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Vinylmation – ‘TRON: Legacy’

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'TRON: Legacy' Vinylmation Figures

Greetings, Programs! I have added this article to the “Never Thought I’d Be Writing About This” bucket. I actually get to write about my favorite Disney film, “Tron.” I recently took my son to Tron Night in central Florida. We saw about 23 minutes of the new film, “TRON: Legacy,” and all I can say is, “Wow!” It was surreal (and awesome) to see my son pretending to play “disc game” after the preview (seriously, I did that as a kid too!). Speaking of awesome things, we have created some super cool merchandise inspired by the world of Tron (and I get to share it with you). Up first, it’s Vinylmation. I spoke with Eric Caszatt, one of the lead designers for Vinylmation, about these figures coming in 2011.

'TRON: Legacy' Vinylmation Figures

“We are releasing eight, 3-inch figures inspired by ‘Tron,’” explained Eric sitting behind his desk with “TRON: Legacy” wallpaper on his computer screen. “I started designing the figures about eight months ago. At Disney Design Group, I work closely with the Walt Disney Studios to get live action film reference materials. My great partners at the Studios provided me with complete turn-around images of the characters. The film makers reviewed and approved each of [the figures]. That was pretty cool.”

Eric designed six figures featuring characters from “TRON: Legacy” like Sam Flynn, Clu, Quorra and others. Thomas Scott designed the remaining two figures inspired by Kevin Flynn – one from 1982 and one from 2010. Originally, these figures were planned as two different limited edition sets.

“We changed the release of these figures to an open window box,” continued Eric. “We thought it would be a mistake to limit their production as they look outstanding. We believe in them like we believe in the Users [laughs].”

'TRON: Legacy' Vinylmation Figures

I asked Eric if he had a favorite figure from the series.

“I like Clu,” said Eric. “Everything about him turned out perfect – the color, the design, the artwork. [The figure] really pops. The most challenging figure was Castor as he is all white. I added shading to give the figure some definition and adjusted his face to give him an expression. It took several reviews from the Studios’ team before we were both happy with the final design.”

'TRON: Legacy' Vinylmation Figures

As mentioned, these figures will be released in 2011. But coming sooner to the “Game Grid” is a special event on November 21 featuring Noah, a local Southern California artist who is no stranger to Vinylmation. Noah has created 24 custom, 9-inch figures to be released at D-Street in Downtown Disney in California, and 12 custom, 9-inch figures for D-Street in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. Each figure will retail for $595.00 and comes with a “TRON: Legacy” inspired display case standing 22-inches tall. Noah will be attending the event in California from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to personalize the figures.

I still recall the meeting that Donald Ferro, developer for Vinylmation, and I had with Noah at the end of July in California. Over breakfast, Noah explained his concepts for the figures. Seeing the final custom figures, like that preview of “TRON: Legacy” at Tron Night, blew me away! I just found the number one item for my holiday wish list this year. End of line.


  • Steve, WOW! Count our family in the GRID. Thanks for the wonderfull time at the Festival of the Masters and taking the time also with Donald to sign. Keep the magic alive as always!!!!!

    • Just a quick update – I received the 12 figures by Noah for D-Street in Florida today. WOW! I will be putting images of them on our this event page:

      @Joe – Agreed. Much better than those accounting creampuffs. 🙂

      @Carleen – I spoke with Julie who develops our Vinylmation pins. She said there are no plans at this time, yet it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. There a couple of exciting things coming next year to the world of Vinylmation pins. But that is for another time.

      @Lauren – I spoke with the On-Line Store team. They said that both the Park #5 and Urban #5 combo packs should be available on November 24. I stress should as they are always chances there could be delays. 🙂 But they are coming.

      @Benigno – It was great to see you and the family as well at the Festival. Thank you for your passion and kind words. Hope to see you soon.

  • These are so epic! I love the recreated movie shots, that was really creative!

  • Hi Steven. Wow, these TRON vinylmation figures look awesome. I have a separate vinylmation question, though. A couple weeks ago, I asked you here in another Blog post if the Park #5 Sorcerer Mickey combo pack was going to be sold online in the Disney Parks Online Store, and you said that there were plans to sell this combo pack online. However, it still has not been released online. So, I’m just wondering if in fact the Park #5 Sorcerer Mickey combo pack is still going to be sold online in the Disney Parks Online Store and, if so, when???? Thanks.

  • $9.99 each right? :/

  • Noah’s Vinylmation looks amazing! On my list too!

  • PLEASE say that there will be Tron Vinylmation Pins!!!

  • As Sark once said to the MCP, Nice!

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