  • Darn I didn’t see me or my friend! We weren’t dressed up though so that’s probably why. But my friend and I did get pictures with the two guys dressed up in blue, both very interesting haha.

  • Yay, my daughter Gingi & her boyfriend Jonathan can be seen at :42 & :45 mark! YAY!!

    Thanks to son’s girlfriend Angie for posting it.

    Thanks Disney for such awesome memories!


  • Yes – we’re in it. My son is the kid standing next to the Sam Flynn costume mannequin and when you first pan into Flynn’s arcade he’s watching someone play Ms PacMan and I am playing Galaxian right next to them. Cool!

  • Great video! I’m glad that my friend and I got into it first thing! Blue grid suits all the way!!!!!!!! That night was soooooooooooo much fun.

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